Tutorial 2020 new trend | Baby Ariel

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  1. Slayy_jayden Johnson says

    Follow me @music490

  2. Meagan Robinson says

    How old are you

  3. Joshua Moorer says

    your musically is so bad you caught an L by ricegum your calling us dum we know how to make a musically shrek all your vids are bad not ricegums,I bet you got the role as joker good job

  4. Tanay_ Badman says

    Follow me and like me on my name is Tanay_BOSS

  5. Tanay_ Badman says

    I am good at too

  6. Xenph G2 says


  7. Kyra Watkins says

    Ursula what r u doing above water yur supposed to b under the sea taking plz voices

  8. Saniya Dennis says

    she is pretty

  9. nuri says

    Omg your nails are so long 😷😱

  10. Kaitlyn Solomon says

    She was just smiling bc she had a freepass to cuss lol

  11. Charlie B says

    Morning routine?

  12. tom_018 Wheeler says

    Follow me on kayleigh( πŸ‘ˆname on

  13. Sarah Thomas says


  14. ramiro chuliver says

    what is the song?

  15. Alyanah Rosado says

    you are just so sweet and beautiful I love your videos so much and I love you

    1. Alyanah Rosado says


  16. Michaelle Jimenez-Dolne says

    Hold this L

  17. mariperla bautista says

    That takto is real or fake

    1. Jayden Richards says

      it’s just a prank bro

  18. Dulce Guzman says

    all these haters are assholes ok get that clear all those fucken haters

  19. HeyItsThe PotatoeGirl says

    I πŸ’— you

  20. Fatimah Alsalman says


  21. EvanisAwesome says


  22. Simrat Sihota says

    omg pause at 0:45 legit like my grandpa trying to use a iPod

  23. Otay.jaziii Smith says

    Some Of Y’all Some HatersπŸ’―πŸ’―

  24. Why Hack says

    Bj POV

  25. Rosa Rocha says

    You tube Rosa Rocha Jonathan you tube

  26. Chl 0e says

    You say ricegum has a career because of the people he disses but honey the reason I knew you was because of him

  27. Ernest Tamayo says

    I still cant find a video that “correctly” use a musically. I dont think musically is used for lip singing. I thought it was used for dancing with the music or making videos with it.

  28. basicallykatie says


  29. xBaby Xyncrysis says

    title songggg

  30. Cely balajadia balajadia says

    Good job

  31. Cherrie Cabajes says

    Hi, what is the title of that song?☺

  32. Darlireen says


  33. Koko Nastyy says


  34. Madison Lyons says

    Ur eyes r goal

  35. Diva Silvana 22,28 says

    Is that a real tattoo

  36. dodo gym says

    you are the best love you so much

  37. Henry Neri says

    you need some milk

  38. Henry Neri says

    really nigga

  39. devvious says

    she’s only 16 now yet she looks so different on musically

  40. Michael S says


  41. Hassan Glover says

    Mona Lisa

  42. haha Ellen says


  43. Harry Gardiner says

    fuckin kids

  44. Jazmin Herera says


  45. Morgan Millar says

    Don’t let the haters get to you Ariel , I love you sm !!! Your amazing !

  46. Lara says

    Her nails thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  47. Fireed Alpha Edits says


  48. jesus garcia says


  49. King Jan123 says

    I heard that u roasted rice gum!!!!!!!!!!!!! U!

  50. King Jan123 says

    U said he was dumb and now u say he is funny don’t u. Hmmmmmm

  51. King Jan123 says

    Yes hament

  52. Skorpion says


  53. Natalia Delgado says


  54. coolie wit da toolie says

    dis the type of shit u see when u go to hell

  55. Jordan Derrough says

    L bitch

  56. artie says


  57. Doris Knowles says

    seriously?? I watch her musicallys and it’s just sooo good tbh

  58. Bebe Ray Gains says

    Do u have a tattoo? U remind me of Elly awesome

  59. Keum Kim says


  60. yonglebongle says

    How old is babyariel, and don’t tell me she is under 18, she has a fricking tattoo!!!

    1. Amanda Mena says

      she’s 15

    2. Dannah Tinio says

      its henna

  61. Pasti Pyxels says

    She said the “B” word

  62. Ahmad Alzeer says

    How to make a musiclly

  63. XCARAMEL Rock says

    Im not a social girl soo but i want to make music vid can i cant post it

  64. Dzz Du Suud says

    My musically are so bad .. ( leamrsl13 )

  65. Michelle Saballas says

    how do you get that LONG NAILS!!??

