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  1. Kalie Flo says

    Yes 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Rayden Baltazar says

    First person 🥰

  3. Nahla Mohamed says


  4. laila bts says

    Ilooveeeeyou ✨ so thanks

  5. Jafettt says

    Nice video 👍

  6. Nutella fam says


  7. jdjfjfjccbdidifjdj jffjnndnnf ebebebdjfjfj says


  8. Cheeky Gamer says


    1. Rayden Baltazar says

      Cheeky Gamer I’m first honey 😁

    2. Cheeky Gamer says

      Rayden Baltazar I was there when there were no views no likes no comments so im forst

    3. Rayden Baltazar says

      Cheeky Gamer I was too but it’s not a big deal

  9. SoggyFries96 says

    first lol

  10. Rochelle Hall says

    Omg ur the best dancer ever!!!!! I learn a lot of Tik tok dances from u,thank u 🙏

  11. morgz master says


  12. Drondoe Cornel says

    Can you do the springy emote from Fortnite?

    1. Isaiah Walking. says


    2. M4RKX AND ALTER EGO’s says

      Isaiah Walking. It’s a new emote that is added to the season 2 battle pass of Fortnite chapter 2

    3. Isaiah Walking. says

      @M4RKX AND ALTER EGO’s oh, i thought he meant “cringey”? :/

  13. Alexis playz :3 says


  14. Honey Alvarez says

    Please do a CANNIBAL by Kesha tutorial

    1. Sadie Rose says

      Honey Alvarez lol i learned that dance today 🤪

  15. KCMasterz says

    Been waiting for this drop

    1. Kacy Cony World says


  16. Addison_23 says

    Yess!! I’ve needed this!!

  17. Nonhlanhla Mtungwa says

    I learnt a lot from him👍

  18. Isaiah Walking. says

    Ohh, so these are the type of dances i see kids at my school doing? well it’s better that cringey fortnite dances…

  19. Như UwO says

    Can you do cannibal

  20. Mattewpeter Mattewpeter says

    You should do the dance from the video “epic dancing turnip”

  21. N O says

    Do drip dance challenge please!! Tik tok

  22. Jordan Koller says

    do side hustle

  23. The Mythical Phoenix says


  24. Jesus Adrian Melgar Lopez says

    Me encantan estos videos

  25. Ishy Dubs says

    Can you do blueberry faygo by lil mosey

  26. Mya Mandis says

    When you realize you’ve been doing all the dances the wrong way 😂
    2,000 likes! Thanks🙏🙏🙏

    1. Ciara Robertson says

      No he didn’t some of them he did right he just wanted to teach people other ways of dancing

    2. Jay Dee says

      Mya Mandis there’s no right or wrong bc some ppl do it different

    3. Mikhail Hinds says


    4. Who are You says

      He does them wrong

  27. Drifty_36 says

    Can you do the math dance off Fortnite

  28. Cyntoya Allen says

    do holy moly doughnut shop

  29. We play says

    Can do you show us how to dance this song from Tik Tok cannibal by kesha plzzzzz

    1. Tutti Flutey says

      We play

  30. TeoTalents7210 says

    how does he learn these dances without his own tutorials????

    1. IAmHereToWin says

      Like Larry Page and Sergey Brin made Google without Google.

    2. •itz _jellobug• says

      All of these are wrong XD

    3. Ella Collett says

      Comment your favourite til tock down below my is I’ve been tik toking

  31. The Goat says

    I love that so much you dance so good 😊

  32. Pia Yate says

    The best!!!!!

  33. Basti 150 says


  34. Мустафа Сердарев says

    Bro, make dances for boys… These are so cringy… My friends will laughing at me…

  35. my wig dissolved says

    Is this mirrored tho

  36. Elsa Aprilla says

    With tiktok i can dance 🤣♥️

  37. David Piñon says

    I love your videos

  38. Samantha Long says

    This is very helpful thank you!

  39. Spaafy says

    needed this yesterday but thanks anyway ♥

  40. Tropic Ocean says

    I’m sorry why do there have to be a girl and a guy version? It’s dancing why should dance moves be gendered wtf

    1. chash ioo says

      its not that deep

  41. KanavPlayz says

    Can you make a video how to do springy Dance from fortnite

  42. Ry MazinG says


  43. LINKSer says

    Do a Fortnite’s Jumpstyle Tutorial!

