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Welcome to Best TikTok Dance Compilation of February 2020 | TikTok Memes Tik Tok 2020

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image Best TikTok Dance Compilation of February 2020 | TikTok Memes

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  1. ghoofy says

    Who else has been watching Tik Tok before 2020


    Gifting my next 89 loyal subs 🎁

    1. Brandy Hutter says

      Sxprememon me

    2. FLX CraCked says

      Sxprememon gift me your account


      guys he is scamming

    4. Ester Velasquez says

      I wached when it was called

    5. Libbie-Louise BOWKETT says

      I’ve been watching since 2010

  2. Slizz❶ says

    Who’s been a huge fan of “Tik Tok 2020” before 2020?
    gifting my next first 100 subs🎁              With notis on💫

  3. Julie Rabaud says


  4. Isabella Urquhart says

    the first one was weard

    1. avery blalock says

      Elysia Lowder i dont know about that, never heard “swenty pie” used before. oh and youre right, maybe i should go brush my teeth so your poor nose that is very bad as smelling out where a bitch is, which i smell as the person arguing with me, doesnt have to suffer smelling a roast. heres a tip: dont argue with a high schooler who is most likely very much smarter than you. thank you.

    2. hadiya sajjad says

      @Elysia Lowder lemme get this straight.
      1. U can’t spell.
      2. You get hated on from another comment and you gonna go comment on another one the same thing?

      TAKE ENGLISH CLASS, AND STOP TELLING EVERY ONE “Did I ask” cause even if you didnt, I ANSWERED.
      Wanna keep going? Cause you can’t roast either

    3. Elysia Lowder says

      @avery blalock RIGHT. HIGH SCHOOL. You have fun with that. I’m gonna go back and do my COLLEGE level homework. Maybe, you should go back 2 preschool and learn how to trash talk. Oh, and you’ve never heard swenty pie, bc u dont know anything. Thank you. NEXT

    4. Elysia Lowder says


    5. Elysia Lowder says

      Sorry I didn’t mean that was Charli. Ummm, oops anyway I forgot and she is having a hip seizure so… Anyways bye

  5. Megan Naidoo says

    Dang the girl in the beginning needs to chill bro

    1. Elysia Lowder says

      Thx mia

    2. najia khan says

      She needs to back it up

    3. Little Chicken says

      @Elysia Lowder that wasnt an opinion

    4. Elysia Lowder says

      @Little Chicken bruh I’m done with this comment and okay I made a mistake… Get over it

    5. Little Chicken says

      @Elysia Lowder nah

  6. Araceli Negrete says

    First omg

  7. yael krystal says

  8. TikTiral says

    0:27 😂

    1. Rihana Adams says

      TikTiral what is funny

    2. Pgjapar Pghalimah says

      That really funny

    3. do milk says



    🔥 1:30 ❤❤🔥💃
    👇 👇💗

    1. Dance Is Life says

      ХХХ AMATЕUR SЕХ VIDЕO – СLIСК НЕRЕ what’s the name for it?

  10. kelvin says


  11. MrBeast says

    Brilliant work! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

    1. Vycious says

      Haha no

  12. Luis Angel Juarez Dela Cruz says

    Tik tok 2020

  13. Ruweyda Hamza says

    love this video

  14. Kay Reeves says


  15. Stefano Levak says

    Biutifool love

  16. Danica Nikolic says


  17. Looloo 23 says

    Oh dear

  18. Martha lorena Robleto says

    Hay halguien que abla español

  19. BangtanBabouche says

    O:16 song’s name ?

    1. Wispy Cat says

      Shake that thing

    2. Rahman torah says

      Get busy

    3. BangtanBabouche says


  20. Antweezy100 says

    They look like they’re doing Concert Sign Language Interpreter dance moves.

  21. Samuel Burton says

    6 hours ago!

  22. Kathleen Alexander says

    Finally not 2019

  23. Kevin Caskey says

    These dancing is making me move

  24. Romeanthony Brown says

    Tik Tok sucks

  25. Romeanthony Brown says

    Some dances are bad

  26. Justin Gomez says

    0:27 how tho…

    1. Vsco. Girl mae says

      Justin Gomez have so many questions aswell🧐😂

    2. Taiya Louise says

      Justin Gomez wdym?

    3. Taiya Louise says

      Jojo /lil girl huh?

    4. Real fitness says

      @Vsco. Girl mae 🤔 wdym

  27. iSpringx Official says

    They day tik tok gets deleted that’s when il be happy again 🙂

  28. SUA SPONTE says

    was the first girls hips having a seizure

    1. ɦɛʏɨȶֆʝɛֆֆƈǟȶ says

      SUA SPONTE yep

    2. Momed Cynical says

      no all of them

    3. Deni Ska says

      Skylanderggkyn gs dny likeeeg šla fk cfjdfjdzj a likér h vy j gh sfh. A aaag gag like

  29. Fernanda Reyes says

    Song name 00:15.?