  66. Jr says

    She took an L

  67. Michelle Saballas says

    when i first watch one of her videos i thought she is like 20+ year old but im sorry for the wrong guess xD

  68. ДСнис Π¨ΠΈΠ½ says

    I really have to get with the times

  69. Francine Taay says

    Wow her nails are longgggggggg

    1. Straws101 says

      I know thats the first thing I thought when i saw dis video, Im like ” :OO Look at ’em NAILS!’

    2. hjb says

      they are annoying me lol

    3. Cristy Lyndie Junio says

      those are fake and very annoying. not like now

    4. Brooklyn Brown says

      +someone they annoy you? Hop off her page then πŸ€” k? K

    5. Syuhadah Anuar says

      +Brooklyn Brown chill. it’s not a big deal if they find the nails annoying.

  70. Katlyn Melgar says

    when you do it can you pause the video whike your doing it

    1. Katlyn Melgar says


  71. ohswae says

    Am I the only one who thinks its weird to see her cuss? πŸ˜…

  72. My life Sucks says

    Can you make another tutorial with more extreme hand motion

    1. My life Sucks says

      And can you show us camera movements?

  73. Y’alljustmad says

    That thumb nail tho

  74. Sushi YT says


  75. Lilou says

    pretty omg β™₯

  76. Memeow Mow says

    I like it ❀️❀️❀️

  77. aub ee says

    Omg Baby Airel your my favorite muser EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your musiclys so much 😌 Please BFF me !!!!!!!! My music ley account is @iceskatetaubs ! Your amazing!!

  78. Aldo The sloth says


  79. Leah Z says

    She’s pretty I also have a iPhone 6se it’s the newest and it’s rose goldπŸ‘πŸ»

  80. Sam Harris says

    am I the only person who remembers when people had to have talent to become famous

    1. trippy .jennal says

      Sam Harris she does have talent,, she sings

    2. Dreamy ASMR says

      Sam Harris yes now u just need youtube

    3. Black Angel says


    4. sydney g says

      Sam Harris lmao

    5. Jess says

      Ahhh, the good old days….

  81. Fiona Alexander says

    while she look so mad while doing the

  82. Laura FG says

    People say she has no talent. I mean making people cry when they meet her and make people smile is a talent, to ME. This is my opinion.

  83. KaitfordMSP says

    i do fast but its like im doing laps ;_;

  84. zzledif says

    Any cure for this cancer

    1. Criz Jay says

      I found a cure it’s called the bleach challenge watch Stomedy to find out how to do it

    2. Marilyn Sartorius gum says

      yes its called get a life and stop picking on a teen

  85. zzledif says


    1. Jstlikeit XP says

      he roasted her lol

    2. Sani R. says

      he took that W

    3. Kenan 22221 says

      he called her shrek XD

    4. inactive says

      Fiona is more like it

    5. Kenan 22221 says

      @Ms Jockey shrek fiona who cares
      still an ogre XD

  86. Bobo Nono says

    could anyone tell me wat the name of the song plz

  87. Nicole Kent says

    u so good

  88. Nylazah Mcgowan says

    Honestly I don’t why people hate on you so what if your famous u still pretty

  89. Jackson Salyer Behr says


  90. thijs pultau says


  91. Faruk Bikmaz says

    The cringe is real

  92. Keyana Akwei says

    Can you do a duet with me my name on is cheer_cool_awesome and it’s ok if theirs swair words in it beacause I here them a lot

  93. Issac Gilchrist says

    shut the fuck up what does u mean cringe

  94. Superpilak7 says


  95. Superpilak7 says


    1. Ethan Valdez says


    2. raven racheal says

      +Michael Palacios Not

    3. Kenyce says


  96. Yolanda Martinez says

    do you have to pay

  97. Criz Jay says

    Damn this is some quality content I’m going to use these tips… Just kidding I’m going to hang myself and set my self on fire while drinking bleach and rat poison this cancer truly doesn’t have a cure so death is the solution

  98. Samantha Button says

    Omg I was watching the same last night lol

  99. TSXCJッ says ruined every song in the history

  100. Robert Brown says

    ava kay Myers. copied. you on this vid

  101. Kayden & Katelyn LP says

    She got it bad πŸ˜‚

  102. Leahnne Martha says

    she has a tatoo?!?!?!

  103. Denise Marie says

    yay! thank you for teaching us!!! Your the second? yeah! Your the second popular person on right now!

