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image Best TikTok Dance Compilation of January 2020 | TikTok Memes

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  1. Akiø_Študîøs says


  2. Moonlight lover Gacha galaxy says


  3. Julissa Castillo says

    Love it ❤

  4. Moonlight lover Gacha galaxy says

    I knew Charli would be here

    1. Moonlight lover Gacha galaxy says

      I was randomly clicking on videos and I got notification about this video (✿^‿^)

    2. Varxion YT says

      that’s a fact

    3. Gab_nxghtskiies says

      Ok and so? I really LOVE Charli I think she is a talented and a kind woman!

    4. DA1 andonly says

      @Gab_nxghtskiies bruh shut the hell up.
      The person just said they knew charli would be in this. What’s the problem with that??
      Do you have to say ok and so?? 😐

    5. Gab_nxghtskiies says

      @DA1 andonly I was just saying. I never EVER said there would be a fucking problem. I just said 2 simple words. Now stop @ me.

  5. Bendy Lucky Luke says


  6. Andrew Burke says


  7. Ashley French says



    Yung homie

  9. Eda Ozer says


  10. OMG Itz Sarah! says

    Can someone tell the 3 Rd tik Tok dance name please?

    1. mybrainisdoof y says

      Gaming w Sara just search up she got that lips girl LA or somthing

  11. Papa Gaspard says

    A love you Sofia and Charlind and Adison 🤩🥰😘😍😻

  12. Miss Zee says

    3:43 DAMN he got MOVES (Im still trying to do the spin thingy as smooth as him lmao)

    1. iiFxllenSkies Roblox says

      Rirī The Rat it scares me ;-;

    2. Kyleigh Brooke says

      Nicky Fonseca the box

    3. -ˏˋ ᴀʟᴇᴇsʜᴀ ˊˎ- says

      @Nicky Fonseca “The Box” by Roddy Ricch

    4. waz wide says

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    5. Ńöt_śō _šävāgé_qūéēń says

      iiFxllenSkies Roblox u a child then 😂 who gets scared os another person moving

  13. mochaloca306 says

    im 19 years old and i cant do that holey sh*t

  14. la camiluchi says

    1:18 song????

    1. Kashandon Williams says

      Off the wall Ski mask ft. xxxtentacion

    2. Chichi E says

      Off the wall XXX

  15. Compilation of says

    ( • – •) Do u want a cookie?
    / >🍪

    1. chicken Fart says


    2. Niggologi says

      Compilation of no

    3. Katie O’Neill says

      Bts Army RM and Suga armmyyyyy

    4. dawid piatek says


    5. Danna Carolina García Ruiz says

      Yes 7.7

  16. Daniela Jeler says

    I love tiktok♡

  17. Blep Town says

    Hey this is Amelia

  18. c CC says

    mumble rap sucks

  19. Deedee Lindley says


  20. Gabriela Paluchowska says


  21. Davor Omrcen says

    omg hey.i love tik tok.tik tok is my life

  22. David Fortin says


  23. Natalja Brüschina says
  24. ali habib says

    what is that anime laugh-or so it sounds like that-called? 0:26

  25. Yozlem Fikret says

    7th One was clean

  26. Nick McCune says


  27. Marilene Nunes says

    Eu amo tik tok❤❤

  28. yasmin strogylos says

    Omg there’s a tiktok ad that keeps poppin up and I need to know the song! I think the guy was singin “are you feeling the fendi” anyone know which one I’m talking about?

  29. Jennifer Yi says

    At 3:11 that looks like that girl from SHOOK

  30. Jennifer Yi says

    I mean 2:11

  31. Buttery Toast says

    What’s the song at 2:52?

    1. Ryan Knight98 says

      Im still looking. Like how tf do I type those lyrics

  32. Mila Maltez says


  33. illuminatedgraphics says


  34. Dream Crew says

    RIP KOBE 🙏

    1. Norah El Bugatti says

      Rest in peace…. love you Kobe ❤️❤️ and your daughter

    2. Nevaeh Chavez says

      Inr periottt

    3. one direction fan says

      Omg i am sad too he was my idol and now he is gone😭😭😭

  35. Yasmin Principessa says


  36. Lps vesimelon TV says

    4:32 song?

