Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China Ep. 10

Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China Ep. 10


¿Te gusta lo asiatico?

Mi canal se dedica a la recopilación de vídeos de Tik Tok Asia, China, Coreay Jap+on, espero verte por aquí más seguido para más de tus KOL y Tik Tokers Favoritos en tiempo real.

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music Credits:

Goblins From Mars:

Loozt – Solitary Love

image Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China Ep. 10

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  1. Noor N says


  2. عمار عمار says


  3. Mariyper MT says

    Me encantan tus vídeos like si piensas lo mismo saludos desde Tijuana baja California 👋👍😊❤

  4. Andrea de leon says

    Y volví a llegar temprano otra vez wiiiiiii estoy muy pendiente xd. Amo tus videos <3

    1. 梁阿斗 says

      You these people so cute ah

  5. X Y says

    me encantas tus videos we ;3

    llege temprano :³

    1. Ochodesept Velasco says

      Hdfwsrwieyewofuspdña 👎 de que se trata de 🚸 a un hombre que no
      Que se llama 🔥 y no es una mujer 👩 que se llama 🔥 y no se ha vuelto a hablar 🗣 que se le ocurra al gobierno del estado que se le haya hecho una buena

    2. Ochodesept Velasco says

      Hsxgsfalx en el proceso que se encuentra a continuación se indica que la siguiente es la siguiente opción de pago de la cuota mensual del mes de noviembre en la que se encuentra la cuota de mantenimiento de la tarjeta de crédito y el saldo de la cuenta del banco que me envió a mi cuenta del

    3. Ochodesept Velasco says

      Bsgdfaiqpelkpq a la espera de sus noticias para coordinar una reunión para la próxima semana en el que nos encontramos a la espera del contrato para que lo pueda ver a continuación en el que nos encontramos con un buen servicio de Internet y nos gustaría que nos conozca a través de este enlace que se encuentra en un sitio web para su sitio web en línea de su empresa o en su sitio oficial o de una empresa dedicada a la venta de artículos para la venta en el país de la historia del país en

    4. stella tong says

      Ochodesept Velasco 人

  6. Abir Hassin says

    i love your vidios wher are you from

  7. جوهرة القصر says


  8. hyseun jong says

    Amo los videos 👌💖💖💖

    Like: si piensas igual o👍💟

    1. DJOKOVIC MD ZIN says

      hyseun jong

    2. hyseun jong says

      @DJOKOVIC MD ZIN si?

  9. KPOP GO-GO says

    Intente venir lo mas temprano

  10. D,K O,R says

    I love the 2:10 video and its song the same ♥️♥️

    1. VICE says

      which you want 2:08 or 2:13

    2. VICE says
    3. D,K O,R says

      thank you that was the song☺️

    4. mind Free says

      You looking so sweet

    5. mind Free says

      I’am Indiana

  11. BTS imagina says

    Los videos que haces te quedan muy padres te mereces tu buen like✌👍

  12. •ლMäyøķø Čhäņლ• says

    wow!! Tablas personalizadas xd

    1. AGUSTINA c says

      Son hermosas 😍😍💕💕

  13. uzumaki meong says

    kurus ceking

  14. Manahil Mona says

    I love your videos ❤

  15. Alondra Mora says

    Como se llama la canción del minuto 3:42

    1. /sxd sxn/ says


    2. VICE says

      here is the link of the song

  16. Mela Meliasari says

    I like ❤

  17. bernice ng says

    What the music called on 6:05

    1. VICE says

      solitary love by Loozt

  18. Volff tv says

    name of the music box music 0:51 please

    1. VICE says


    2. Khing Rocky says

      Wats the other remix part to it called

  19. Wieke Steenbruggen says

    Could someone tell me what the song is at 4:30?

    1. Robert Nutt says

      Chinese name 祝你爱我到天荒地老

    2. thanh dinh says

      Wieke Steenbruggen

  20. Buhs Anh says

    Tq ! An gi ma toan chan k nhi

  21. Game và nightcore says

    7:34 song??

    1. VICE says

      Breathe Me In by Roy Knox

  22. Afrin kook says

    What’s the name of the song 0:1

    1. Elizalde Fontamillas says

      Its No One by Lee Hi

  23. VICE says

    Wassup guys ask me any time stamp Song😀

    1. An7rew says

      5:44 what song is it? Thank you.

