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image Best TikTok Dance Compilation of January 2020 | TikTok Memes

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  1. Roxanne Wood says


  2. {Кøрøлeвà _ази_ тàнцпøлà} says

    #likeee 🐼🌸

  3. Δέσποινα Νικολαΐδου says

    Love it😍🔥

  4. Francesca Guida says


  5. TheAlexSqUaD vdb says

    Nice vid

  6. Debbie Jaye says

    Love this thanksss x (:

  7. Ali Alomrany says

    Love both

  8. Moonlight lover Gacha galaxy says

    My oh my

    1. F. B .I says


    2. Imogen Trainor says

      @F. B .I stuf

  9. XimerTracks - Sub To Me says

    Tik Tok 2020

  10. Elizabeth Rogers says

    I love dancing to TikToks

    1. Jalia Hurt says

      @UCp7NkWVdK55oAJKga3068DA OMG your voice is so good i love it

  11. amelia truman says


    1. amelia truman says

      @moonlight swing okay i know that but the man who is dancing is just lol

    2. moonlight swing says

      @amelia truman oh I’m sorry idk

    3. amelia truman says

      @moonlight swing its okk

    4. Alina Rogge says

      5. 00

    5. Alina Rogge says


  12. Afroditi Papadopoulou says

    1:50 song??????

    1. vanessa black says


    2. rodyna españa says

      Sugar by brockhampton

    3. F. B .I says

      the song is your mom is gay like your dad

    4. Scarlette Red Roses says

      sugar by brockhampton

    5. Lisa Mugabo says

      @F. B .I stfu your built like a family menu at kfc

  13. moonlight swing says


  14. lisa says


    1. Lisa Mugabo says

      Who is she

    2. lisa says

      Lisa Mugabo Mckenna Bates

  15. Edyy YT says

    13 music

    1. LeNaZ MinEcrafTZ says

      Number 1 baby

  16. Kaelynn Brown says

    My oh my

  17. Kaelynn Brown says

    I like the song yummy and my oh my

    1. F. B .I says

      Kaelynn Brown stfu

    2. Imogen Trainor says

      @F. B .I stfu

  18. omis black-تيك توك says

    Tooop. Nice

  19. Addison Carlson says

    Omg wow

  20. Katy says

    2:25 she’s not that pretty she wears so much makeup and she’s always in tiktok compilations and I just don’t get it

    1. Janiyah Iverson says

      Same leave her alone

    2. GREEN TEA BOBA says


    3. doofusrick says

      Yeah without the make up she literally looks as bad as pokimane without make up

    4. Abri Dev says

      You just mad you look worse than her 🤷🏾‍♀️

    5. Katy says

      @Abri Dev No I’m not mad because I look worse than Charli and I’m not mad about her because she doesn’t wear 3 tons of makeup

  21. Jenny Duong says

    0:32 was creepy

  22. Kìãrã_ Nights says

    What is the first one called

    1. Alexis Williams says

      Say So by Doja Cat

    2. F. B .I says

      Kìãrã_ Nights stfu

    3. mohamed amir says

      Its called say so

    4. Kìãrã_ Nights says

      @F. B .I shut up idiot what have I done!

  23. Pikachu Chukapi says

    What’s the name of the song in 1:06

    1. Caitlyn Hines says

      Pikachu Chukapi don’t start now by day lipa

    2. Scarlette Red Roses says

      Dont start now -Dua Lipa

  24. Yaboi-Darkpit says

    I love ur channel keep on making these vids

  25. •Moonlight• •lala• says


  26. assi Army says

    2:13 musik??

    1. -tae tae's miso- says

      No idea don tolliver

  27. AngelPlayz Studio says

    I see Charli! I love her vids!

