Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S03 Ep. 03

Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S03 Ep. 03


¿Te gusta lo asiatico?

Mi canal se dedica a la recopilación de vídeos de Tik Tok Asia, China, Coreay Jap+on, espero verte por aquí más seguido para más de tus KOL y Tik Tokers Favoritos en tiempo real.

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music Credits:

Rampage Music:

image Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S03 Ep. 03

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  1. md alamgir0001 says

    Nice 😊😊😊💖💖💖👍

  2. Friend fic says


  3. Geiza Argenio says


  4. 10 Minute Funny says

    nice funny

  5. ゆいarmy says


    1. 北のπ将軍 says

      ゆいarmy いないかな

    2. ゆいarmy says

      北のπ将軍 日本人じゃないの?www

    3. Dragon Golden says


    4. もちもちうさぎちゃん says


    5. Asmita Lingwal says

      Can’t believe in china tere is A.R.M.Y

  6. Карина Чон says

    Почему они такие все худые? Я плачу..

    1. Сергей Астахов says

      @King Empire Статья 9 Конституции Японии гласит, что в связи со стремлением к международному миру страна отказывается от участия в войнах, а также наличия собственной сухопутной, морской и военно-воздушной армии. Этот закон появился после того как разгромили Японию как союзника Германии в второй мировой войне. И этот закон прописала Америка в их законах. Правда удобно для Америки?

    2. King Empire says

      @Сергей Астахов То что Япония является колонией США это только ребенку не понятно, я про другое , а именно про талию))

    3. Сергей Астахов says

      @King Empire я ссылку скидывал, там про талию все написано, они не штрафуют за лишний вес а начинают помогать похудеть

    4. King Empire says

      @Сергей Астахов Понятно, я по чужим ссылкам не лазаю если что)

    5. Сергей Астахов says

      @King Empire ты хотел ответ вот я и скинул ссылку с ответом на твой вопрос

  7. Rabi Sanoujam says

    Pretty early I guess.

    1. Helen G. Pitts says

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  8. Sunehra Fatema says

    I love this video 😚😘😙💋💋❤❤

  9. ecenaz says


  10. تارا احمد says

    love 💋💋💋❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💙👍☝👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍☝

  11. S LEG says

    #3:09 😂😂😂

    1. 北のπ将軍 says

      S LEG 😅😅😅

    2. Hu Hu says

      Ủeimha hỷ auyhmrhrapiyhr vì aur hsrurmyhuyhDuyh

  12. Aesthetic Cat says

    Forever love you Pandemik!❤️

  13. The DON MAK says

    Cool and good

  14. music hanadi says


  15. Elyootel says

    3:10 is what i want to look like vs what i really look like

  16. ZUBi YT says

    Whats Song Name ( 00.56 Second )

  17. Tergel Ganbat says

    someone tell me that song please 5:33 – 8:09

    1. indah fifiya says

      Loozt-Solitary love

    2. Tergel Ganbat says

      ty :))

  18. Akhmat Synbulatov says

    0:55 song?

    1. indah fifiya says

      DJ rindu semalam

  19. Гуччи Бой Тэ says


  20. afrin zahan asha says

    3:55 video very very very cute and i like this couple

    1. Nayr C says

      Anyone happen to know the song that’s playing in the background there? (3:52)

  21. CiX says

    4:05 wow she’s really cute owo I can’t ksjsjsjs


      Yeah i agreee

  22. park jimin says

    You love BTS ?? I’m like my from Iraq ❤❤❤

    1. ꧁A꙰R꙰M꙰Y꙰ T꙰R꙰O꙰U꙰X꙰A꙰꧂ says

      I am brazil

    2. hasene koç says

      I am turkısh I love you BTS

    3. mimi boubou says

      Me too I love BTS
      *I’m army*

    4. {• Jimin's lost jams •} says

      I’m ARMY

    5. {• Jimin's lost jams •} says

      BTS I love BTS

  23. indah fifiya says

    ZHANDEL ??.

  24. hdjsjdjsnsbdbsn jfbsndnsns says


  25. Saianna Sweet says

    1:13 I love that guy so much ❤️

    1. Saianna Sweet says

      ꧁A꙰R꙰M꙰Y꙰ T꙰R꙰O꙰U꙰X꙰A꙰꧂ cover of love scenario by iKON (I think)

    2. Lamaa Dahlan says

      Same😍😍😍😍he is sooooo handsome

    3. パッソーニSofi• says

      does anyone of you know his name? Instagram?