    2. Melina Jimenez says

      1:08 pretty please? And Thank you it also plays on 3:22

  24. Алексей Шевцов says

    Прекрасные красотки, милые милашки, нежные зайки😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  25. heart De Guia says

    I like it 😍😍😍😍

  26. Salah Aloi says

    ليش سيقانهم كذا طويله ههههههههههههههههههه

    1. A.3 1 says

      Salah Aloi مدري 😂😂

  27. Lila Anggriani says

    Song please? 5:11

    1. マーティン says
  28. Nicol Jimenez says

    Hola te amo

  29. Aesthetic Cat says

    Gosh they’re all like models 😍❤️
    Edit: By the way Couples and I believe close friends usually wear similar colors or outfits to each other in South Korea.

    1. your local trashbag says

      They’re models

    2. Let's get this bread says

      They’re Chinese

    3. Let's get this bread says

      They’re Chinese, bc it’s from douying (tik tok China)

    4. yi lin says

      This is from China ,not Korean 👎

    5. yi lin says

      China tik tok 抖音

  30. Wylove prue says


  31. Khumanthem Sanamacha says

    How tall they are? 😱😱

    1. Jaebum's Smile says

      Khumanthem Sanamacha there’s a filter some of them use to make their legs longer lol. Idk if all of them use it but you can kinda tell by their proportions.

    2. Jaebum's Smile says

      Look up a video called something along the lines of “How Chinese leg filter app works”

    3. Rachel says

      Most of them are actresses and models so they’re slender and tall anyway like I’m chinese and skinny like that

  32. Vựa muối Bangtan says

    I love this video🤩😍

  33. Bangtan Aaru says

    Most of them look so malnourished 😓
    Please do eat something ☺

  34. Rizky Muhamad says

    5:54 what this music

    1. ameer xd says

      Goblin mars.enough

  35. Yvi Park says

    01:21 song?

    1. Thảo Thái says

      me too!!!

  36. にんじんの姿のスノ担 says


    1. ぽったり says


  37. Алина Селиванова says

    1:30 божечки, какая она красивая

    1. Имя Фамилия says

      Это постановочное видео

    2. Алина Селиванова says

      @Имя Фамилия ну да. это же тик-ток

    3. Marky Mark says

      Wait what’s the song ?

  38. oh sheet down says

    0:04 no one by Lee hi and B.I of IKON

  39. Rosa Roz says

    they are very tall for asian people 😟!!!

    EDIT: 150 LIKE ooo😮
    Thank U 💜😽

    1. Rachel says

      Loëfœr poë they use Chinese tiktok called douyin but you might not find it coz there’s a different foreigners tiktok

    2. Adrianna Arcuri says

      @Handsome Inosuke No, go to northern China like Beijing. The girls over there are all about 6ft or taller. It is crazy how tall, pale, and skinny these girls are.

    3. divina tabora says

      Juliette Zhang yes it’s true that northern Chinese are tall than Southern people in China. I believe that .

    4. Handsome Inosuke says

      @Adrianna Arcuri oh wow 6ft? The girls? Then how about the boys 😬😬😬 if the boys be taller I would go and date one lol coz i like tall guys lolol

    5. Adrianna Arcuri says

      @Handsome Inosuke Honestly, the boys are probably around the same height. Either way I felt super short lol.

  40. 3rd reaper says

    00:20 music name?

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hai, Max Brhon – Cyberpunk :3

    2. 3rd reaper says

      @Tik Tok Japan thank youu

  41. Nguyễn Thùy Linh says

    5:00 song ?

    1. カナレ頑張れ says


    2. Sheena DM says

      @カナレ頑張れ English

    3. カナレ頑張れ says

      @Sheena DM Black Black Heart

    4. Sheena DM says

      @カナレ頑張れ thanks hun

  42. jeon jungkook says

    2:30 what is the name of the song can anyone tell me plzzz

    1. Fatema Haque Mim says


    2. xixi A says


    3. Хаав Док says

      ты ARMY???

    4. 鹤辞书 says

      @chen otakubuddy The title of the song is 目不转睛 (the original singing 王以太). This version was sung by a girl on Douyin, so I guess it’s hard for you to find it.

    5. feride _ says

      @鹤辞书 DIDI

  43. Toqa Dulaimi says

    I love you….❤❤

  44. 林鵬豪 says

    4:40 是甚麼車??