    1. F. B .I says

      Angel StudioYT time stfu

    2. Imogen Trainor says

      @F. B .I you shut up

  28. 2020 Tik Tok Compilations says

    0:28 i am very concered

    1. Stephanie Walker says

      2020 Tik Tok Compilations ^ same

    2. F. B .I says

      2020 Tik Tok Compilations stfu

    3. Imogen Trainor says

      @F. B .I shut the hell up!

  29. angela fearrington says

    I love this channel

    1. F. B .I says

      angela fearrington stfu

  30. K Channel says


  31. Diomar Bonalos says


  32. ローズAbbyReacts says

    0:28 my last braincell during a test

    1. cdailey53 says

      thats mean

    2. *•Layla•* says

      ローズAbbyReacts don’t be mean he has a condition😭

    3. Sofia Passos Dapont says

      @F. B .I STFU

    4. charliemaree says

      F. B .I stfu {everyone was saying it lmao}

    5. PumpkinPluto944 says

      @F. B .I stfu

  33. iconic sister says

    half of these aren’t even dance videos

  34. Mani Mani says

    0:25 dude look like Michael Myers

    1. Alyanna Nduati says

      Mani Mani that’s kinda rude I think he has a condition

  35. Joel Vegas says

    First song??

    1. うさぽ says

      Doja Cat Say so です!🥰

  36. Rip Redrum says

    THAT IS THE BEST YOU CAN COME UP WITH????? I saw 1 GUY who could pop it and then a bunch of girls who think Lip Synching while just standing there rolling their hips is considered dancing…I’M CALLING BULLSHIT!!!!

  37. Ula Polonis says

    The one after Charlie isn’t even dancing 💃💃💃

    1. Jennifer Huang says

      It’s called the robot dance

    2. Kayla 12345 says

      At least she can dance

    3. Lisa Mugabo says

      Who is Charlie

    4. tollips Sonio says
    5. Daphne Duck says

      Is any of it dancing or is it just moving your hands and hips in weird robotic ways if it is considered dancing they sure as hell aren’t very good

  38. Lim Yanhong says

    0:13 me during class

    1. SANA'S says


    2. Phu Ho says

      @SANA’S Relationship by Young thug

  39. Lisa-Rae Maplanka says

    Zoe laverne eyeliner being like nike

  40. Alphacool7 says

    Unemployed people, how they spend their time…

    1. Tiktok RENEGADE says

      @Gabrial Tome tiktok is the best short video app put there u can hate on tiktok all u want but it will still be the best……in my opinion

    2. GertiKing29 says

      Alphacool7 can you help me

    3. Striker Bowls says

      @rxsegxld these people are clearly young adults

    4. hillary jade says

      @TIK TOK TRENDS 2020 Ohh, a child who now’s how to write with grammar…

    5. Cloudy Vi says

      Most of these people are kids and teens. Also a lot of these people make money from this so…

  41. Sunset safari fan Lover says


  42. Abby Horesco says

    I was in there!

  43. StudioLila Sk says

    0:13 song

    1. Jennifer Huang says

      StudioLila Sk number one baby

    2. baby yoda says

      Young Thug – Relationship (feat. Future) —-> ( link to song )

    3. Bia says

      @Jennifer Huang no it’s not

  44. Madelin Acosta says

    YEA COCO!😍❤️ I lysm!

    1. F. B .I says

      Madelin Acosta stfu

    2. Madelin Acosta says

      F. B .I coco didn’t betray

  45. Robloxlover Roblox says

    I know all of these dances

  46. Ayris Wilson says


  47. zay ice says

    Follow me on tiktok

  48. Dylan Cisneros says


  49. Dylan Cisneros says


  50. Random ASMR says

    00:37 wow…THAT WOAH THO

    1. F. B .I says

      Random ASMR stfu

    2. Imogen Trainor says

      @F. B .I if you are seeing this right now go to your parents and tell them what you did so you feel guilty to the people you have hated on here

    3. Sytheblack says

      F. B .I why don’t u u say it on every comment fam what have they done to u

    4. Mior Aiman says

      Title of the songs?