    4. Wonder Duck says

      You know I thought you meant the kindness not the looks but whatever 🙄

    5. Lamaa Dahlan says

      @Wonder Duck

  26. Rebeca says

    3:09 existem dois tipos de mulheres no mundo eu sou a de trás
    there are two kinds of women in the world i’m the one behind

    1. •Anny• says

      Kkkkkkk aiai

    2. John Ogan says

      Anyone know this song?

    3. Dudinha Fontes says


    4. chimmy kookie army yeet Love says


    5. Glenda J. ಌ says


  27. THE MASKARA LTD says

    আসসালামু আলাইকুম আমি আপনাদের ভিডিওগুলো সব সময় দেখি আমার অনেক ভালো লাগে আপনাদের ভিডিও গুলো খুব সুন্দর হয় ভাল থাকবেন 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🎈🎈🎈👍👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Carlos Rodriguez says

    3:22 song name pllzzz

  29. Praveen Kumar says

    Love u bro 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳great work

    1. Manahil Mona says

      Is he or she

  30. Yanda Saputra says


  31. Oliver Berg says

    0:02 song plz?

    1. Swati Singh says

      Song name is Da Da Da remix.

  32. Lee Lisa says

    0:55 what the song name?

    1. Swati Singh says

      Song name is Rindu Semalam remix.

  33. Dlonra Areugon says

    me quiere no me quiere me quiere no me quiere
    el resultado no me quiere :v

  34. maYes GAMING says

    1:08 music pls!

    1. Still Chill says

      maYes GAMING Love scenario

    2. Astriddabril Mm says

      By ikon 😉

    3. DesWorldzz Happiness says

      Love scenario-IKON

  35. ะ會 Fєทiꜜꪆ says

    1:52 Projota ❤

    1. Camila Gonzalez Castillo says

      What is the full name of the song?

    2. ะ會 Fєทiꜜꪆ says

      @Camila Gonzalez Castillo Projota Qué passa

    3. Camila Gonzalez Castillo says

      @ะ會 Fєทiꜜꪆ instrumental??¡¡¡ 🙏

    4. ะ會 Fєทiꜜꪆ says

      @Camila Gonzalez Castillo yes

    5. Camila Gonzalez Castillo says

      @ะ會 Fєทiꜜꪆ Do you know where to look for the instrumental on YouTube and the name?

  36. Elroi Official says

    Um always satisfies and have fun with ur posts good job bro keep it up 😜😜

  37. im exo-L says


  38. Captain Akane says

    0:16 what song?

    1. Captain Akane says

      @Nightmare Moonthank you ☺

    2. Nightmare Moon says

      @Captain Akane happy to help

    3. Nayr C says

      @Nightmare Moon Hey there! Mind if I ask if you happen to know the song name at 3:52 too?

    4. Nightmare Moon says

      @Nayr C the link’s here 👇

  39. Nhung Hà says

    😚 Sweet Home ✨

  40. aleyna yılmaz says

    3.54 song ???

  41. Ed Julio says

    extraordinário. show

  42. chiranjiv borah says

    0:55 song name….plz

    1. Nightmare Moon says
    2. chiranjiv borah says

      @Nightmare Moon thnx✌

    3. Nightmare Moon says

      @chiranjiv borah you’re welcome

  43. naw pxz says

    1:00 song?

    1. putri ayu says

      Rindu semalam remix

  44. Sonia Garcia says

    Wow me encanto 😉

  45. REMİ SWİFT says

    3:31 and 5:15 song?

    1. indah fifiya says

      05:15 Dino Sor-Geisha

  46. Iraneide Soares says

    Love love💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  47. XxPink GirlXx says

    0:00 song?

    1. Itchy S says

      DaDaDa – Jarico

    2. XxPink GirlXx says

      @Itchy S thxx!! ❤️

  48. Jennifer Sánchez says

    Como se llama la canción del primcipio 👀

    1. Jossy Jikook says

      Un comentario de abajo dice que se llama “Da Da Da- Jarico Remix”

  49. ๖ۣۜRυε Cɦαηッ says

    0:00 what’s the name of that song?

    1. Fardin Meharab says

      Same question

    2. Hamza Tt4 says


    3. Jennie kim says

      Tanir, Tyomcha-Da Da Da remix Jarico

    4. ๖ۣۜRυε Cɦαηッ says

      Jennie kim
      Do you have the link that have the same speed?