    1. spill the tea sis says

      @Arkie Barkie lmao no its not. Listen to the song they dance on the part which i believe is the pre-chorus but im not sure

    2. _Peachy_Babygirl_ says

      Candy- doja cat x cash shit- megan thee stallion.

      You’re welcome.

    3. Briaaa says

      Candy🍬~ Doja Cat

    4. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      Candy_ Doja Cat

    5. Annie Leblanc Storiezz says


  37. Trend Followers Entertainment says


  38. Sandra Rojas Zurita says

    00:03 song?«

    1. Ada Zop says

      It’s called raindrops droptops

    2. Lawrence Jr says

      Bad and boujee Migos

    3. chicken little says

      Nitro 972 Quoi?

    4. Briaaa says

      Ada Zop No it’s not😂

    5. Jazmyn Smith says

      its a mashup between cant touch this and bad and boujee

  39. Solaf Amir says

    Song ?

    1. Breanna Silva says

      love songs

    2. Kat Gaming says

      Love songs

    3. Queen Ariana says

      Coco butter kisses

    4. Solaf Amir says

      Sarah Sullivan thanks ❤️

    5. Solaf Amir says

      Queen Ariana thanks ❤️

  40. Cat Surprise Studio says


  41. JRCP Jhoanna La dura says
  42. Zienaya says

    Zoe is the best one there cause shes my idol

    1. Elena Caranfil says

      Zienaya nice

    2. Alien says

      No one cares

  43. mistyk de la NC says


  44. Devin B. says


  45. OMG says


    1. Shawn _ says

      PYT Ny Whip Out Stick

  46. Vanesin Svijet says

    Follow my tik tok @vanesakeres

  47. Eu Ri Alto says


    1. •K-GAMES• br• says


  48. Devil Charms says

    I have a cuz and she looks just like charli

    1. Chip Pip says

      I have a cousin who looks like her too. 👍🏼

    2. Devil Charms says

      @Chip Pip Lol XD

  49. Øne_Hufflepuff_Pøtato says

    4:14 She’s good!!

    1. Moevasa Fiame says

      You are the best gacha life person video maker . I’m your best really really best fan

  50. Cashing Robrooks says

    I freakin hate tik tok it put a password on my phone

  51. Cij Eziefule says

    Who’s dat at 0:5 the one with red pants

    1. Kat Gaming says

      its avani

    2. Cij Eziefule says

      @Kat Gaming avani who?

    3. Shawn _ says

      @Cij Eziefule Avani Gregg

  52. Sid B. says

    0:15 zoeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  53. Davia RaeJean Vlogs says

    Follow my TikTok Plzz : daviiaa

  54. Bells says

    Awesome 😍😍😍👸👸

  55. Gary The Goated Gamer says

    Tik tok is for losers like Alana

    1. Rebekka Helga Sveinsdottir says


  56. Itz Shadow says


  57. Great Favbino says

    2:40 bro I deadass thought this was charliedemelio lol 😂 wtf

    1. Chichi E says


    2. Alesso SB says

      2:45 what song is?

  58. Marist School says


  59. vicente edo says

    Que casas más grandes tienen si estas de acuerdo dale un me gusta

  60. Angela Moon says

    My user name on tik Tok 1289jayda

    1. Neveah R says

      I’m ganna follow you

    2. Neveah R says


  61. Phoebe Ennin says

    Charli gets hate for nothing like she’s just doing her thing and having fun

    1. i need food says

      @Perfectly Aesthetic lol so u never hate on any celebrity before? sure totally. what did other celebrities that got hate on ever do to other people personally? nothing. so u may ask why the fuck everyone hatin on different celebrities? THERES SOMETHING CALL STATING OPINION RESPECTFULLY DUMBASS

    2. Vernie Alicia says

      Phoebe Ennin we hate and she is 15

    3. yoitz_nara says

      @Perfectly Aesthetic but like she gotta learn not everyone gonna love her, i sure do but i have friends who dont. like i dont like maggie Lindemann, i just dont fw her or her music so yeah

    4. mxrzv says

      reason why people hate her cause she copied the renegade dance from another person who made it first, lol

    5. DuhItsJessyCoolx says

      yea she is let her do what she wants

  62. lil bouh says

    Follow my Instagram
    Tik Tok videos

  63. Oreofe Ogunwuyi says

    Hi I am at school and I am here with zoey white and Brianna ombig

  64. Koos Abdi says

    I love charli

  65. India says

    Follow for follow on TikTok @india_whelan

  66. Sienna Howard says


  67. no one says

    4:55 song?