  44. Just Mari says

    Thank you !!

  45. Malyun Muhammad says

    I want this dance get busy tiktok💖💞

  46. Deea's Land says


  47. John Laing says

    Can you do the mop dance pls

  48. Brenda Morris says

    Can you do the song post malone

  49. Gian Kishe says

    Please make a bop on Broadway tutorial

  50. Aisa Jalloh says

    Can you do carnibal by kesha please

    1. Tutti Flutey says

      Aisa Jalloh

  51. BIG CJ says


  52. Sherry Silver says

    You are just such a good dancer!

  53. pizzaguy 4523 says

    Please do springy dance from fortnite chapter 2 season 2 battle pass

  54. Terror Foxy says

    Can you do a tutorial on how to do dance off from fortnite?

  55. DES & MARI Forever with family says

    Show us how to do the aye pop dance pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  56. Kylie H says

    You put so much emotion into a bland dance 🔥

  57. david hernandez says

    Can you do the fortnite emote conga line

  58. Kung Dot says

    Ay bro please break down what’s going on in this clip, I wanna learn that :

  59. Skyler Is Here says

    Please do a tutorial for the AhiChallenge❤️

  60. Avela says

    Could you Please do a Molly Carti tutorial??

  61. Anna Greene says

    can you do the “my little heart goes pitter patter” dance? (cannibal) ❤️

    1. Tutti Flutey says

      Anna Greene cannibal

    2. Anna Greene says

      Tutti Flutey thank you!

    3. Tutti Flutey says

      Anna Greene here

    4. Anna Greene says

      Tutti Flutey thank you so much ❤️

    5. It’s Adriana says

      It’s called eat your liver

  62. Squishylover 4eva says

    The only dances I’ll ever know how to do

    1. Rachael's Slime Lab says

      same, i literally cant do any other dance, but when it comes to tik tok, I can do all of them

  63. Alexa Codori says

    Can you please do a You Turn me on tik tok dance tutorial I can seem to get it

  64. Larissa VENETZ says


  65. Chloe Minh says

    can u do attention by todrick hall

  66. Melanie 0916 says

    U should get tik tok

    1. Learn How To Dance says

      I just got it, Melanie! 🙌 @learnhowtodance0

  67. Cedric Kohu says

    do them slower

    1. PoTAEto ; - ; says

      Cedric Kohu This is just a compilation. He has the actual tutorials on his channel. They’re very helpful.

  68. Yash Narang says

    He does have an tiktok account right?

    1. The Mythical Phoenix says

      Yash Narang yes he does, just not sure what it is.

    2. Potato KittyVlogs says

      @The Mythical Phoenix maybe his yt name?

  69. Nhey Buan says

    Follow me on TikTok @Nhey Buan 🤗 ❤️ pls also subscribe to my channel ❤️😇

  70. Sana Owen says

    Walked in a house

  71. Billy Clave says

    Do the Feeling good like I should dance challenge

    If you agree

  72. Shxn Kim says

    2:35 the choreographer of this dance is a Filipino. Proud Pinoy💜

    1. ყєяհเ_βᝣβყ says

      @Nur Zulaikha don’t*

    2. Nur Zulaikha says

      @ყєяհเ_βᝣβყ stfu

    3. althea nicolas says

      yesss… 🙂

    4. ყєяհเ_βᝣβყ says

      @Nur Zulaikha I think you forgot about your english homework

    5. Nur Zulaikha says

      @ყєяհเ_βᝣβყ it’s really stupid of you to think if i have a homework because of this coronavirus,and i don’t have any online classes

  73. JetAviation says

    Can you please do “Cannibal” Tik dance <3

    1. Tutti Flutey says


  74. Tigerclaw51731 AJ says

    You having fun there bao

  75. Panda Joueur says

    Do Vibez, SUGAR, and 88Glam

  76. Yameen * says

    Can you do cannibal

  77. WrongHood says

    Fortnite leapin please ▪️▪️▫️▫️💜

  78. The Second says

    Nigga stiff as a bitch

  79. Mabo Duke says

    Why is he doing the old renegade?