    1. Sherlyn Sanchez says

      just ask Siri hahaha

  30. LaJoy Thomas says

    yes i want to be in a tik tok

  31. aynoor Elhagagi says

    What song is this called 1:17

    1. Anna Hu says

      Clap your hands now

  32. Peyton Herndon says

    follow my tiktok jkjkjkjkjkjkjkj

  33. Fateツ says

    Wtf is this….

  34. Broa_123123 says


  35. George says

    0:15 how is she so pretty?

    1. moon light says

      Um with makeup

    2. *•Layla•* says

      moon light you’re so negative Stop being jealous

    3. moon light says

      @*•Layla•* no i mean if you do makeup you be beatiful

    4. George says

      @moon light yh everyone is beatiful with or without makeup it dont really mattrt

    5. Milania Ruiz says

      George yes..your right everyone is special in their own ways

  36. Simona Porci says


  37. Awesomeness says

    I will never be as good as tiktok as they are

  38. samantha alozie says


  39. Tommy Horne says

    Charlie looks cute in that dress ( its ya girl chelsea

  40. Gabriela Puma says

    1:31 song name?

  41. Lori Rawls says


  42. Keslyn Barry says

    1:29 (this is for me imma learn it wish me luck haha)

    1. ZJ says

      What’s it cakled

    2. Keslyn Barry says

      ZJ idk lol it’s just a bunch of beats so if u looked it up google would be confused

    3. ZJ says

      Keslyn Barry I found it lol Thanks anyway

    4. Keslyn Barry says

      ZJ oh so what is it called lol

  43. Elsie Otis says

    2:11 song names?

    1. Lizbeth Lemus-Nolasco says

      First one was Say so by Doja Cat

    2. do not kill the real love! L.S says

      @Lizbeth Lemus-Nolasco what is the second one?

    3. Lizbeth Lemus-Nolasco says

      do not kill the real love! L.S It isn’t a actual song

  44. TheGamingBoi says

    we sure the first one isnt a guy

  45. XD_Deseane XD says

    Some of those were all the way in 2019

    1. Libbie-Louise BOWKETT says

      Yes why

  46. Ana Mendonça says

    Music 00:01?

    1. Joanna Xinos says

      Ana Mendonça vibes by cookie kawaii

  47. Snaxx says

    Lil Huddy and charli comp on my channel

  48. OYE BT says

    4:03 songs name?

    1. Moon Light says

      Nexxuss – Floating Molly

    2. OYE BT says

      Moon Light thanksss

    3. guap k says

      Nah the real sng is Playboi Carti- Molly

    4. OYE BT says

      guap k thanksss tooo

  49. Latisha Broadhurst says


  50. Latisha Broadhurst says

    Love that one 0:28

  51. Sofia Gomez says

    Me: trying to follow the dances sitting in my bed at 12:00 in the morning

  52. MiracleSonnie says

    damn camilla went off

  53. Graham the carrot says


    1. Anne Zviadauri says


  54. Angela Jjanggyup says

    1:17 what is the song

    1. Moon Light says

      Sean Paul Feat. Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan – Get Busy (Street Club Long Version;Clap Your Hands Now Remix)

  55. Dream Girl says

    osamWho else has been watching Tik Tok before 2020

  56. Darshana Nair says


    Jus leaving a time stamp for my self so i can learn it

    1. Rajendra Dewangan says

      Name of the song please?

    2. Darshana Nair says

      Rajendra Dewangan get busy by Saun Paul

    3. Rajendra Dewangan says

      @Darshana Nair Thank you

    4. Itz_meh Jennie says

      Name song

    5. Darshana Nair says

      @Itz_meh Jennie get busy by Sean paul

  57. I won’t stop dreaming till I hit 1k says

    I love Zoe Laverne

  58. Gvi77ermo Devastator says

    Que aburrido, son los mismos pasos ☻

  59. Fong Asakil says

    Theres no fun or amazing at all tss wasting time

  60. Alana Perreault says

    The fan fell

  61. Liah Soriano says

    1:59 no mtf way is that… SHARPAY. 🤣🤣❤️😲

    1. skyelar lol says


    2. Citlalli Orozco says

      Ashley tisdale is her real name btw

    3. Liah Soriano says

      @Citlalli Orozco
      Thanks I havent heard of her since years so i forgot her name

    4. Nori Studios says

      lol I thought it was a middle aged lady

    5. Rola Aiche says

      That was my reaction too.

  62. Pooja Kumar says

    The second girl was standing in the toilet 🚽 LOL!!

    1. Libbie-Louise BOWKETT says


    2. skyelar lol says


    3. Brendan Feerick says

      That’s Charlie and she was in the bathroom and she is most followed on tiktok sooooooooo how many followers do u have or u probably don’t have it 😊😊😊😊

  63. Monique Mc says

    Good job

  64. MoneyCZN 2x says

    Someone try to make a dance on my new song

  65. Animegirl's channel says

    Kings and queens of TikTok

  66. Kathleen Alexander says

    1:17s has a Gucci dress! 👗

    1. Asian Salt says

      It’s a Gucci belt

    2. Heather Kramer says

      and her name is zoe laverne

    3. YouTuber says

      woooow that’s insane

  67. Bianca P says

    1:31 song?