    1. _Peachy_Babygirl_ says

      Get up- Ciara

  68. Shawni Soto says

    . Watch what happens to these girls at the park 😭😭😭

  69. TIAM TAVAKOLI says

    0:29 i didnt know egg colored sweatsuits were a thing lmao

    1. a n n a b e a n says

      i know right so weird

    2. CentoFlower x says

      Don’t be rude to Charli plz

    3. angie says

      @Gab_nxghtskiies why is it bad that they’re laughing at her

    4. Gab_nxghtskiies says

      @angie Because it is basically bullying.

    5. ttv_LK_try_hard says

      videos de stranger things and it champagne and sunshine is the song

  70. valentino giovanniello says

    4:00 name song?

    1. cathy walker says


  71. titalolo a says

    1:18 2:41 3:59 are my faves

  72. Denisa Constantin says

    @cst_denissaaa on tik tok , Thanks 😂❤

  73. Aaliyah Younger says

    Look at his legs in them skinny jeans😂😂😂 @2:13

  74. liltianxd says

    Go follow lil tian

  75. Owo Bella says


    1. Drama Llama says

      He died

    2. Peachy Leachy says

      GACHA SHELLY Yes we know that

  76. Efren Christina Martinez says


  77. juliana castro says

    song? :26

  78. Mapest Oliveira says

    Algum brasileiro?

  79. holmesautorepair says

    The boy dancing at 1:07 looked gay

    1. Gwen De Guzman says

      what song?

    2. ben_benim 365 says

      Just because he danced?

    3. holmesautorepair says

      @ben_benim 365 no the way he did. The dance

    4. ben_benim 365 says

      @holmesautorepair ok

  80. TML Jace says

    My tikto account is period poo💝💝💝

  81. holmesautorepair says

    4:07 my daughter finessed

  82. hooded dude says

    My tiktok hoodeddude

  83. Kaylee Lisle says


  84. elainarosita says

    Why don’t I just go on tik tok..

    1. Dakota Dakota says

      Becouse some people can’t have tiktok

  85. guy jack says

    4:00 song plz

    1. Queen Ariana says

      Toes by dababy
      Album kirk

  86. Andrea Roma says

    1.03 song?

    1. Kiera Newns says

      Andrea Roma 1:03

    2. Kiera Newns says

      Andrea Roma lottery/renagade

  87. Yeetthebossidk says

    One word for you and that word is UGLY

  88. DogeTwinkieBoy says

    Tik tok sux

  89. hanfburger says


  90. Lana Suzić says

    1:33 he said clap but no one didn’t clap .-.

    1. Depressed _ UwU says

      RainbowJenny 786 both of them are right I was just lazy ok??

    2. Pᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛʟʏ Iᴍᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ says

      Cindy Mindy Hi! UwU sorry I just wanted to make a point

    3. Depressed _ UwU says

      RainbowJenny 786 cool…

    4. Loni YT says


    5. Berk Vales says

      Sezim Temirbekova say so – doja cat

  91. Lana Suzić says

    3:53 my brain is broken i don’t understand anything

    1. Allie Crystal says


    2. Clara Carter says

      Granny rules!!!!!

    3. Clara Carter says

      @Wobba Wobba lol I’m so dumb😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    4. Clara Carter says

      @Wobba Wobba 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. PopRice says

      He’s dancing… what’s to be confused about?

  92. Live Stream Gaming says
  93. Steffen says

    Guys must be Gay before they can Join TikTok, right?

  94. Molly France says


  95. Pınar y says

    What is the first videos song

  96. Gaby1234 says

    i watch this when im bored in skl.