  45. شوق فهد says

    نحيفين مرهه طالعين كانهم بريعصي😂

    1. HUBI says

      😂😂😂 اي ولله

    2. سحر العيون says


  46. Susu C says

    얼굴은이쁜데 뱀이네 몸이

  47. quang trần says

    2.11, 2.16 music?

  48. APRIELLO • says

    What’s the song name 00:01- 00:09

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hi, that is “LEE HI – ‘누구 없소 (NO ONE)” :3

    2. APRIELLO • says

      Tik Tok Japan thanks

  49. Dodi Dodi says

    ig social media ? 5:01

  50. Adel Andy says

    Не говори мне не чего! ♥️♥️

  51. Rebeca says

    0:10 She is so beautiful ❤

    1. Mark Atencio says

      Song title pls

  52. Ayno's Wife says


    1. Zoyla Montero says

      Is a girl

    2. Ayno's Wife says

      @Zoyla Montero I know and she is beautiful

    3. Petri says

      thaomoithanhcm on Insta 🙂

    4. Ayno's Wife says

      @Petri OMG Thanks

  53. Mutvika says


  54. Linda Rimawii says

    I want and I Love Mejores Couple tik tok

  55. Ed Julio says

    Simplesmente. Extraordinário. Povo fantástico. Parabéns e obrigado 👍 👍 👍

  56. saori la loca wey says

    Vine tarde pero deje mi like

  57. Manalisha Thakuria says

    1:08 lmao they always make funny videos 😂 this one was so funny!

  58. Hong Doan says

    1:30 what song💕?

    1. Soli juegos y mas says


    2. 제시카김 says


  59. Maeve Harvey says

    Music 2:12? ♡♡

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hey! If you mean the song after its “TheFatRat – Oblivion”

    2. Maeve Harvey says

      That at 2:07

    3. Tik Tok Japan says

      @Maeve Harvey ah oke that is this one “” :3

    4. Maeve Harvey says

      @Tik Tok Japan yeah, that one. Thank you.

  60. M.R. JARWAL says

    4:49 so beautiful and lovely

    1. Gold Ant says

      She is Seojin_ban

    2. Lala Lala says

      Gold Ant do you know who is at 5:00?

    3. Gold Ant says

      Lala Lala idk ‘________’

    4. Lala Lala says

      Gold Ant ok.but thanks😇

    5. M.R. JARWAL says

      Where are you from😉😉😉
      Please reply me don’t ignore me 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭

  61. kim비자 니 says

    كيوت 😽

  62. Văn Thuận Official says

    7:06 song?

  63. Usomap says

    5:44 perfection

  64. Ima Tullaily says

    they look like mannequin .. ( girls )

  65. Nika Kipper says

    are they really so long?

  66. Chitranhchi Chitranhchi says

    Bài nhạc 2:13 tên j vậy mn???

  67. Ilham Boussaid says

    طاقولي بيلو طشوو هنا 😂
    الي يزيد يهدر علي لعرض نصرفقه😡

  68. rehab kasam says

    I lov taes😘😘😘😘😘

  69. ppinkmee says

    2:32 song?

  70. Noelia Soto says

    0:15 qué chica más linda quiero su cuerpo TuT pero amo comer jaja

    1. Ale Áñez says

      Yo quiero saber su Instagram :’c

    2. -R o s i e இ says

      Y una aquí con ese tipo de cuerpo intentando engordar . 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
      Tú eres hermosa tal cuál. ¿Ok?

    3. -R o s i e இ says

      @Ale Áñez Seojin_ban

    4. Noelia Soto says

      @-R o s i e இ hay linda gracias , cuídate tú también estás re perfecta así aunque quisiera la suerte que tienes, poder comer lo que quieras y no subir 😅

    5. -R o s i e இ says

      @Noelia Soto Te amo, ahre. 😭💕 No muchas personas piensan de esa forma y al contrario solo critican, Gracias. 😔✊🏻

  71. Fleurimond Junie says

    Good job

  72. isabel Karam says

    And how do they look without make up? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Rachel says

      isabel Karam asians like natural light make up whereas foreigners like thick heavy make up
      These people are chinese models

    2. sergeant Billy boy says

      Like a stone kind of. But a cute one!

  73. Alicia Ramirez says


  74. Thip Thip says

    5.26 song?