    5. Random ASMR says

      @Mior Aiman the box

  51. lil baby slime says

    They guy looks like Michael Myers

    1. F. B .I says

      lil baby slime stfu

    2. Klout says

      You need to understand though that he is getting all these comments on his Tik Tok saying good job just because he has a face deformation and honestly that’s pretty f***** up so I think this guy has the right to say it looks like Michael Myers he should be treated like everybody else

  52. McKenzie Ligi says

    my birthday

    1. TheeThee B says

      McKenzie Ligi hbd

  53. Archie Clark says

    I love the Dolan twins


    Can i get mine?

  55. Imogen Trainor says

    To @F. B. I. for leaving all the hateful replies I want you to know I will report you and this is a warning do it again I will report you. I am warning you, don’t screw up.

    1. GINGER FAMOUS says

      Report?? Like thats going to stop him hes just going to get a new account just stop wasting your time

  56. Chris Eaglestick says

    Oh my God

  57. Delia Salas says

    People who are doing this

    1. sabiz dias says

      Bonjour septembre Louna Dylan Ami ilaz Ami Bonjour

  58. Rico says

    I wish FBI would tell me to stfu

  59. Ona Jeffrey says


  60. Kahi Dromgool says

    jk dont follow or like me

  61. Elijah Jones says


    1. Rafter Santos says

      What is the title

    2. Elijah Jones says

      @Rafter Santos sugar

  62. Alfredo Santiago says

    0:13 What’s the title of the song?

    1. Lyxaniee says

      Relationship by Young Thug and Future I think

    2. Kierstynn Grove says

      Lyxaniee yep it is

    3. 헤일리헤일리 says

      just search number 1 baby lyrics it will come up

    4. XxOrla1xX DramaQueen says

      Number 1 baby

  63. Alexander Persich says

    all of these are girls come on dude

    1. A Kerr says

      Alexander Persich 0:23?

    2. Alexander Persich says

      @A Kerr wow one guy still cmon

    3. Mute says

      Best dances 2020 TikTok
      Uhm only girls and 1 guy

    4. Alina Rogge says


  64. Maribel Miranda says


  65. Shiela Mae Asuncion says

    1:07 Whats the title of the song?

    1. I’m A Loser says

      dont start now by dua lipa

    2. Loni YT says

      Dua lipa Dont start now

    3. 『Lina Milenkovska』 says

      Don’t start now-dua lipa(^ω^ )

    4. شذرات العبير says

      Don’t start now- Dua lipa 🙂

    5. Connor Betts says

      Dont start now dua lipa

  66. arjane agsamosam says

    where is the best here?


    Ohhhhhh s dancer

  68. Lily Jones says

    1:37 does anyone think Zoe looks a bit like Luna lovegood

    1. Harley Holloway says


    2. emeyy says

      @Christanna Guldborg not a bit

    3. Ellie xox says


    4. OnlineGirlPlayz Gamez says


    5. Luis Valdevieso says

      what’s the title of the song???

  69. Boss Dan says

    Hug to Hug 100% 😉

    1. Best Video TV says

      Hug to hug

    2. Boss Dan says

      @Best Video TV done 😉

    3. Best Video TV says

      @Boss Dan done

  70. tollips Sonio says

    Funny TIKTOK

  71. kolisionn says

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of the text writing at the bottom when your viewing videos on your story? Can’t read when there are captions at the bottom, so goddamn frustrating

    1. ailen agostina lopez says

      Sos re linda❤

    2. TOY TIME says

      Hi will u say hi back I’m tired of people ignoring me👍

    3. Pink Strawberry says

      TOY TIME hi! 👋

  72. Om Aju says

    Dgn membawa aku

  73. yangsss kieee says


  74. Hossain Shuvo004 says


  75. Adel Alhajji says


  76. Yara Makhoul says

    Follow @yorgomakhoul. on tiktok☺

  77. PETER ZARI says

    The Ming dynasty (/mɪŋ/),[6] officially the Great Ming, was the ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644 following the collapse of the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty. The Ming dynasty was the last imperial dynasty of China ruled by Han Chinese. Although the primary capital of Beijing fell in 1644 to a rebellion led by Li Zicheng (who established the Shun dynasty, soon replaced by the Manchu-led Qing dynasty), numerous rump regimes loyal to the Ming throne – collectively called the Southern Ming – survived until 1662.