  104. kda_awesome 34 says

    Ariel you are amazing you are my favorite music lyier and I hope to meet you some day

  105. Cherry Blossom Flower says

    Baby Ariel I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

  106. Lj Lewis says


  107. Lj Lewis says

    Rice gum for life bitch

  108. Purpleheart19 says

    Omgggggg you should make a career of this omg so wow many talent

    1. hal haywood says

      +A.W. Jeez, calm down

    2. Daddyson says

      +A.W. Wtf u turned the situation into someone dying calm down

    3. AprilFrostt says

      +HaywoodStuff another person I wasn’t talking to. Damn I must be famous for all of these irrelevant people wanting to talk to me 😊

    4. AprilFrostt says

      +ThatCookie Gamer idk wtf you’re talking about. “Dying”? I don’t know where you got that from. You must be 10 years old. I don’t have time for little kids goodbye ✌🏾️

    5. Josh Alarcon says

      +A.W. it’s sarcasm..

  109. Melisa Li says

    how can i get the black-wit effect?!

  110. Pandanus ! says

    That thing on your wrist is it a tattoo?

  111. Mel Gal says

    For some reason she gets on my nerves soooare bad

  112. its ChoyyTv says

    What is the song title ?

  113. Yolanda Audrey says

    Why my musically so bad😭

  114. Harm Bekx says


  115. Amy Barraclough says

    Go on musically and get the #savesadaudio trending
    She is planning to commit suicide we need to stop her please!!

  116. Yasmen Khaled says

    tooooooddddayyyy I’mmaaaa shoooow yooou ggg3uuyss howtomakemusically

  117. Kafy Corn says

    Her nails😱

  118. LM 1D Zquad says

    how old is she?

    1. Liz Marcelle says

      15 or 16

  119. Jenny Berube says

    She’s missing a nailπŸ˜‚

  120. haha moved says


  121. Cool cat Yt says


  122. Cool cat Yt says

    ricegum roasted you

  123. Veronica Ruck says

    I like your henna tattoo

  124. Chloe Megan says

    You remind me of Laura Vitale for some reason haha

  125. Harmony Garcia says

    please follow me on musically

  126. Diago Anthony says


  127. Beatrice querido says

    it does not work when I video tape reply back!!!!!

  128. Annaria Mendez says

    can u post a video of how to do a duet with a star

  129. asmae el madkouki says

    i can’t trim my songs

  130. asmae el madkouki says


  131. Farhana 17 says

    How old is she? She’s really pretty 😍

    1. JadaWada says


    2. ntliencle says


  132. MyLifeAs Ruby says

    How do you make a good music ly using an iPad

  133. Alize 123459 says

    pause it on1:10

  134. Whitney Harris says

    I didn’t know that u had a tat

  135. AlyeahLol says

    Watch my videos please

    1. Jayden Richards says

      @Alyeah Show a subscriber of yours

    2. AlyeahLol says

      +Jayden Richards oh

    3. Jayden Richards says

      @Alyeah Show can i slide thru ur dms tho?

    4. AlyeahLol says

      +Jayden Richards stayy.truee92

    5. Jayden Richards says

      +Alyeah Show i added u bby

  136. AlyeahLol says


    1. Jayden Richards says

      Slide thru my dms tho?

  137. Ammie Afzal says

    y is everyone commenting L?

    1. Jaden Jones says

      L means Lose So hold this L


    2. Ammie Afzal says

      So y r u saying her lose?

  138. Jeremy Jimenez says


  139. Eunice Kim says

    I loveeeee ur musical.lys!!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

  140. mnieforth says

    What da fuck is up with your nails?

    1. Shania Jai says

      It’s acrylics deal with it

  141. vSwxxt says

    do you make eye contact the whole time looking at your phone ?

  142. Madisyn Lewis says

    how old are you

  143. Alyssa Gomez says

    I luv ur musicl.lys!

  144. dieselibanesin313 says

    You are so cute😍❀

  145. MO ASH says

    Back when she was decently good looking

  146. clover says

    Did you notice her index finger doesn’t have a fake nail

  147. Natalie Lopez says

    I go on musically and my name is Nikki
    -107 please follow me even I know that I am oceansπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–β£β£β£πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

    1. Jayden Richards says

      silde thru my dms tho?

  148. Breanna Mendoza says

    This bitch didn’t just do this

  149. Emely Urbina says

    Find a “good song”

  150. Emira Sanders says

    how old is Ariel she cussed during her video lol

  151. Lauren Boothe says

    do you have a tattoo

  152. Sara White says

    Do you have a tattoo?

  153. Kana Randall says

    mine is pinkpurple96

  154. Richeria Anderson says

    I didn’t know she had a tattoo or curse

  155. BlueFire Girl says

    Idk why but I always use lapse

  156. Puppy Girl47 says

    ok thanks. it did work, but how do u upload it? that’s my question.