  75. Hóng Nè says

    1:25 what song???, please

  76. Geo Geor Georgi Lucky says

    No entiendo porque sigo mirando esto😐, solo se que a esos cuerpos les falta más carne… 😉

    1. Giovanna Ferreira says

      Não entendo porque você pensa que o corpo delas falta mais carne, cada um tem seu jeito de ser e cada país um padrão, esse é o padrão feminino de lá, assim como lá eles respeitam corpo alheio você também deve!

  77. Tâm Nguyễn says

    Link nhạc đầu??

  78. Ха РанЮн says

    Вы тоже заметили? 2:00- “не говори мне ничего” ллоооол🙃😄

    1. Liza says


    2. ЧаЁн Пак says

      Сейчас у них тренд тип такой, многие азиаты под эту песню снимают видео

    3. عبدالله يمعان says


  79. Habiba _san says


  80. Dir V Vines says

    Nice funny I like him i m funs u

  81. Dir V Vines says

    I m from pakistan

  82. valeria cuellar Alv says

    Hola. Tú eres. Lo mejor. De tus vídeos. Mandame un. Saludos 🙂

  83. 킬라 자라 군대 says

    llegué tarde pero aquí estoy me encanto el video muy bueno por cierto 💗

  84. Devin Tim says

    prettier than kpop

  85. κυκεηzια says

    0:51 / 0:54 song?, Please.

    ¿Canción?, por favor.


    1. Sinara García says

      Aquí te dejo el link de la canción

  86. The best of C.D Hackers says

    Wtf their legs? How..??

  87. Rose Marie says

    Who‘s this Girl at 6:41 ?

  88. қเm γỡหฮเĕ says

    I need name this song please 4:29

    1. қเm γỡหฮเĕ says

      @Tik Tok Japan thanksss 😭🍭

  89. 陈江江 says


    1. Will liu says


  90. Jaykumar Wahane says

    Beautiful girl

  91. انين الملائكه says


  92. Sele says

    Me encantaaaan 😍😍😍😚😚😚

  93. Jungkook Bunny says

    Llegué tarde como siempre 🙁

  94. Monika Awnuri says

    0:17 her name?

  95. Варя Красоткина says

    0:30 song?

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      “Vosai – Love Of My Life” 🙂

  96. الفرح الفرح says


  97. Ирина Дубровская says

    5:50- чего ты там прячешь, ходи уже в трусах. Зачем такую короткое платье одевать

  98. katya_ mytko_ says

    Це корейці

  99. Tome XVIII says

    I wanna do like Mark zekarberge he got a chines wife and I wanna take 0:14 or 2:00 she is so cute ;* ;* ;*

    1. wiktoria kohman says

      Broken English I see.. Also your comment is weird

  100. MANASI SINGH says

    They r so thin… n long legz… itz nt tht pretty…
    Bt thr faces r 😍

    1. Harjinder Lakhanpal says


    2. MANASI SINGH says

      @Harjinder Lakhanpal hi… bt u r?

    3. Rachel says

      They’re Asian models

  101. maria de los angeles juarez Gutiérrez says

    Me encanto 💜

  102. Sole Anmar says

    Alguien sabe como se llama la primera canción del video?

    1. Sun Hee;; says

      Se llama no one y es de Lee hi

  103. JiminUnice says

    0:19 cyberpunk

  104. Lau D says

    0:14 she’s so cute!!

    1. Gold Ant says

      She’s Seojin_ban

    2. Lau D says

      @Gold Ant Thanks!!

  105. Raquel Munguía says

    Me encantó el vídeo ❤️❤️

  106. ROBLOXroyale iqbal says

    Like si ni miras el vídeo y miras los sapatos porque yo si

  107. Joyce Rodríguez says


  108. Mini Blinks Friends says

    I am a big fun and i have a Youtube channel name miniblinkfriends

  109. 희숙 says

    3:43 SONG ?

    1. Paula Marin says

      희숙 haré haré ya ❤️

  110. wendy chaneke says

    Me encanta tus vídeos y espero que me saludes en tus vídeos te quiero 😙

  111. Ma Antonia Zacarias says

    Me causó de todo
    Risa, ternura, etc
    Pero ante todo me enamoró

  112. Paloma Atienzo García says

    Song 3:10?