    1. xX_GachaGirl_Xx says

      Why did you comment twice?

    2. Mabo Duke says

      xX_GachaGirl_Xx mistake

  80. Gracie Minix says

    No offense but you’re doing all these wrong lol 😂

  81. Gracie Minix says

    Especially the woah 😂

  82. CrAzY Gacha says

    I already every dance

  83. Aaliah Hernandez says

    Do feeling good please!

  84. someone is here says

    Your so talented and i learned all the dances from you!

  85. xX_GachaGirl_Xx says

    The only problem is…

    I keep forgetting how to do it 😞

  86. Lowkey Ren says

    We desperately needed this

  87. Gabby Chan123 says

    You should do toes (My hearts so cold I think I’m done with ice) that dance

  88. Emix says


    0:00 Candy – Doja Cat
    0:18 Muscles like SuperMan trainner – Hot Shower
    0:35 All i want for christmas (plot twist)
    0:50 I been Tik Toking – Kyle Exun Freestyle
    1:04 Love Songs – Kaash Paige
    1:17 Get up – Ciara
    1:31 Say so – Doja Cat
    1:44 Yummy – JB
    2:01 The box – Roddy Ricch
    2:15 No idea x Candy
    2:33 Don’t start now – Dua Lipa
    2:50 Lottery (Renegade) – K Camp

    (Sorry for the mistakes! I’m so clueless haha (I say it right? English it’s not my mother lenguage)

    1. Xoxo_Gacha Gurl: says

      Ur 1st dislike

    2. Hunni says

      EmiX :v ARMY! 💜 Your English is amazing dw~

    3. Brooklyn Fuery says

      You should watch bailey dir’s coronavirus playlist it’s so funny lol😂🥰🦠

    4. Random Roro says

      galaxity life juliana channel no that’s love songs

  89. Fe ferrer says

    I wanna know the dance “oh oh oh nare” what is the titleeeeee?

  90. Ja a Ty says

    1:04 😍

  91. Fake Defualt says


  92. Tierra Conner says

    Can you do I semi I stay automatic

  93. Эркеайым Абдиразакова says


  94. Itz Kitty Wuuf says

    These are some wrong, we ALL know different is good, but not with dances that have 1 way of doing them

    1. Todoneta For Life says

      Itz Kitty Wuuf But like tik tok dances are changed all the time lol. The “right way” is usually just the one which is most popular.

    2. Dana Tahhan says

      There’s no right no wrong
      There’s an original version of every dance but everyone make some differences to look kinda creative to not be basic kinda u say

    3. • Kaela Doodlez • says

      Your grammar is wrong too

    4. Dana Tahhan says

      @Todoneta For Life
      That’s sooo right

    5. MoopC says

      Maybe ur doing them wrong

  95. Andres marambio says

    Que machista

  96. y tho says


  97. Cloud 9 Nail Art says

    Teach me the sneeze pleas

    1. Charity Mhlanga says

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u should learn how to do it

  98. beatriz torres says

    The next song you should do should be “shake dat thing!”
    Like if you agree

  99. Hxney bear says

    Hey I love learning your tik tok dances! Do you think you could make a turorial for this dance?
    Thank you ♡

  100. Victoria Sheiles says


  101. webs ters says

    Hey! Quick question, what kind of pants you’re wearing? I’m digging it thank you!!

    1. Ainun Melor says

      Adidas maybe?

  102. Its Kaceyyy says

    can you teach us to how to dance “time to fight you” dance tiktok

    1. Charity Mhlanga says

      I can If u would want me to

  103. Daniel Crane says

    I think the renegade might also have a male and female version. When you stack twice after you crossed your arms that’s the female one. The male one is a big thrust.