  50. AB Ruiz says

    0:49 song name please

    1. Fortune Key says


  51. Manahil Mona says


  52. michel sanchez says


  53. Yumii Yuta says

    4:31 song ??
    Edit: I found it xD

    1. Miu Phạm says

      Can you tell me please 😢

    2. Yumii Yuta says

      @Miu Phạm thuc su yeu me remix

  54. Mean Mean says

    1:17 title please I’ve been looking for the title for a long time 🙏

    1. Mean Mean says

      I’ve been finding for it but no answer

    2. Jossy Jikook says

      @Mean Mean me too, this is sad 😅💔

    3. Noxeri says

      Same😭 googling random words that sound like it

    4. Angela Gao says


    5. Crystal Nguyen says

      I also want to know 😢😢

  55. Mimi Amirah says

    7:05 – what are their names ?

    1. Misty x says

      Ye I’m trynna find them too :/

  56. Bengü Baş says

    0:50 song

  57. 『 ყυɪ chan レト ロ 』 says

    3:09 seamos sinceros, casi nadie le presto atencion a la china xdxd

    1. kim syuran says


    2. Itś Chøcø Milky says

      X2 xdd

    3. min yoonlyn; says

      Así es.

    4. Johanny Sebastian says

      Es que se olvido que existía la otra chica

    5. Naz Vanoye says


  58. Itchy S says

    2:50 song?

    1. h o n e y says

      Bujin jin shin shi huan

    2. Itchy S says

      @h o n e y 💙

    3. h o n e y says

      @Itchy S 💖

  59. Alish Rawat says

    0:38 song name pls..

  60. Hary Kai says

    Song 0:15 plis

    1. Jossy Jikook says

      I’m busy from 2ne1

  61. 17gbx zyc says

    0.55 song??

  62. anupriya kujur says

    3:21 please can tell which song is it??w(°o°)w

    1. Leman Axundzade says

      I have been searching for it too

    2. anupriya kujur says

      Thank you ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  63. jessica xuxuzinho says

    Muito bom esses vídeos 😂😄 , muuuuiiitoooo legal 😏😆

  64. jessica xuxuzinho says

    Vcs são muito fofos 😊😍😙 parabéns sucesso 😉✌😄

  65. Edwin Rosalada says

    4:18 name of song please

  66. Sele says

    0:53ups jeje😍😍😍😍😉😉😉

  67. Daniela Quezada Perez says

    Amooo tus vídeos ❤️👍🏻❤️😝✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  68. Ivy Rocks says

    If u want to know the name of the song then please click on Google audio search icon and play the song. U will find it out really easily…😊

    1. Ivy Rocks says

      @redfox1140 When u click on Google there is a mic symbol on the right. Click it and then play the song. I use it to identify the titles of the songs i don’t know. For that u have to use another person’s phone. Use your phone to play the song and the other person’s phone to listen and identify the song.
      If it doesn’t work then I aplogise… 😞
      But it has worked well with my friends…

    2. Ivy Rocks says

      @redfox1140 Make sure the volume is at the maximum level or enough that the song could be heard.

    3. redfox1140 says

      @Ivy Rocks ya it says cant understand, well you want to help me search

    4. redfox1140 says

      @Ivy Rocks 2:26 to 2:38

    5. Ivy Rocks says

      @redfox1140 yeah I also searched it but it cannot find a close match. Maybe the song is short for it to identify.
      But I apologise ❤

  69. Delfina Scungio says

    Cada vez me gustan más los amo tus vídeos

  70. mr nct says

    почему у девушек на столько странные ноги?

  71. Lizbeth Isabel Meza says

    Hola me gusta tu videos son mi favoritos 😍

  72. Estrella Carrasco says



    these clothes are wonderful

  74. Haydee Alba says

    Me dicen el nombre de todasa las canciones plis

  75. Lee Hengchhay168 says

    Sart all

  76. Bri Hernandez says

    3:44 song plssss!!!

    1. Steph Lin says
  77. J-hope biased says

    Song 2:02 please😊

  78. Addali Ayala says

    3:09 I saw the Chinese girl and the curvy girl I think we can all agree curvy girl was super hot

  79. Joel Quillupangui says

    0:19 who is song?

    1. 방탄 소년단 taught me to LovE mYsELf says

      I’m busy ~ 2ne1 💜

    2. wiktoria kohman says

      What not who dude

  80. ZaaexoL says

    05:14 song please??

    1. Jossy Jikook says

      Un comentario de abajo dice que es dice que es “Dino Sor Geisha/ Geisha Dino Sor”

  81. Clara Ricarte says

    0:01 music please????