  157. Moriah Scott says

    facial expression

  158. Theycallme Nevaeh says

    Doesn’t ever song have a beat?

  159. Mohamed Yussuf says

    was that a tattoo on our hand or is that henna

  160. a j says

    tell me why this has 7mil views

  161. Irish Gem Guevara Alminar says


  162. Leyla Medina says

    Shove this cheezit L up ur ass

  163. Nelson Fink says

    You sound dumb

    1. Diamond Allison says

      oh u do? i thought u sounded like an idiot!!

  164. Soro Jo says

    Am I the only one who realized those are the really long nails she was talking bout on her newest vid?? Lol

  165. Bigo DB says

    how do you fell about @ricegum

  166. izabella irizarry says

    Do you have a tattoo?

  167. Charlene Wilson says

    or those your real nails!!!????!.??

    1. Olivia Jane says

      No there fake :))

    2. Charlene Wilson says

      +Olivia Jane pH well I think they are to long for fake nails but thanj you

  168. YoungTye says

    Who else just came here just to put a L
    Because your from rice gum squad

  169. Orlando Viera says

    wtf is this

  170. Orlando Viera says

    do you really watch a video on how to make a video

  171. bella lis says

    Random camera pose

  172. Tiffany Andrade says

    so confused

  173. Amaurys CedeΓ±o says

    YOU TOOK AN L FROM rice gum lol shrek

  174. Amaurys CedeΓ±o says

    she look like a grounded parrot yo ugllllas

  175. William Windleburn says

    are you gay?

  176. jewlda s says


  177. Sapphire and Rubies says

    You sound 12

  178. Candy Cain says

    Will u follow me on musical.lys and tell ur followers to come see me I’m gymnastgirlforlife11

  179. darwishthefish says

    ari L

  180. Jade Read says

    You are one of the best musers ever xxx ilysm ❀

  181. Rara Eka Septya says


  182. Glow_Stove says

    I have a music. Ly

  183. Donovan Jais says

    yassss, shake it hehe

  184. Abla McAmira says

    my god… her nails… i have some murder’s pulsions x(

  185. Crystal Jung says

    finally i heard your voice for the first time and i found channel thank God finallyπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  186. Olivia Turner says

    Why are so many people leaving hate comments? Leave her alone, she likes it because it’s fun.

  187. Lizzy says


  188. Gunslinger says


  189. Gunslinger says

    This bitch only has views because us ricegum fans came to give you an L

  190. coneyisland says

    Bad comments…no..but thank you…

  191. Rainbow_Awe_ Dash says

    That was really helpful because Evey says my musicallys are wack. If you want to see my name is @princessLeigh1295

  192. Shanaya Turco says

    TBH , The key to is lighting

  193. Alicia Cuadra Enriquez says

    you are so beatufullπŸ˜†

  194. Valeria Lozano Zavala says

    She did u got the plastic circule for talking ur iPhone u and They love Arii actually have.?

  195. Oliwka JaczyΕ„ska says

    Cool! My : Olinkaja1

  196. Laar Eeel says

    what is the namenof the song?

  197. error 3005 says


    1. Shyzah says

      ikr. this generation is fucked. Im 17 and we used to lisiten to the radio and cds when I was 9…. and these kids are only like 3 4 years younger than me…. fuckkk. Vine and musicly are killing the generatio

  198. Emnet Davis says

    I miss those days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  199. Gabby Greenwell says

    i love her eye color!

  200. Sara.T says


  201. hot barb ash. says

    The most untalented person ever seen 😫😫😫😫😫

  202. Megan says

    How would that possibly help us?

  203. Shyzah says


    1. jasarleygaming24 says

      Agreed. But then again, self-promoting fucks like you are cancerous too.

  204. error 3005 says

    i have got a and my lile in 1 is 1739.820

  205. CG_XJOY says

    you look like an ogre

  206. CG_XJOY says


  207. Anna Markovic says

    Follow me: πŸ˜πŸ“ΈπŸ¦„πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’•
    Snapchat: xannaxm
    Instagram: annaaatm
    Musically: anna_mrkv

  208. zoe stone says

    I only ever do lapse…😺

  209. Brooke Terry says

    My musicaly is brooketerry_

  210. Loi Tia says


  211. Joudy Syoufi says

    I want the songπŸ˜ͺ

  212. Joudy Syoufi says

    I want the song

  213. Christopher Ram says

    y does she remind me if Michelle from full house

  214. Patricia Garcia says

    tengo no voy a mentir pero es muy rara la app porque te hacemos famoso solo por hacer “lipsync” habiendo gente que no es famosa & en verdad si cantan pero no tengo nada en contra de la app