  113. Gà Đỏ says

    4:41 song???

    1. thanh dinh says

      Gà Đỏ

  114. seungri's wifeu says

    3:43 song..?

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hai :> – that is “ハレハレヤ / flower

    2. seungri's wifeu says

      @Tik Tok Japan thanks ( ö )/

  115. Candy Sebastian says

    This video is so cute 😍

  116. escarleth jisoo says

    i love your videos fighting ~~❤❤

  117. Sciяои says

    who is she 5:56

  118. Marcia Nunes says

    0:11 mulheres assim feio

    1. tete fofis says


  119. Quyến Trần says

    0:40 là bài gì vậy

    1. Ngân Phan says

      Sự nguy hiểm của người mê muội – thượng sĩ đạt

  120. Miunah m says

    Me senti tan gordita despues de ver esto

  121. Ayajust4U says

    That tomboy in the beginning 😍 😁

  122. TL DROP says

    3:42 hare hare ya 👆

  123. Isabela y Regina says

    2:14 song? Please

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hai Isabela :3 -> TheFatRat – Oblivion (feat. Lola Blanc)

  124. TOP 20 says
  125. Pablo Peralta says

    4:51 5:17 son bellísimas. 💖🍒💖🍒💖

  126. cassia 42 says

    I don’t understand the point of doing this. .

    1. Nasir family says

      If u don’t understand Then don’t watch plus get out

    2. cassia 42 says

      @Nasir family immature loser

  127. Thuong Nguyen says

    Việt Nam điểm danh đuê

  128. Nelson Nova Solis says
  129. sandra rodriguez says

    Baia baia al parecer en Asia las planas triunfan Asia ahí te voy

  130. 漫'ɴᴄᴛᴢᴇɴ ᴀʀᴍʏ'舞 says

    6:34 quien es ella?

    1. unalechugacualkiera xD says

      Su nombre es thao moi thanh

  131. SASAKI CHAN says

    Nose por que pero me encantan tus videoss😍😍😍😍

  132. Dollar Ma says

    1:30 who is she ?

  133. Anna Ngajarin nissa says

    Sarang heo

  134. Yazmin Aguilar says

    Yo seria tan feliz viviendo aquí con mis piernas flacas y largas

  135. Elian Edge says

    Soy la unica que se fijo que sus pierna son relarjas?

  136. Dương vlogs says


  137. Paula Marin says

    alguien sabe el nombre de la canción del minuto 3:43 ?

  138. 小傑不樂 says

    6:00 song? Thank you.

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hai, “Loozt – Solitary Love
      ” :>

    2. 小傑不樂 says

      Thank you😃😃

  139. Nadia Jn says

    5 : 19 song?

  140. Chu Chai says


  141. Cesar Sanchez says

    Los chicos que usan zapatos con plataforma pero exageradamente. Que gustos 😁

  142. Diamond .001 says

    Why are koreans so skinny Too skinny

    1. yi lin says

      This is china not Korean 👎

    2. Diamond .001 says

      @yi lin Oh J thought They were koreans

  143. B A says

    Someone please tell me the first girl’s insta Id who was dancing

  144. るぅ様 says


  145. Thảo Beat Official says

    4:50 bé nó tính vào cúp xe ngta định theo dõi à

  146. Agnieszka Olszewska says


  147. Meku Chan says

    2.06 song? please

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      its beautiful <3 ->

  148. Catherine Dionne Ermitanio says

    Sana all😍
    To all filipinos who is watching this and currently single I feel you too

    1. Nikanoka_ 11 says

      Ha, you got me.

    2. eatyour bagels says

      sana ol mahaba legs:(

    3. I’m Gemini says

      귀엽다Taetae magmumukha lang mahaba legs mo kung mapayat legs mo…

      Hindi yung payat na ideal ng pilipino… payat na katulad nila

  149. pukhrambam leikhachandra says

    0:10 what’s her name?

    1. Alex Li says


  150. dkfmf dud says

    ?진짜로 다리길이가 저래요? 영상 포샵 한게 아니라..?

    1. 김다혜 says

      저도..너무 궁금해요 ㅋㅋ너무 길어요

  151. Park jimin says

    I saw the first TikTok in real yesterday.😂

  152. Джони Диллинджер says

    China terrorist!