  97. lo la says

    what’s the song of the second video

    1. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      Whip Out The Stick

  98. padraig.alice wilson says

    I love ur til tok

  99. Lemuel Emmanuel says

    bruh this ain’t no dancin…😂

  100. Robertó Váradi says

    4:15 song? PLS!

    1. Adriana maria Donis gallardo says

      I miss your coco butter kisses

    2. Florence Adeyemi says

      Love songs -keisha

    3. Kiera Newns says

      Robertó Váradi coco butter kisses

  101. Super Girl says

    1:23 song?

    1. Jaqueline Testa says

      Off the wall! by x

  102. celia verschoor says

    0:55 you know it’s not christmas anymore right?

    1. Robin says

      @celia verschoor r/wooosh

    2. celia verschoor says

      @Robin k

    3. Loni YT says

      This was made before not now this video

    4. celia verschoor says

      @Loni YT i know

    5. Olivia H says

      He wants people to by his merch….

  103. Kendrah Terrell says

    Bruh im bored

  104. Andra Petrache says

    4:54 song?

    1. Olga Pacheco says

      Get Up Ceria

    2. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      Get Up_ Ciara

    3. Aubrey Wolfe says

      Get up

    4. Andra Petrache says

      @Aubrey Wolfe thank you! Have a good day ! 😄😙

    5. Aubrey Wolfe says

      @Andra Petrache thx

  105. Drama Llama says

    Second is best UwU

  106. Amora Lawrence says

    A m o r a

  107. a m e t r s q says

    0:14 was…was that an editing audio???

    1. shaun says

      @masterz it was

    2. sinan alex says

      a m e t r s q yes

    3. sinan alex says

      masterz yes it was

    4. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      @masterz yes, it was

    5. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      @sinan alex Because tiktok adds Audios with a bit of editing that makes the music goes viral

  108. Veronica Mckissack says

    L on d on

  109. Sophia Peluso says

    Can’t take this what then my volume is up it was like like can’t take this d** before I suck on it wtf

  110. CoolFun Memes Tik Tok says

    Nice like always. Thanks

  111. Mystical Goddess Gaming says

    Is Tik Tok just a bunch of Rich kids Trying to get Richer?

    1. BLARHH GARHH says


    2. Grace Hughes says

      I think??? Char

    3. mystic Dol says

      Not sure but most of the viral videos looks like from them rich kids

    4. ZodiacSigns says

      i aint rich -_-

    5. Aasiyah Choonara says

      Mystical Goddess Gaming yuppers

  112. Olga Villalobos says

    2:07 i like the song

  113. Anna Lilley says

    3:13 lol look at Charlie!

    1. Ashley Davis says

      Anna Lilley it’s Charli

    2. dayana garcia says

      @Ashley Davis ya

  114. Luna Xu says

    0:29 song?

    1. xX_Itz_Yall_Girl_Issy_Xx says

      Luna Xu yea I want to know what the song is too

    2. Kiera Newns says

      Luna Xu it’s called la vibes

    3. Kiera Newns says

      xX_Itz_Yall_Girl_Issy_Xx it’s called la vibes

  115. isebella wilkins says

    4:46 what are charlis shoes

    1. Nicky Fonseca says

      isebella wilkins song?

    2. Kiera Newns says

      They are heels

    3. Andrea Gonzalez says

      @Nicky Fonseca the box

    4. Nicky Fonseca says

      Andrea Gonzalez gracias

    5. Andrea Gonzalez says

      @Nicky Fonseca Your welcome

  116. Best Of TikTok USA says

    This was so funny

  117. Lilia Moreno says

    I wish I could dance like dat😩

  118. 0fficial Calvin says
  119. Kerht says

    I wishhh I could dance, check out my compilations if you have a extra minute!

