Korean couples dance Tik Tok

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  1. Rafael 7799 says

    Song name please

    1. Baby_Zielah Sharing Official says


    2. safa tahrir says


    3. Meldy Handri Kabi says

      What is song?

    4. safa tahrir says

      The song name is “zico – anysong”

    5. Sitty Juariah says


  2. Zahira Atikah says

    What is title of this song?

    1. lalu satria budiaji says


    2. kila nva says


    3. Eqmal Nazri says


    4. Muhammad Akbar says


    5. Nur Syazleena says

      Yeah what is the title of this song

  3. Na Hee Kim says

    They aren’t couple.They are Korean singer, Chungha and Zico.

    1. BLINK_AMEERAH says

      Na Hee Kim exactly🙂🙂

  4. fiqoh Amaskur says

    love this

  5. Tok Adi says


  6. Priscilla Sydney Soputra says

    Ini judul lagu apa ya??

    1. waryadi Anggara says

      Ngak tau

    2. It's Me says

      Nama lagunya bang (Any song)….itu nama lagunya

    3. Asia Ponsel says


    4. Mailatus syamsiyah says

      Apa ya

    5. It's Me says

      Kenapa bang?

  7. Norma Hidayati says

    Mereka keren 😍

  8. Fariha __Army X AtinyX Byulharang says

    Wait.. they are not couple..
    They are Kpop idol Chungha and Zico..
    Chungha was just promoting this song by doing this challenge with Zico..😤

  9. Aida Putri Lika says

    Mf ini judulnya apa ya

    1. Yhovi 1998 says

      Zico- Any song

    2. Muhammad Khairie Musa says


  10. aii istrinya taeyong ama sehun titik!! says

    Mereka bukan couple woy itu cowoknya zico yg buat lagu ini jadi zico buat challenge anysong dan dia ngajak temen artis terdekat nya buat challenge:)

    1. Niyna Sehzade says

      Mereka gak couple… This call “COUPLE DANCE”

  11. Gernata Kriya says


  12. _langsj says

    Lgu apa ini?

    1. park dila says

      any song ZICO

  13. khoiru daffani says

    chungha dan zico

  14. Dewi Tjandra says

    Gempi gisel

  15. Salamah Azzahra says


    1. Marziah Mohd Rasit says

      Any song zico

  16. Abu Rizal says

    Fck this song sticks on my head all the time

  17. Fitry Abengk says

    judul.lagunya ini apa ya

    1. Keluarga ARZ_K says

      Any song

    2. Muhd Asrafff says


  18. Anindya Rainasytha Ardin says


  19. Anindya Rainasytha Ardin says

    Zico bagus

  20. Dana Surya says


  21. Hager Kamal says

    Zico and Kim chunghaaaa💖💖💖💖💖💖💣💣🔥🔥

    I love you
    Your fan from Egypt 💖💖👄👄😍😍😊

  22. Michelle Koo says

    I know this is supposed to be a casual tiktok, but damn their synchronisation is crazy

    1. moomin hyung says

      well they are both solo artists

  23. Adrian Co says

    What’s that music?.

    1. Suckjìñxed says

      “Any song”

  24. BLINK_AMEERAH says

    CHUNGHA and ZICO aren’t a couple

  25. Alexander Tanto says

    The girl is so pretty 🥰😊

  26. Moon Light says

    Umm??? Chungha and Zico are not couple..

  27. Im Happy says

    What is the name of this song, please?

    1. Roaa Alwaisi says

      Im Happy any song

  28. Fun zone says


  29. Rick Rivero says

    very nice to your tiktok

  30. FangirlFuror says

    Literally just came here because I forgot the name of the song 😭😂

    1. Lin Angshuan says

      It’s Any song by Zico kkkkk

    2. FangirlFuror says

      Lin Angshuan Thank youu 😭

    3. Jamie Low says

      Lol same 😂😂😂

    4. Are coconut cookies yummy? :3 says

      Thank uuuuuu my goddd🤧🤧😭😭

  31. Turan Serce says

    Very cute ❤ Song is amazing Beautiful

  32. Imane Raoui says

    His not couple just friends

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