    1. bruh what says


    2. PETER ZARI says

      Lu C thanks

  78. Eiram Yvonne Bazarte says

    Hug to hug po tayo 💗

    1. Best Video TV says

      Tara hug to hug

    2. Eiram Yvonne Bazarte says

      @Best Video TV tapos na po

  79. Leaf & Watermelon says


  80. Kelli Hemminger says

    Iove it😺😺😺😺😺😺

  81. ღJuliiღ says

    2:23 song?

    1. Ghostz Galaxy says

      The box

    2. Angela Garcia says

      the box by rody rich

    3. DonLee says

      That make up tho

    4. Lily Walker says

      the box

  82. thailyta vanhoutte says

    Ik kijk daar altijd naar toe

  83. Rozalina Iordachi says

    Cine are cont te tik tok ? Vă rog🙏 cautațima @rosalina.iordachi
    Va rog 🙏sami apreciați macar 2 3 videoclipuri ❤😊

  84. Chris Gentry says

    can we geat 100k on thes comment reee

  85. Steve Knutson says

    When that guy looks like pennywise at 0:33

  86. Kay Marie says

    2:29 When I’m feeling myself too hard.

  87. gacha world vs gamemaster says

    my favorite tik tok was my oh my

  88. Vanessa Lee says

    Those hoodies will get you joked on no capp

  89. Jimmy Poole says

    I love the 1 won

  90. Sacados de Tik Tok says


    1. Yuuto says

      Sorry, but we don’t need that kind of pervert and unnecessary people in this world.

  91. Miho Adventures says

    Great video! I am thinking of the top 1 song being used in tiktok and used it best!

  92. Axel Pirez says

    Cómo se llama el tema de 2:06

    1. My mom says

      No idea (that’s the song name)

  93. Kayme James says

    2.38 oh look, i can move my hips

  94. CharlesfromGC says

    2:20 Am I the only who think that girl looked prettier without makeup?

    1. Car May says

      CharlesfromGC yes

    2. xcookiiex says

      No I think she looked better with out makeup x

  95. Jx 13 says

    Sorry but the worst one was coco
    “In my opinion”

    1. Life of Kennedy says


    2. Jx 13 says

      Life of Kennedy what do ya mean by how+ i said in my opinion😁

    3. Grace And Keisha Jumbyy says

      I. Love. Tik. Tok

    4. Life of Kennedy says

      Jojo Cute girl I meant I thought Piper was the worst

    5. Jx 13 says

      Life of Kennedy actually everybody have their own opinions☺️

  96. Dato Davladze says


  97. Liya Phine says


  98. Fedor says


  99. Elsmell Ashby says

    They r soo good💓💓

  100. No Name says

    0:16 what’s the title for this song?

    1. Memphis the German Shepherd says

      @Wonder Woman ty I had the same question

    2. Striker Bowls says

      Annoying shitty rap

    3. The miniHype_ House vlogs says


    4. No Name says

      thanks guys

  101. Things Raras says

    What do you guys think of this video:

  102. Suzi Sumi says

    00:00 song???

    1. LENA LENA says

      Doja cat – say so

  103. Natasha Hansis500 says

    I like this song 2:07

  104. Lemmedrivedaboat says

    Second one mad me sad

  105. CoolFun Memes Tik Tok says

    respect !👍 Hope to have same audience one day !