    1. Sofia says

      @Daniel Crane then its prob ur fault

    2. Daniel Crane says

      @Sofia yeah i know and it makes me mad that i could have done something about it

    3. [lup2 x teutic] says

      Ok lmao

    4. HOLY3 DOLLARS says

      Daniel Crane
      Charli didn’t start the RENAGADE but she did get most of the credit … Charli only modified it a little
      It was originally started by a 14 year old girl names Jalaiah and at first she got no credits for it

    5. Daniel Crane says

      HOLY3 DOLLARS did I ever say that charli started the renegade? No. Look through the comments on my post, I already said that charli got a lot of credit for something some other person did.

  104. Charry Lacson says

    Paulit ulit stepping

  105. Shield- Nl ᗰᐯᑭ says

    00:18 00:51

  106. Breionna Marie says

    I am so sorry but why do u do the whoa like that???

  107. Emma Manuel says

    Thanks I learned a lot

  108. Zohal Amin says

    me: knows them already because i watch tiktoks instead of homework

    1. Basic Billy says

      Charity Mhlanga

    2. Stacey Duffey says


    3. marcie_ willow_29 says

      @Charity Mhlanga this IS my homework 😂 no cap my Phys ed teacher gave us homework to learn tiktok dances 😂

    4. eciN says

      Zohal Amin üwü

    5. Rakesh Vaja says

      @A random Soviet cool

  109. Deja-Marie Harry says

    the way he whoa’s upsets me

    1. Tyra Cook says

      yeh they look weird lmao

    2. Nina carlos says


    3. Rainbow__Sparkles /Cupcake says

      Its not that bad

    4. Basic Billy says


    5. Biala Soleil says

      I am cringing

  110. Esma Idrizovic says

    I know just7

  111. Anthont Pena says

    This video actually helped me learn dances

  112. •Leah Gacha• says

    This isn’t even a tutorial…

    1. Lillly Woohooo says

      No one said it was a tutorial though….?

  113. Maria's World says

    You should do cannibal! That’s my fav dance lmao

  114. Mike A. says


  115. Carol Huang says

    Can u do “cant take big dick but i suck on it”

  116. Crocodixe says

    How to smeeze, teach me please♂‍🙇🏻

  117. Glitter Corn says

    When you’ve been on Tik Tok for too long and you try double tapping the videos on YouTube to like them….:)

    1. Basic Billy says
    2. Layla Ace says

      What I did on ur comment

    3. Glitter Corn says

      Layla Ace omg 🤣

  118. DidiPlays Roblox says

    Where the step by step

  119. Vjera-Lynn Leventhal says

    this guy is sexisted like boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii stop i do the dances oh and go to mt tik tik channil plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sexist boiiiiiiiioiiiiii get that out of here

  120. Elaine says

    i am sorry but this is cringe

  121. Success Music says

    Me imagining that I will be this good actually turning out like shit

  122. Lana Haghverdian says

    Some of these dances are wrong and like he’s making like an actual dance not the original and it would look weird if I did it to my friends

  123. Magda lena says

    I’m wondering how a male can be a better dancer than me

    1. QXM says

      What does being male have to do with anything lol

  124. Ellar Marinar says

    I love the renegade dance soo much😘😘😘💀😂

  125. Sondri Molina says

    Me gustó el vídeo pero creo que bailo demasiado exagerado

  126. Paige's Dream NZ says

    these are so old

  127. Kayla Forbes says

    There’s are not step by step and they are all really bad

  128. BerryBear says

    Istg ur doing most of these wrong

  129. Za- Yeet says

    This is sad.Delete TikTok. My All clasmetes uses TikTok and im so angry because this is not dance its just a shit. I Don’t know why people love this app.People adicted whit this sh#t.This is not dance. The Real dance is when a Mans and a Girls dance like you holding her hand or something else. Pls stop TikTok please

  130. Mickaela Candela Andrade says

    Now I don’t wanna do another tiktok😑Dude don’t exaggerate tik toks, that’s ugly

  131. joanna georges Joannageorges21 says

    The most that i hated it is the yummy dance justin beiber💩

  132. Gh Ty says

    Can not even do the woah

  133. SuhnFlwer Vibes says

    When he does tho woah makes me giggle

  134. Dom Coco says

    this guy dances so bad this was a waist of 3 minutes

  135. Kai Lynn says

    Like if Hes a Good dancer?