  68. Cody Hubbard says

    0:35 how hard did he hit it? How did it come off do easily? Had it fallen before? I have so many questions

    1. I like memes says

      it’s set up

    2. Rabia Bashir says


  69. chunky boi says

    im sorry, but what is the point in these dances?

    1. J G P says

      To make us cringe

  70. Ana Vlogs says

    like and Hug me i hug you back small youtuber

  71. J G P says

    Idk why but i find all these cringy asf.

  72. Anastasia Bilihoutis says

    It says that the TikToks are new but some of them are not

  73. Libbie-Louise BOWKETT says

    I love TIk tok my name is xoxbananasxox

  74. Libbie-Louise BOWKETT says

    That man tho

  75. Libbie-Louise BOWKETT says

    Zoe and avani and Addison are pretty cool.

  76. Kenya Taylor says

    0:16 song name

  77. El Aku says

    1:18 Name de la song

    1. Speedwagon says

      El Aku Lets get it on

    2. Speedwagon says

      El Aku I mean get busy

  78. Drisha Patel says

    whats the second to last dance called?

    1. Jess Clayton says

      idk go onto charil domilios profile and see XD

  79. Raven Star says

    what is the song for 1:30??

  80. Alexia Ryan says



    Free subscriber OR 1K chahiye to
    🔥subscribe, COMMENTS kare aur bell iocn ko dabana na bhule bhai ka channel ko

  82. Famil Abdullayev says

    0:20 song name????

    1. Astley Stewart says

      Shake that thing

    2. Famil Abdullayev says

      @Astley Stewart thank you❤❤😍😍😍

  83. rkmworldwideOfficial says

    I am so happy for the hijab girl

  84. Norma Quituizaca says


  85. Fifiz I says

    2:10 can anyone tell me what song is that ik it’s doja cat say so but I know it’s not, my friend is a tiktoker so I want to impress her since she like that one dance so much

    1. Almaha JM says

      Say so by doja cat

  86. Julio Ramos says


  87. Fatma Barkaat says

    0:10 songg???

  88. Teta _98 says

    0:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Victor Jorda Romero says

    El problema está que aquellos vídeos recopilados y mostrados en Youtube, es decir, que alguien descarga vídeos, es ilegal usar la imagen de una persona sin previa aceptación contractual, y por ahora casi nadie dice nada pero llegará pronto que todos los influencers que se vean en vídeos de canales o en cualquier cuenta de redes sociales que no son ellos quienes lo han hecho, si no que es alguien que coge su contenido sin permiso, habrá miles de millones de citaciones judiciales y las multas de este tema son inapelables, porque nadie es consciente de que lo que alguien crea como una imagen, foto, música o vídeo, no te pertenece, le pertenece al creador, que como persona obtiene todos los derechos privados de explotación social si lo desea, y que muestre algo creado por si mismo en cualquier red social, no significa que sea de uso y libre comercio reutilizar lo que tu no has creado, es ilegal pero en todo el mundo, y las condiciones generales de todas las redes sociales, incluyendo tiktok, hace referencia a este asunto, quien crea es el creador, es el propietario natural, pero la gente que captura y descarga lo que no es suyo, hasta que no son llevadas ante un tribunal y multados, no son conscientes ni son coherentes, ya hay varios casos judiciales por estas acciones y pronto usar internet en todo el mundo solo podrá ser mediante el documento de identificación, para prevenir las locuras de la gente que roba, que crean noticias falsas y demás mentalidades anormales. En fin, hay que respetar y no robar.

  90. High Image32 says

    Zoe looks like bald lol

  91. Tobi Cool Show says

    I swear if I keep seeing Charli’demon again bruh…

  92. Psychotic says

    Ugh the first girl I swear. 0:05

  93. Best Compilations TikTok says

    Unemployed people, how they spend their time…

  94. spaci says

    looking these up and i still don’t know how to do the renegade…

  95. adalina b says

    do any of you use snapchat? let’s be friends.. add me please -> itzadalina

  96. john miller says

    0:35 how did he catch that?

  97. Medical and Health Tik Tok Compilations says

    So cool 🔥✨

  98. The Kale's says

    Sub to T1_Savvz Gaming

  99. BENZI Laura says


  100. do not kill the real love! L.S says

    2:11 song name?

  101. Deborah Elliott says

    Brilliant 🤓👍

  102. Pascal Badilla says

    1:02 song ???

    1. Lizbeth Lemus-Nolasco says

      Pascal Badilla, don’t start now by dua lipa

  103. Icy Cones says

    What is the song name at 1:29?

  104. gacha_fqrret says

    1:19 she the cutest girl ive ever seen

  105. babyboca says


  106. babyboca says


  107. Deni Ska says

    Seizure first was hips Wat?

  108. Gãçha Mídñight Téë says

    i want a shout out plz i watch your video

  109. anna alesana says

    How hard did he hit bc it broke it was so funny 😂 haha

  110. Noelia Granda Peláez says

    Felicidades has encontrado el comentario en español esto se merece un like

  111. Candice Nayda says

    Who is the girl at 2:33

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