Glitch Tutorial: Sequencing Glitch Sounds Musically

0:00 Intro and overview
4:20 (ay) Starting to arrange
7:58 Low-end sidechain split
11:50 Prepared vs imported sounds
26:23 Turning it more “musical”
27:41 Resampling the resample!
34:22 To resample the drums, or not to resample the drums?
36:39 In which I betray the primitive nature of my formal music training
41:44 Wrestling FL to recover a deleted clip
45:04 Where to go from here

GWF Samples Vol 1:

Prior video (watch first if not yet seen):

image Glitch Tutorial: Sequencing Glitch Sounds Musically

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  1. Vladislav Korobov says

    The whole process reminds me of Mr. Bill’s idea jam/mud pie thing. I’m also using similar technique, but i prefer to make patcher racks with controlled random glitch fx, where fx changes occur instantly and in beat, so the whole mud pie sound file would be sync with tempo, and i would be sure that when i sweep file it would always be on grid.

    1. Man From Sol says

      That is certainly one approach, and a very valid one at that. I do something similar myself, I just have yet to make a video about it. It’s crazy how many different approaches there are!

  2. Vladislav Korobov says

    Btw, you don’t need to use patcher to use gross beat in the way you use it in these videos, you can automate it yourself, the pattern selecting window acts like knob so you can right click it and automate like any other knob.

    1. Man From Sol says

      This is news to me, thank you!

  3. Vladislav Korobov says

    It also helps to lay down your kick and snare not to pattern, but directly to playlist like samples, that way you can see if waveforms are overlapping and how strongly they do so, and you can edit and replace some individual drum hits, to add some movement to drum section itself.

    1. Man From Sol says

      This is absolutely true. I plan on doing a future video on glitchy drums specifically. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Kóta says

    This tutorial is absolutely kickass and I learned a lot! Would you ever consider releasing your personal stash of glitched samples as a pack on your Website?

    1. Man From Sol says

      I’m very happy you found this useful! I’m very hesitant to release my personal stash, but I do plan on making more sample packs going forward, both as an individual and as a part of What sort of samples would you like to see more of?

    2. Kóta says

      @Man From Sol I look forward to that then! ^-^
      Honestly? I could never have enough samples, period; but I’d definitely enjoy some more glitchy samples and I LOVE atmospheric and textural stuff if that helps!

  5. Chris Allen says

    Excellent tutorials, thanks!

  6. matt penfield says

    fantastic tutorials, the scrubbing within a clip technique is such a simple but great way to work with jam improv sessions that go all over the place

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