  136. Rowblowz says


  137. Luck From best friends says

    I can do all the dances better than him especially the woah

  138. jeon taeshi says

    hey guys! i am asking not begging if someone is rich or like to giveaway a iphone 11 please contact me the reason why i wanted a iphone 11 is (first thing i dont have any phone and i use of mine moms phone and its android “my friend will say to me that you are a middle class girl you cant afford a iphone 11” but really i cant afford a iphone 11 but i want to prove her wrong can someone please help he if you had rules i’ll complete all if you ask if y/n help it would be so much for me🥺❤️

  139. Paola Nikolova says

    It’s easiest to learn dance from Charli D’amelio

  140. The G.O.A.T says


  141. Ť Ë Ă Ř Ş says

    Is even the first dance one is right? Cuz charli did not do that moves

  142. mahekk 31 says

    I don’t know why but this is soo satisfying to watch…😂

  143. Nicole Fernandez says

    So wierd when your legs open when you do the WOAH thing😂

  144. Angie Serene says

    um some of your steps are wrong

  145. Zvanyzlo vZ says

    Is this mirrored?

  146. Gacha_ Studio_World says

    Lo del woah lo hace un poco mal y los bailes se lo inventa podría aprenderselo como todos de Charlie y se supone que se mueven más las manos y el es como si estuviese bailando una cosa inventada moviendo los pies le doy un… 4,3 mejora pliss edit: el renegade lo hace fatal esa es mi opinion

  147. •itz _jellobug• says

    Ur dances are trash to the the normal ones

  148. Дара Младенова says

    *woah left the chat*

  149. Faby DElgado says


  150. Jiayi Sun says

    I isn’t x-mas anymore tho.. you are doing old trends not new trends and you did some wrong

  151. Laura Mendes says

    I know all

  152. Makayla Campbell says

    This dude can’t even hit the woah

  153. Rowblowz says


  154. games??, yt says

    he moves like a robot

  155. Faiso Ali Rage says

    They were so easy because I already know

  156. Jose A says


  157. Mr VGamez says

    Do Side Hustle from Fortnite

  158. Lian Mallabo says

    No offense Why is your woah Soo weird??

  159. scira says


    1. Learn How To Dance says

      This? 😊

  160. -- says

    3:11 what song

  161. Whipping Bricks says

    Dafuq is this

  162. Gacha Life Gigi says

    I hate his woah

  163. TIK TOK compilationOZ says

    Te invito a mi canal a suscribirse para que disfrutes de los mejores tik tok

  164. Mxeyyy Mxeyy says

    But the way that he woah 🤣

  165. David Newsome says


  166. AnnieG 15 says


  167. Alexandra Marquez says

    Is it mirrored?

  168. Fatmah Ali says

    Every dance had something wrong in it

  169. Júlia Karine says

    As versões mais difíceis

  170. Diana Alvarado says

    If you want to learn these put it in slow motion

  171. Evanor X says

    do springy the fortnite emote pls

  172. Life as a Dingus says

    u all know im a dancer

  173. Loli-Bop says

    U hit the whoa too much bro

  174. Andrew Jean says

    What you Amateurs don’t understand is that he purposefully dances that way so your basic ash bleaches can keep up with the steps. If he did it the way Dancers actually did it, your brain cells wouldn’t be able to handle it and you’d be stuck on the first 4’s forever.

  175. Viivi Tapaninen says

    You are doing wrong renegade

  176. Maria GUTGUT says

    Ich love your Videos can you make more Videos like this 😀😀😊❤❤💖😍😘

  177. iDuda 17 says

    ok i liked say so

  178. Your Local Idiot says

    i’m learning all these dances at 4 am lmao-

  179. peach haziyah says

    funny how i already memorizes all this tiktok dances

  180. Zakiya Wiltz says

    This for sure helped me I’m not even gone lie🤍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥This was Fire!!!!