  120. Ishi Jameira Dalida says

    1:14 ang baho

  121. Cool Kat Studios says

    Get it girl!
    Turn up!!😆😆😎😆

  122. Coolest Guy says

    @charlidamelio 😙😙😙😙

    1. Kiera Newns says

      Coolest Guy love her

  123. Coolest Guy says

    @avani 😍

  124. Oh yeah yeah says

    So sad that this is the first result if u search for „tik tok“

    Only 2000‘s Kids will understand

    1. Monika Popielarska says


    2. Oh yeah yeah says

      Monika Popielarska BUT THE PARTY DO NOT STOP NO

    3. Hannah Haniie says

      TIK TOK ON THE CLOCK!! I’m 2008 but I love this song tho so not everybody

    4. It’s Madi Xx says

      tiktok on the clock ;'(

    5. 17 subscribers No videos says

      Oh yeah yeah Keisha

  125. Asma Guedouah says

    Do all of these have curse words in em

    1. Addison Watt says

      Asma Guedouah almost all of them.

  126. Addison Carlson says


  127. Tristan Malag says

    Tik tok gay

  128. Tristan Malag says

    Reddit better

  129. Tristan Malag says

    Even Instagram said and reddit said Tik tok gay

  130. Diana Simpson says

    How come it is so slow when it is loading not to be rude at all i abby was just wandering

  131. Cinnamon Roll says


  132. Antoine B says

    White people must be stopped 😂😂😂

    1. Charles Mitchell says


  133. MaJessa says

    Charli is cancelled

    1. Sjsjsksjjs says

      MaJessa girl you thougt

  134. Mavi And Me says

    2:11 dang he has some big calf muscles

    1. PopRice says

      He’s a quarterback in our school

    2. Mavi And Me says

      @PopRice yeah that explains

  135. Wilfredo Reyes says

    You don’t watch tik tok on youtube you watch tik tik on tik tok DUH!!#😶

  136. just more lashay rene mccory says

    Those are all your videos

  137. wtf x says

    Omg zoe lavern and charlidamelio

  138. wtf x says


  139. Dwight Schrute says


    1. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      Cause she’s COOL

    2. Dwight Schrute says

      NinaLisa LoveBTS! No, she’s not 😭💀

    3. NinaLisa LoveBTS! says

      @Dwight Schrute Yes, well, she’s kinda weird but i like her anyways

    4. Dwight Schrute says

      NinaLisa LoveBTS! ‘Wieird’ SHes a cheater who said the n word 💀

    5. rodyna españa says

      Dwight Schrute shush

  141. Delwar Hossain says

    What is the benefit of roktim?someone explain please

  142. Smashed Potato Kids says

    Yo. Add our tik tok to the list. We making moves baby! 🔥🥔

  143. Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos says

    charli is… THE BESTTT

  144. The moy boys says

    zoe Laverne ❤️

  145. Jewel Wildmoon says

    Meanwhile idek HOW to dance.. 😂

    3:00 Ok that dude now reminds me of my half bro 😆

  146. soha show TV /سهى شو تي في says

    5:09 song

  147. вad cнerry シ says

    1:04 song?

    1. Sjsjsksjjs says

      Jeon Kookie lottery

    2. Kiera Newns says

      Jeon Kookie lottery/renegade

  148. Sezim Temirbekova says

    1:31 what song???

    1. Sjsjsksjjs says

      Say so- doja cat

    2. Acyzei says

      Say so

  149. Yesha Blogs says

    why the hell are there still Christmas ADs 😂😂😂

  150. Keera Xiamara Eligio says

    they live in hype house

  151. lock & key says


  152. FBI says

    Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos needs to buy tik tok and delete IT

  153. veronica russell says


  154. veronica russell says


  155. Yaah Siilva says

    2:27 song???

    1. Kiera Newns says

      Yaah Siilva throw it back like a katilac

    2. Yaah Siilva says

      @Kiera Newns obgda

  156. Nada Aissat says

    1:06 song?

    1. Sjsjsksjjs says

      Nada Aissat lottery

    2. Kiera Newns says

      Nada Aissat lottery

  157. Isla Mac says

    Doesn’t Charlie kinda look like Rebeca off love island ??

  158. George Terpsidis says

    Aaah 2020 australia is burning,corona virus,people still dying left and right at wars and more.tik tok the perfect ending for a.shtty world

  159. Addison Parks says

    I hate charli but am I the only one all she does is flex and she a brat

  160. Change Emoji says

    Go follow my tik tok ( vanesakeres)

  161. Daniele Elliott says


  162. Carmela Carlen Rivas says

    1:33 song?