  215. Riley Blevins says is pointless. stop doing a tutorial over pointless shit. this isnt a talent

  216. Ana Victoria Gonzalez says

    Baby Ariel!!!!!!!hi

  217. Laura Gonzalez says

    how are you a crown

  218. Madelaine Ojeda Perez says

    How do you make it robotic

  219. Jacklyn Dawson says

    youre good ariel you will get even bigger… sike im ricegum supporter

  220. Marmar Johnson says

    shut the shut the f****** with your musically looking dumbass

  221. Trey Green says

    First time I heard her cuss

  222. Lisa Garcia says

    Can u go on movie star planet and go to daisywho and what she says to u!

  223. Tamira Smith says

    you are very pretty!

  224. Mafia_ Dg says

    Are those fake nails

  225. It's really Carissa says


  226. Dirty Water says

    those are long assim fake nails

  227. Selvaggia Aguillon says


    1. yasmine marie says


    2. Katie Bellson says

      Oh you had a seizure

    3. Natsu Gragneel says


    4. LilacDrawz says


    5. Xitlali Balderrama says

      Ok I’ll help you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  228. Emily Torres says

    She said the n word

  229. Bryden says

    fix yo gap

  230. sieht man das ? says

    WTF she have 1mil ???!?!?!

  231. asya way says taasiaway06 or taasiaway

  232. sabrina queen says

    ||| ||| ||| |||

  233. Angelica Heart Odono says

    how do you do the wave in the musically

  234. Mikeyl Cawas says

    Hey baby Ariel can you do more tutorials on pls

  235. sof mochi says

    Omg I love you

  236. Micah 217 says

    what song is that

  237. lovro lukas says

    The cringe is real. Oh and hold this L for me

    1. Matthew Cr says

      I agree

    2. BTS Rules says

      The cringe!!!!

    3. AestheticPsycho 3 says

      +Madelena Jeannette it’s not a comeback πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Emily Brooks says

      Bruh your name is cringe and that ugly badger is cringy

  238. Rap Leaks says


  239. KatarΓ­na JakubcovΓ‘ says

    How old is she?:)

  240. obeyasiadario yays says

    my baby

  241. Mini Zoella says

    I love your hand motions

  242. μ‚Άseia's says

    what is the song?

  243. Kailee Tucker says

    How old is she

  244. B SARAH says

    those nail 😦 so long btw you miss a nail

  245. Sarah says

    How old arme you

    1. Sarah says


    2. AeroLoveC03 says

      +Sarah she’s 15

    3. Dior Deej says

      +Sarah 15 breh

  246. Lalo says


  247. Allan Reyes says


  248. Alyssa Gaming says

    How do you do it with an iPad

  249. Jessica Mandujano says

    Do u have a tattoo Ariel

  250. Alexis B says

    I love you


  251. baby sam says

    how do you put musiclly pictures on your youtube video on a Samsung

  252. Finnj says

    Take the L

  253. Jae. says

    ur dad shoulda pulled out.

  254. Maddie Nicole says

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    height: auto;
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  255. Dbghgfgb Cdfbcgngf says

    She is cute

  256. Chenoa fisher says

    I didn’t know she swears

  257. ROBLOX codes -RcJ says

    she has a tattoo

    1. PolarBearEmoji Lilo says

      omg she does

    2. [ZEECH] says

      yea its a henna

    3. kiwi hoseok says

      +PolarBearEmoji Lilo Its a henna

    4. Lord Beerus says

      Its Called a Henna Tattoo which is Traditionally from South Asia, and It Lasts like Some Weeks

    5. PolarBearEmoji Lilo says

      @Faith x Clayton Oh

  258. Gxfking896 says

    U suck at and u look like a joker

  259. Cesar Santana says

    my musically is cesarshots

  260. My Musicllys says

    I need to follow you on musiclly

  261. Liam Cashmore says

    Thanks dude

  262. Jeda Harrison says

    Just followed your directions and got 8 likes and a follower in a minute. Thanks.
    Go check me out if you have time Jade_Koala.

  263. The Frias Sisters says

    @soccer_1422 is my

  264. red ex says


  265. Beth Jahanna says

    She us honestly making it sound Hard I am on musically and it’s simple she makes it sound like it’s ticket science

  266. Alyssa Marie says

    go follow me on @xox_alyssa_xox

  267. Alessandra says

    How old are you Ariel??

  268. Alessandra says

    What means L??

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    step 2 lip sync
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