  106. Hamza Ha says

    رياكشن تك توك وضع مكيطمنش

    شكرا لك على المشاهده , فعّل زر التنبيهات ( 🔔 ) عشان توصلك الفيديوهات الجديده

  107. anonymous User says


    1. sugarstyles x says

      It’s a trend , if you’re talking about 1 specific person it’s to gain views because they know that the dance they did gained them a lot of views .

    2. maybeyana says

      lmao go watch bts

    3. anonymous User says

      maybeyana lmao I will. Go see them dancing 100x better then them. You can obviously tell that the people in these tiktoks are all following other people and doing the same dances like it just gets boring.

    4. sugarstyles x says

      anonymous User // Well yeah, that’s the point, it’s TikTok, they aren’t supposed to be professional dancers

    5. daisyoongs says

      anonymous User YESSSSS

  108. The FBI says

    Welcome to the contagious toxic app that started to coronavirus. How may i take your order today? Would you like a appetizer of some cringey fortnite dances? And a meal of awful renegade dances. Wheat about a drink about some guy throwing a banana at a wall? You choose

  109. susana chaidez says

    The third to talk with supper lame

  110. Kasia S says

    Trop bien

  111. Lee Wilson says

    I hate coco

  112. Iżumi - Çhan says

    0:13 title??

    1. Bia says

      Relationship i think

    2. Iżumi - Çhan says

      @Bia thank you! I found it

  113. Isabella Placencia says

    0:21 what is she doing

    1. GertiKing29 says

      Isabella Placencia thanks a lot good bless you 🙏

    2. The miniHype_ House vlogs says

      I know right she isn’t even doing the dance right she’s just like waving her hand and not doing anything and she might have got millions on likes

    3. Gachagirl Xoxo says

      Back off she had a good time

    4. *•Layla•* says


    5. Cheryl-ann Grant says

      I don’t know the real dance bit she’s doing it her way ig 😂

  114. Jacqueline Evans says

    Lol all of them

  115. kaley loves roblox says


    1. Walker #33442 says


    2. POW2133 says

      She had way to many crabby patties

    3. Loni YT says

      That girl was pregnant

    4. Alyssa says

      she thicc

    5. kay cho says

      she had a cute lil babyy

  116. kaley loves roblox says


  117. TikTokZ Compilation says

    Whopsies! Charli did it again!

  118. Lilly-sky Preece says

    anime Galaxy

  119. Annie Dillmuth says


  120. Anne Cocollo says
  121. Alise BALAŠKO says

    Tēti es varu iet pie bet arī

  122. PEYIN AND SHEEN says

    What is the title of song in 0:01

    1. *Mai Z* says

      PEYIN AND SHEEN say so dojo’s cat

    2. Memphis the German Shepherd says


  123. calin ghinea says

    Tik tok: @calinghinea follow me !!

  124. Jordi Mariné Sentís says

    I wanted kesha not that 💩

  125. Kamado Nezuko says

    best? .___.

  126. Djamila Misraoui says

    Voilà un commentaire en français 🇩🇿🇩🇿

    1. - Amandine says

      Enfin un français😂😂

    2. Djamila Misraoui says

      – Amandine c’est ce que j’ai dit non 😂😅

    3. Djamila Misraoui says

      – Amandine 😂

  127. Djamila Misraoui says


  128. Jonnyboy Borger says

    Like als je tiktok hebt

  129. Izv Isv says


  130. Света Волкова says

    00:19-Song please

    1. SuperGaming says

      Relationships-Young Thug

    2. Loni YT says

      Young thug relationships

    3. Memphis the German Shepherd says


    4. شذرات العبير says


  131. Kics says

    I still wait to add Canibal Corps on this F@$king aplication ( Maybe then I will dowload it)

  132. Melis Gaming says

    Who’s watching this cuz tiktik don’t work?

  133. Luca Pasini says

    My hope in humanity is totally lost. Please let us go extinct gracefully and asap.