    1. ailen_dark αиgєl says

      Say so by doja cat

  163. R.A.D says

    the first one was so cringe 😔

  164. Suneater says

    I love how half of the dances are kinda original, bit the other half are just fortnite dances. I think the combination of the two that I see often is cool.

    1. sinan alex says

      Actually footnote copied them

    2. Suneater says

      @sinan alex bruh 🤣

    3. Suneater says

      @Saber Hg SMH I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Helz says

      fortnite POGGERS

  165. Guerline St Louis says

    I like it





      ooo I’m replying to my own comment😂

      Tik Tok:SH*T B*TCHES
      (hopefully kids aren’t reading this):|

    2. SaydeUnicorn Bts says

      Timothy Trujillo omg same.. We had a pep rally at my school and at the end of it some of the basketball players on the girls team did renegade, taffy and another dance..

  167. Z’Nyree Belle says

    2:25 😂

  168. Lily Anderson says

    4:16 tho

    1. minsung mashinkyu hajeongwoo says

      Lily Anderson what’s the titlee?

    2. IL says

      Kaash paige- love songs

    3. Giovanna Valente says

      @IL top

  169. Polo Muñoz says


  170. Chelsea trinh says

    3:15 damnn

    1. liss says

      IKRRRR btw what’s the song tho

    2. Otilija Toločkaitė says

      @liss girls need love vedo

  171. Dank Sanchez says

    If there is any god, PleaseI I beg you, keep my sisters off this website

  172. THE REAL ESTATE CHICK @ Keller Williams Realty says

    Imyvnghomie that guys my friend xD

    1. Charles Mitchell says


    2. Charles Mitchell says


  173. Liberty Ymasa says

    what song title is the 4th vid i think?

  174. Sonya Shadowcamp says

    0:15 song?

    1. Aubrey Wolfe says

      Whip out the stick by: Pyt Ny

  175. Kylie NL says

    The girl from back of the net OMFG

  176. dario lalli says


  177. Maria Frias says

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    05:10 music?

    1. Tik tok Lover Hehe says


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    This are old its 2020 the first one threw me off

  180. Clara. says

    1:03 song please ?

    1. Ale Gonzalez says

      Run again

    2. Clara. says

      @Ale Gonzalez thanks but the real name of the song is “lottery”

  181. noah shadow says

    3:14 chari’s face looks like she is uncomfortable

    1. Abby9736 says

      She was like 😕😟

    2. YaZariya Howard says

      Noah shadow your do to

    3. noah shadow says

      @YaZariya Howard what do you mean by “your do too?”

    4. Vannah • says

      It’s called acting

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    Not to be rude, but I don’t really like how Charli dances

    1. Donyal Kelly says

      Sunflower Kawaii thats not rude ur just telling people ur opinion

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      (Say so)

      so look for the song

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      mvp. edits yep

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    3. Ur Mom says

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    1. Quinnecia Barber says


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    Edit: Great, now I’ve already seen 7 in a row.

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    Do you have any Stranger Things Merch? Im interested in that.

    1. Rubbstuff GT says

      This is litteraly a “No one” moment

  214. Islah Laurenson-Puleanga says

    Last Comment:
    This guy looks like he lagging. No offense.

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  247. Adi Assulin says


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    1. Grace Katshabala says


    2. Grace Katshabala says

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      the portion from tik tok starts at 1:18

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  261. PETER ZARI says

    The North American B-25 Mitchell is a medium bomber that was introduced in 1941 and named in honor of Major General William “Billy” Mitchell, a pioneer of U.S. military aviation.[2] Used by many Allied air forces, the B-25 served in every theater of World War II, and after the war ended, many remained in service, operating across four decades. Produced in numerous variants, nearly 10,000 B-25s were built.[1] These included a few limited models such as the F-10 reconnaissance aircraft, the AT-24 crew trainers, and the United States Marine Corps’ PBJ-1 patrol bomber.