  153. Chính Đăng says

    1.00 lộ quần lót kìa

  154. عـ๋͜ـازفــ๋͜ـه says


  155. Rain Scalleia says

    Is it just me or these girls have VERY LONG legs

    1. Peter Chi says

      Very Very Veautiful Fandom all the clip you watch here are from models

    2. 冷风中 says

      @Very Very Veautiful Fandom I’m Chinese, I can tell you that it is filter

    3. Kim Zainab says

      Does anyone know the song at 2:24 😭😭😭😭 please tell me

    4. 冷风中 says

      @Kim Zainab it is a Chinese song. 我正在看着你

  156. Mọt phim says


  157. Kiwiz says

    All of them are so skinny…

    I’m Asian

    1. Sukirman D says

      @AGUSTINA c beautiful for chinese product.
      I prefer not

    2. Alaska says

      @Mihi Henare You are fat.

    3. Rachel says

      Asian beauty standard is white pale skin and tall slender body so to Asian people it’s normal, foreigners like bigger butts boobs and more fat in general with darker skin and thick heavy make up

    4. Noor 19 says

      I mean… Even Victoria Secret wants a skinny models

    5. maria puscas says

      @Rachel not all westerners/foreigners. In Europe beauty standards are different in each country. If you go to France, minimal makeup and slim body is more trendy.

  158. Mark Atencio says

    0.11 song title?

    1. Ambra Folco says
    2. Mark Atencio says

      @Ambra Folco thank you po

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    7:27 i need the name of a single girl, please!!

    1. 不是瓜皮鱼 says

      Her name is 韩美娟

    2. Tuấn Phạm says

      @不是瓜皮鱼 thank for your kind

    3. Tuấn Phạm says

      @不是瓜皮鱼 but i can not found her under this name. the results is another person, do you have a link of her Instagram or any thing else. 🙁

  160. Jantana 2052 says

    2:26 what song

  161. A.B Tube says

    00:10 her name please

  162. A.B Tube says

    05:01 name girl

    1. loone sowin says

      Ali Basim 晓雪 xiao xue

  163. M.R. JARWAL says

    I am can’t 😭 find this(4:50)tik tok id someone help me

    1. Rachel says

      Guddi Devi they’re using chinese tiktok called douyin so you can’t find it on foreigners tiktok

    2. Luan Nguyen says

      Guddi Devi phim secnhat. Ban

    3. Lei Kim says

      Seojin_ban on ig

    4. Rachel says

      Luan Nguyen it’s not banned, theres different apps on Asian phones and apps that aren’t in Asian phones that are on foreign phone

  164. MoNk Kichi says

    1:47 what is song?

  165. Руфина Садыкова says

    Это вообще законно иметь такую фигуру?

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    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      “” :3

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    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      “Tennis – I’m Callin’
      ” :3

    2. Лазурный Гей says

      @Tik Tok Japan thanks

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    1. Aika Wermatova says

      Made in China просто🤣🤣🤣

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  184. 初雪令極 says


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    These girls are insanely tall!!!

    1. lyn jarabe says

      Chinese are tall.

    2. Matoo Chan says

      @Cherry_ Pop you’re right, that’s probably not the appropriate word. But they are way to skinny … I mean look at 1:30, she definitely does not look healthy at all

    3. BTSOurMuhabbat PAK ARMY says

      What the girl name at 6:00mint
      Do you know about this??

    4. Alina says

      @Matoo Chan the girl at 0:20 tho…

    5. Cherry_ Pop says

      Mathilde Oriac Yes okay Thank you. I mean yes they don’t look healthy but of course it doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy. Some of my members have high metabolism so they look really thin but they eat just fine. Thank you for changing your vocabulary though

  186. Herhollin Sime flores says

    Who talk me what is the name of the song 3:42?quien me dice ¿cual es el nombre de la canción 3:42?plizz 🥺

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      “ハレハレヤ / flower” 🙂

  187. QAZAQ kz says

    өзіміздің қара домалақ қыздарымыз мыналардан мың есеғой фуууй бля

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    2:23 song

    1. Louise Zhang says

      TheFatRat Oblivion

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    1. Aditi Mehta says

      Steltha RAD dayuuuummm I was thinking the same thing. They are soooo thin too!!!