    1. 美玲 says


    2. 美玲 says

      Dadada jariko

    3. Clara Ricarte says

      Thank you!!❤

    4. 美玲 says

      @Clara Ricarte 不客气

  82. Clara Ricarte says

    0:02 music please?????

    1. Nguyên Âu says

      Da da da jarico remix

    2. Tayde Elizalde de Beltran says

      Tanir and Tyomcha

    3. Tayde Elizalde de Beltran says

      Da da da Jarico Remix

  83. Karla Belen Anaya Mejia says

    Nadamás se que amo mucho sus videos ☺️ 🈲 es lo mejor 💖💝

  84. Sarai 17 says

    No se ustedes pero a mi el 7:29 me parecio un poco racista

  85. loi tong says

    có ai vn ko vậy

    1. Under W O R L D says


  86. Kwan Sun says

    Whats is the music in 02:59 tell me pleaseeeee!

    1. Jossy Jikook says

      Un comentario en respuesta a otro dice que es “Rimdu Semalam remix” Is an Indonesian song

    2. Kwan Sun says

      @Jossy Jikook Thank You So Much, im from Brazil and a i love this music

    3. Jossy Jikook says

      @Kwan Sun it’s nothing 💕. I’m from Honduras 💕💕💕

  87. Cute Oppa says

    They are all models

  88. เป็นแบบ งงๆ says


    1. DEFIØ ch says

      i don’t know

  89. Mr. Significant says

    Does anyone know that song?? 😅😅 1:16

  90. Army Bangseyo says

    0:46 , 2:57 and 0:55 Indonesian songs!!!😊😊😊

    1. Joseph Pamintuan says

      Title? (0.55)

    2. Jossy Jikook says

      @Joseph Pamintuan Un comentario en respuesta a otro dice que es “Rimdu Semalam remix”

    3. Adrianna ? says

      0:46 song?

  91. Bảo Ngọc Trần Lê says

    ohh their legs… :((((

  92. washed Alli says

    What’s the name of this music 3:00 please please please please please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Jossy Jikook says

      Un comentario en respuesta a otro dice que es “Rimdu Semalam remix” Is an Indonesian song

      Enjoy it!

    2. washed Alli says

      Thanks 😘😘😘😘

    3. Jossy Jikook says

      @washed Alli it’s nothing 💕

  93. Quang Trieu says

    Đoạn nhạc gần cuối tên j ta

  94. KM Asifur Rahman says

    2:58 song name plz

    1. Jossy Jikook says

      2:58 Un comentario en respuesta a otro dice que es “Rimdu Semalam remix” Is an Indonesian song

    2. KM Asifur Rahman says

      @Jossy jikook thanks

    3. Jossy Jikook says

      @KM Asifur Rahman it’s nothing 💕

  95. Рая Мотылёва says

    Мило , русские лайк

  96. Ainindia Kosasih says

    I Think I Can Hear Indonesian Songs Here

  97. Nozuko Dlodlo says

    Don’t be dark skinned kids.

  98. Eqil İsmayılov says


  99. LoNg GG says
  100. Thiia says

    2:17 name plis?

    1. WYT 05 says


    2. Jing Jang says

      Why why I’m from korean can you writing eng sub😁😷

  101. Thien Chuot says

    Toàn chân dài va đẹp

  102. naSu says

    I LOVE CHINESE GIRL😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  103. Gaara777Dragons says

    Is a girl fixing/adjusting her high heels supposed to mean something? It seems to come up alot

    1. Gully Girl Vlogs says

      I felt the same .. Looks like they are showing the faishon I guess… BTW I don’t understand the whole video … If all these people are celebrities or normal people.. Just enjoying the video😅🤣

  104. Lokesh Pehalwani says

    At 3:14
    Me to “hip” hop dekh raha tha

    Hip hop ka level hi alag h

  105. Alain Escat Alain Escat says

    Sorry for disturbing you but what is the song at 0.11 ? It sound like a 2ne1 song but im not sure😣.

    1. liqxan says

      i think im busy by 2ne1

    2. Alain Escat Alain Escat says

      @liqxan thank you so much 😙

  106. Micaela Gimenez says


  107. Ирина Дубровская says

    1:36- я тоже так буду делать; 7:45- можно тебя забрать красавчик

  108. scm life says

    멋진 비디오와 틱 목차를 좋아합니다.