    ——— Wikipedia

    1. baby yoda says

      cool, I don’t care

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    I’ve never seen SO MANY mud sharks. Holy hell. In 15 years these girls are gonna be in homeless shelters and at food banks wondering “why” it happened to them. lmfaooooooo

    1. baby yoda says

      @mattersin i don’t use tik tok, and don’t plan on it

    2. baby yoda says

      @mattersin most of the people in the video are 14 or 15, and are still in highschool, and will most likely continue their education

    3. baby yoda says

      @mattersin again, the people in the video are 14/15 and I don’t think they want a mortgage, as they are a CHILD

    4. mattersin says

      @baby yoda r/woosh r/oof

    5. baby yoda says

      @mattersin wow, someone forgot how to take part in an actual debate😒 but hey guess I won the debate, because someone only knows how to respond with subreddits. because you don’t know how to post our conversation on reddit, i have the website for you-

      and here is a video to help with your reddit troubles-

  264. Claustrophobic Teletubby says


    This guys is so underrated:(( he had his 15 mins of fame but he deserves the hype also

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  266. Tina Heide says


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    3. watery clouds says

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    4. Nick McCune says


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      the people who watched this video, speak english

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    1. SHADOW PROD says

      Kayme James 4:25

    2. Noortje Voorthuijzen says

      Is it okay that I say she really doesn’t?

    3. Reb says

      She’s beautiful, you’re probably jealous. You just think she looks like a Barbie because of the blonde hair.

    4. ღ Glamour Miki ღ says

      How is she overdressed?, and just so you know Barbie’s aren’t overdressed, Their the ones that wear less clothes rather than wearing actual clothes

    5. ayda says

      Girls putting down others girls wow…Disrespectful and disgusting

  276. Kayme James says

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  277. Kayme James says

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  278. Amber Bentley says

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  279. PETER ZARI says

    Jonathan Charles Lucroy (born June 13, 1986) is an American professional baseball catcher who is a free agent. He has played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs.


  280. Mya Rowe says

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    1. Kermit says

      Listen to throw backs then

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  286. PETER ZARI says

    Wikipedia (/ˌwɪkɪˈpiːdiə/ (About this soundlisten) wik-ih-PEE-dee-ə or /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdiə/ (About this soundlisten) wik-ee-PEE-dee-ə) is a multilingual online encyclopedia created and maintained as an open collaboration project[4] by a community of volunteer editors using a wiki-based editing system.[5] It is the largest and most popular general reference work on the World Wide Web,[6][7][8] and is one of the most popular websites ranked by Alexa as of January 2020.[9] It features exclusively free content and no commercial ads, and is owned and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization funded primarily through donations.

    Wikipedia article about Wikipedia

  287. Violeta Doncheva says

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  288. Elisabeth MacCurdy says

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    1. SHE & CO says

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    3. Mohammad A Khan, Bipu says


    4. •CHICKEN NUGGIES• says

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    1.Flexing kids
    2. Addicton
    3.dont know how to dance

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    Everyone on tiktok: bg music for when I have a seizure on camera

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    Idk they look to similar to me😂😂😂😂

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    1. Camy J says

      Aigul Kaliyeva it’s not a real song

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    1. Wainriel says

      None of them deserve hype

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  331. SHE & CO says

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  333. IceCremé says

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  334. Ellar Marinar says

    1:06, someone needa make a tutorial on this dance💀

    1. Ellar Marinar says

      @Sofia Cruz idgas, I love the dance tho

    2. Sofia Cruz says

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    3. Gülnaz Körmeçli says


    4. Ellar Marinar says

      @Gülnaz Körmeçli k camp- Loterry

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    اختيار حلو الحلو. رعاك الله. كل شخص له تميز موهبه حبوبين. يوم سعيد. ماعرف من حبوب الله يحفظكم الله بالمعوذات وصلاه الفجر اسعدك المبدع القمر الله . اختيار جميل وثيابهم ^¬^حلوه سبحان الله وبحمده

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    1. Ibrahim Mohammadine says

      I am fan of Charlie damelio

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    2:34 exact I like how they did the sway very creative

  340. Nick McCune says

    2:28 song is throw that back like a Cadillac

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