  181. Bubblegum simulator Grinds says

    I thought the girls would go throw it back at Doja cat sugar

  182. Alessandro 20 says

    E piu brava CHARLIEDAMELIO ❤️❤️❤️


    Me encanto como bailaaaá xd la única que habla español jsjsj😅😄😗🇦🇷

  184. Madison Dixon says

    Who else was waiting for reagan

  185. FijianGirl PlaysRoblox says

    Learn how to dance pls can you do a tutorial of Buff baby!🥺

  186. violet says

    Lmfao his woah 🤣🤣🤣

  187. Triste Rikoshii says

    The woah

  188. Virginia Franco says

    I like your T-shirt!

  189. Juanf Lugo says

    I don’t like how he does the whoa 😬

  190. Magalie Antione says

    Were is the origana

  191. BangTan Blues says

    are these mirrored

  192. Stephanie Bettis says

    Thanks gor this vid!! Im a nerd at school and really wanted to learn these dances!!thanks for making this vid and god bless

  193. aryel the random human says

    How where these tutorials you are so bad at these at least i already know them and wont have to learn my a person sucks at tiktok dances

  194. Orange blossom For life! says

    Bruh why this heffa woah like that

  195. Carolyn Lily Valenzuela says

    How bout no

  196. The _Nightangles says

    I actually want to learn the last dance ..plz make a video on dance tutorial of “RENEGADE”😊😊😊😊

  197. Jk says

    Guys, I’m gay

  198. hppychimmy says

    w jijay njir sm cwoknya:v

  199. Tiktok Trends says

    sooo nice 😍✨ hey guys i just want to say that i have my tiktok US❤️UK Challenge ! please watch the video ! hope you enjoy it 🥰😘

  200. Jb Diaz says


  201. Regina Szűcs says


  202. Yuan Playz says

    Where is Sunday’s Best?

  203. Giang Tura says

    It’s lottery not renegade

  204. Ayla Gonzalez says

    I just noticed I been doing the dances wrong he is more better then me😂😂

  205. Ariel In luv says

    God he look so stiff

  206. D. Lemoni says

    Please, I die for a tutorial for “Tongue Tied 223s – Adam Oh” that make @chatlidamelio @jameswrightt and @ jack.wright!
    Please, please, please, please, please

  207. Not_UGLY PERSON JKL says

    U really gotta move ur hips to so it bro !! And

    Be smooooth

  208. DesertFlower says

    Nobody asked, everyone needed

  209. Mila xD says

    1:20: whats the name of the dance?

    1. Mila xD says

      Talia Hoteit I mean the dance

    2. Talia Hoteit says

      @Mila xD oh ok sorry I misunderstood😅

  210. Ninett says


  211. Chloe Gallagher says

    Well done for learning all of those tik tok dances!

  212. Una Mihaljevic says

    Is it just me or this guy is doing dances wrong on some way and strange ;-;

  213. Joe. K says

    Why you always do the WOAH by opening ur leg

  214. Joe. K says

    Good u make them right, 💗

  215. p l u t o ¿ says

    Im triggered

  216. Vladislava Krbková says

    Are you brother Charlie?? You are so good in dance😏😊

  217. Roblox Adopt me says

    Some are Wrong

  218. Ravinne says


  219. Monika Savic says

    *Cringe* has joined the chat

  220. Daiana Alonso Satire says

    My friend loves to dance these dances and she always wants to dance with me but she really won’t give me one 🙁


    You dance so good

  222. Cristina Calel says

    He goes to fast

  223. Chi cheñol says


  224. Allison Perez says

    Pensé que decía runaway en vez de renegade

  225. Mel Kaistar says

    Who watches these but still can’t dance lol

    1. Good ol Bleach says

      Mel Kaistar … this is my homework

  226. Jugmohan Panging says

    Can u please teach us

  227. How To? says

    I found this dances the same

  228. How To? says

    1:31 ive been practicing this lol

  229. Its_Ya_ Boi_Halo says

    why was renegade only at 2:51?

  230. It's me Bryan says

    Check this link dance tiktok tutorial

  231. wonder woman tv says

    verry good

  232. min hoseok says

    This is more attractive than your boy crush on tiktok who always lick their lips and being so self-obsessed

  233. Mæ Dy says

    where’s One Wish? 😀

  234. Rlyn Bustamante says

    The #1 baby?

  235. ashini kaveesha says

    When I haven’t even got tik tok in my phone

  236. Cindy Candy says

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