  109. Martha Urbina says



    4:01 song name?


      and 5:17 song name pls

    2. Jossy Jikook says

      @SKYLIGHT _ OFFICIALS 5:15 Un comentario de abajo dice que es dice que es “Dino Sor Geisha/ Geisha Dino Sor”

  111. Amari Esssa says

    How tall are theses girls????!

  112. もちもちうさぎちゃん says


  113. Sudianson Aja says


  114. Quetzal perdido says

    3:10 soy yo o…
    En muchos Tik Toks a veces comparan?

  115. redfox1140 says

    What is the song name from 2:26 to 2:38???

  116. không thích đùa says

    ai là người việt nam không

  117. 75 vlogs says
  118. wiktoria kohman says

    0:24 she looks ill Jesus 😭😵😵

    1. saniya bhagat says

      If you like videos like this you can check my channel too😊🙏

    2. ツ結城ゆぎお says

      moonlight douyin do you know the song title at this 0.24

    3. saniya bhagat says

      @ツ結城ゆぎお you can find it on tiktok. account name mention in video😊

  119. Windy Sasmita says

    4:28 what this song??????plzzzzzz

  120. Gorod says

    5:23 song )))

    1. Gorod says
  121. Sumeyye Uzun says

    0:56 what’s name song?? Please❤

    1. stalin josef says

      Rindu semalam remix..

    2. Ocean Greeny says


    3. Vnktor Gaidasn says


    4. Vnktor Gaidasn says


  122. Regina Ferraz says

    Creo que estas personas tienen heces en la cabeza en lugar de en el cerebro.

  123. Anaclaudia Pinheiro says

    Que bonito vídeo me encantó muchisìmo ♥️

  124. Jossy Jikook says

    1:23 , 2:07 & 5:15 What are the names of this songs? 🙏 .
    Siempre he querido saber sus nombres pero nunca los encuentro 💔

    1. Yumii Yuta says


    2. daniela gallego tamayo says

      En tik tok🤔🤔🤔🤔💭

    3. Mohd Aswan Sudarmin says


  125. KimHaing Chea says

    Jealous with their tall

  126. zDannyx__-cL says

    5:52 alvvv esta tan delgada no mames

  127. Lulu says

    Me looking at all these body goals while eating skittles, rip my life and body lol

    1. Plush says

      Dont forget its a filter though, theyre fairly skinny but not THIS skinny, and especially not this proportioned!

    2. Yenao Official says

      Don’t worry look their faces it’s either plastic surgery or makeup and about the height you can increase even if u r an adult and the girl must be wearing high heel
      And they r wearing cap b coz its not their real hair they bought hair from shop and use it and cover it with cap. Have a good day

    3. Vixa says

      Ml Exe —bringing others down isn’t how you bring others up.

    4. Yenao Official says

      @Vixa haha guess ur ryt lol

  128. Aydan Qehremanova says

    Ha ha ha ●●●

  129. توته تميمي says

    واوا كلش حلوات بس هواي طويلات وحدتهن دنكه مال باب ههههه

    1. dont give a damn says

      😂😂ونحيفات اكتر من الكوريات

  130. Ilyasse Bedda says


  131. Xuân Nguyễn says

    Cho xin tên bài hát lúc 3.12 vs

  132. 11:11 says

    08:09 omg what’s the songs name?

    1. Fadiyya Asna says

      Ailee – i will show you

  133. Rodrigo Rios says

    Love You.😍😘

  134. purpleahaze says

    Why do girls have thighs the same size as their calves? Its like that weird 90’s anime design.

    1. Thu Ta says

      is filter app . look this video yourself how it works. that filter app is pretty popular in china

    2. JIN vin says

      @purpleahaze I too have such figure and yeah i eat a lot too. So not evryone who is skinny like that is really unhealthy.

    3. Mimimimimimimimimimimimimimi :D says

      DANNI ZHU you cant photoshop a video

    4. Mimimimimimimimimimimimimimi :D says

      JIN vin same

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    Puedes fácilmente descargar la versión china de TikTok aquí:

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    5. 张允羡 says

      @Thu Ta You may be right about filters. But do you think it’s all passers-by? Many are models, they are doing street shooting, so they are definitely not bad. There are only street passers in China, but more of them are models. I am Chinese and I will see it often when shopping

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      In Asia, tan skinned or “dark” skinned people are those who worked outside or on the fields giving them a tan skin. Basically it means they’re poor. While white skinned were the privileged ones because they stayed inside. It ain’t racist, tho it is wrong to judge someone by their looks.

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