    2. kulli errtubrr says

      DNA change

    3. Agne Gusaite says

      I have long legs and im european n what about it???😑😒

    4. Yerai Von uk says

      Its call being skinny

    5. Peter Schwarz says

      Ezequiel Marchesi all wrong. The truth is the Chinese version of tiktok (douyin 抖音) has a long leg filter. Simply as that. No „oh they are skinny“, no „oh it’s just the clothes“. No man they use filters that’s it. I am still amazed to the fact that people think those abnormal clearly unreal long legs are real…

  199. Marely Basurto says


  200. 네네네 says

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    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hai ^o^ -> “LEE HI – ‘누구 없소”

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    1. Hyung Oppa says


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    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      “Vosai – Love Of My Life” :3

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    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hai :3 -> “ハレハレヤ / flower

  211. Jan says

    O humor da China não é normal

  212. Emigdio Ledezma says

    Esas pobres mujeres están muy flacas no hay de donde agarrar

  213. Wenstelo Warm says

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  214. ;ᴘᴜᴅɪɴ ᴘɪɴᴋ• says

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  215. Balnur Angel says

    Мне кажется что у низ ооооочень длинные ноги

  216. Ken Em says

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    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hey 🙂 – that is “TheFatRat – Oblivion (feat. Lola Blanc)

  217. youkine HarukiMiyuujir says

    😆😍🤘🏻💗💗💗💗👄🤘🏻 lime one kkkkkkkkkk bieber kkkkkkk she 😂😂

  218. MSN Poca says

    5:55 i need link the song

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      “” hope its what you were looking for :3

  219. Molka Hassen says

    يلبسون القصير جدا الحمد علي نعمة الاسلام بهذه طريقة يتم نشر رمز من رموز الفساد في المجتمع الي جانب هذا في بدايه الفديو هناك رمز مسوني ظاهر لاعين افقيو من غفلتكم ولا نتبعو الشياطين ملة

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    The song at 0:39 plzzz

  221. kiyoo saallamm says

    2.23 please???????

  222. Just_Me: A.R.M.Y says

    0:19 wow that was rude like why don’t u just pick 2 purse at the same time!?like r u that lazy to just pick both at same time with two hand!!and why the fuck do u need to kick the grey hoodie puss like that!!RUDE!!I repeat RUDE!!

  223. Nuraisyah Hamira says

    Very very very long leg… Looks like they all 180 cm and more taller 😊😁

    1. Rachel says

      Nuraisyah Hamira they’re mostly actresses and models that’s why

    2. Paraschiv Liubovi says

      180 is the lengt of their pp boy u fell in a trap

    3. Nuraisyah Hamira says

      @Paraschiv Liubovi yes i think they are 180 cm and more like 6 feet and 20 inch

  224. Ramneek Kumar says

    So thiN and tall , malnourished almost

    1. Rachel says

      Ramneek Kumar they’re Chinese models so they have fast metabolism and exercise and Chinese people eat a lot of healthy food

    2. Rachel says

      Just because they tall and slender doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy

    3. Ramneek Kumar says

      @Rachel umm maybe being that thin with that height is unhealthy , a healthy body has a healthy amount of fat and weight isint it?

  225. Marie Ward says

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  226. Maha Raza says

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    1. yi lin says


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    2. 柯榮杰 says

      @yi lin ?啊你是在靠北三小幹北七…老子去光光了看不上眼…你才蛙

    3. yi lin says

      @柯榮杰 哈哈哈 一看你就個窮鬼 還嘴說去過?? 騙肖? 窮鬼就窮鬼拉 還在那邊和林北裝 😂😂😂😂

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  247. R. M says

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  248. R. M says

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  249. Flavia Souza says


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    If I was as thin as them, my family would think that I have cancer 😂😂

    Edit: 130+ likes (all are healthy) 😂😂

    1. Debbie B. says

      @JBkarthi At_Almonds triggered 👏😂

    2. Md bulu says


    3. bi duong says

      You are so funny

    4. Hanah doley Hanah says


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      Me:gets skinny

      My parents: have u Not bEeN eAtInG??

      Me: *holding 2 apples* *nyom. Nyom*

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  255. Very Very Veautiful Fandom says

    Wish can wear this kinds of clothes 🙁

    1. 〣Altaïr Sapphire〣 says

      me too, but i’m lucky no one in my country dresses like that so i don’t feel left out…the knee length is the shortest a girl can wear

    2. Very Very Veautiful Fandom says

      @〣Altaïr Sapphire〣 wwhat country are you?