    1. bodazofa123 says

      They should call this app snntbwsibplm. Shallow, no talent, brainwashed, self indulged, please like me, bullshit.

    2. OriginalHandprint says

      my introduction to tik tok …honestly, is this special kids attempting some sort of new sign language?

    3. PRJCrafter xD says


    4. GorGob says

      We need WWIII

    5. Tony Stark Has the High Ground says

      Thanos would agree with you

  134. Adexiino Kingowski says

    1:06 song?

    1. Shareen Akhtar says

      Dont start now

    2. Jinsenna says

      1:06 girl?

  135. James Klein says
  136. meryam ari says

    0:25 is it realllll?

    1. Nima Abdi says

      Mohamadi Kharrate yes

    2. Jaelyn Brown says

      Yes that’s a person!

    3. Kilroy says

      Bruh what do you mean “Is it real.” stfu

  137. jeff Wheeler says

    The 2 one was not good

  138. La abeja yo fdfg says

    SIGANOS EN TIKTOK (@laabejayofdfg) ⚠️

  139. Gamer Gurl10 says

    ……the girl that was wearing the black bathing suit? IS NOT THAT PRETTY!

    1. Orinda Woo says

      uhm you should check out her other tiktoks… she’s beautiful?

  140. Gamer Gurl10 says

    Oh and you should see her without makeup! 😂😅

  141. Felixiik IOS says

    What’s name music of 0:14

    1. Shareen Akhtar says

      Relationship by young thug

  142. Eva Brown says

    agrégame en tiktok@deppressed_potato_eva8131

  143. Melissa Ortega says

    That is not a dance 💃

  144. mystery men says

    Follow me on tiktok @omarr17🏆🏆🏆🏆

  145. julio pimentel says

    Get out of here coca

  146. Keegan Carrick says


  147. Keanuvin Babauta says

    kids dont know that this is just an upgrade from musically

    1. Kinleigh Tate says

      @Striker Bowls facts

    2. Angelsquad says

      I’m a 9 year old kid but why do i know that this is upgrade from musically?

    3. Isaac Rodriguez says

      Angelsquad hey me too I watched rebeca zamolos muisically

    4. Isaac Rodriguez says

      Not that you watched hers but I’m also 9 and know what musically is🙂🙃

    5. Nalesniq_ BS says

      I KNOW -,- Sorry for my prof

  148. Nazanin Mohsenpour says

    most of these tiktoks arent even dances

  149. MrRonnierambo says
  150. Lakeia Parks says

    Y’all follow my time too queen breezy_2122

  151. Lakeia Parks says

    I mean tik tok

  152. KIMMY LASIC says

    Wow nice❤❤

  153. johnpaul salcedo says

    What is title

  154. Mark David Canson says

    Sanaol Danceriest

  155. Michaelah Huff says

    0.28 he is good!!!

    1. Pauline P. says


  156. Michaelah Huff says

    1.00 needs to put on clothes

    1. Pauline P. says

      Ah yes, a lot of people wear normal clothes at the pool

    2. Pauline P. says


  157. InsideSpok says

    Earn point with this code 11541731

  158. Fatema Jazall says

    What’s the name of the song 2:6?

    1. Pauline P. says

      “No idea” 2:06

  159. Eyad H says

    This should be titled the “worst TikTok videos”

  160. The_DarkJoker says

    My tik tok code —> 18877931

  161. Joey Muraca says

    I want the pink hoodie🤣

  162. Elite Reaper says

    Thats no5 dwnce thats… Wicked things
    Also why does she smile while biting her tongue

    1. sugarstyles x says


  163. Gracie clarke says


  164. Suikon Sui says

    I came here only to see comments😂

  165. Janne Bale says

    UHHG i had to see COCO in here!

    1. Juliana Harmon says

      Don’t be rude to her it’s fine if you don’t like her just be nice

  166. JD says

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