  256. Meenashi Deshmukh says

    All those girls are so freaking TALL!

    1. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ says

      They probably use a filter

  257. Shivani Negi says

    Their legs r like kulfi sticks…. Long n slender 😉😂😂😂👌 pretty dolls though if it is fr real….

    1. 梁阿斗 says

      Crush on you

    2. AGUSTINA c says

      Sticks? U are shit.

    3. lilmiss gurung says


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    1. Rachel says

      Tanuja Jogdand they’re chinese models so they have fast metabolism exercise and Chinese people eat lots of healthy food

  262. •Kim Jong Ha• says


  263. Kpop Lover says

    They got some long ass legs

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    1. Clark Kent says

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  275. منال حسن شيخي says


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    1. AGUSTINA c says

      I love their legs 😍💜💕

  278. lucianhu Diệp says

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  279. mr boleh says

    it’s so annoying when they keep acting tho

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    1. Rachel says

      Erica Chilton is that a bad thing😂

    2. Erica Chilton says

      @Rachel no but it scares me if you accidently kick them somehow then their legs would go SNaPpPpP

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    2. 옥슈슈 says

      0:20부터 잘 보시면 남자가 백 줍느라 허리 숙이고 팔 뻗으니까 갑자기 팔이 고무고무 팔이 됐다가 허리피고 백 올리는 순간 팔이 다시 짧아지는 매우 재밌는 현상을 볼 수 있져. 개그네여.

    3. 장진우 says

      @이야하하 다리도 이쁘네 관리 잘했네가 아니라 안쓰러울 정도 걍 마른애들 ..

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  294. Kanitta Poonpirom says

    They​ legs are​ so​ skinny wow

  295. Hugue Adouga says

    Some are so skinny that I would be affraid to falk them

    1. OliLondonVEVO btw this account is fake says

      hugue adouga your so gross why would you want falk them and body shame in same time now i feel like your 50 years old man body shaming beautiful girl and im teen that is and skinny tooo like eww go get a shuger baby or something like that wait i met even her or him want even accept you, thank you next.

    2. Hugue Adouga says

      Valqueria Volcy you skinny and ugly doesn’t make you pretty or beautifull

    3. Rachel says

      Hugue Adouga are you saying the models in the video are ugly?

  296. Huân Nguyễn says

    0’58 lộ hàng

  297. Vito Yeptho says

    I’m fucking tired of seeing that long couple in every fucking tiktok videos😐

  298. Aylin Kim says

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  299. psycho yerim says

    wtf are these

  300. Kl ay says

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  301. no face says

    5:15 usually these TikToks are staged but this actually seems like she’s being violated wtH

    1. Rachel says

      no face they’re just acting calm down

    2. no face says

      Rachel okay okay pHew lmAo

  302. Kawaii Lemonade says

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  303. Elizabeth diaz says

    1:10 boys at my school 😭

  304. P L says

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    3:02 heeey , why thisss!!???

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  308. Itzel Flores says

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    02:40 Whate name this music?

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    They are sooooo skinny

  314. ッLucid_Dreamer says

    Why are girls wearing such short dresses? xD

    1. Rachel says

      ッLucid_Dreamer because they’re tall and they wear safety shorts underneath, my chinese parents…

    2. ッLucid_Dreamer says

      @Rachel Okay,thanks for telling me [sorry for my bad grammar]

  315. PARVEZ ALAM says

    Omg unbelievable human being exist… Oh God !!!!!!

  316. Elegância says

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  319. ʟᴀ ɢᴀʟʟᴇᴛᴀ ;3 says


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    Aunque sean muy bell@s

  321. أميرة زوجي says

    كوريات لو لعابات

  322. Shone_ Herrera17 says

    3:43 wats da song called?? Can sme1 tell me in english???

    1. Tik Tok Japan says

      Hey, you find it here “ハレハレヤ / flower” ^o^

  323. Mariana Garrido says

    Tienen sus piernas muy largas no??

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    1. SAmah Megahed says

      انت كنت مركز في الفيديو ولا في البنات والله داخل الفيديو علشان حاجه تانيه⁦😉

    2. قاسم محمد says

      لا والله صدفة طالعي المقطع ودخلت علي هههه😂😂👍
      مركز في الفيديو لا يروح بالك بعيد

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