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  1. Bening Putri says

    Aku saranin kecepatan nya di atur jadi 0,75 aja biar enak hapalin gerakannya

    1. Nayna putri says

      Kak ini vidio kakak kena copyright nggak?

  2. MisterTracks says

    awesome video

  3. Jjhoy Enchaw says

    0:25 what song?

    1. Daania Nadyne Hartanto says

      Sex talk & My oh my (thank me later)

    2. Kacy Cony World says

      Jjhoy Enchaw

    3. Sophia Hernandez says

      If you don´t wanna search up *** talk just search up throw that back like a Cadillac

    4. Maxi Akri says

      My Oh My ~Throw It Back Like A Cadillac

  4. JUSTIN'S GIRL says

    2:22 Song?

    1. âlly gâçhâ says

      JUSTIN’S GIRL renegrade

    2. grandevoti says

      Good gas-live a lil

    3. Lovely Ari says

      solar swag

    4. SimpłyCłøudyシ says

      It’s the song that’s playing?

  5. Emmaエマ says

    1:11 what song?

    1. Daania Nadyne Hartanto says

      Emmaエマ American boy (thank me later)

    2. Emmaエマ says

      @Daania Nadyne Hartanto Nope, tysm ^^

    3. EllieLoves Gacha says

      American boy and Shibuya (remix)

    4. c r y says

      Emmaエマ Chanel by Frank Ocean

      Great song btw.

  6. Sulfi Alv says

    3:00 what song

    1. Filamdro Calvan says

      falling by trevor daniels

    2. Savannah Smith says


    3. Ashlee 032 says


    4. best cousins forever says

      Falling by Trevor Daniel

    5. Destiny the gamer says


  7. Alisyah Waode says


    1. ju que ama o Nobru ff says

      Alisyah Waode relationship Young Thug

    2. Zara Putri Nashira says

      Young thug – relationship

  8. yaya mfyo says

    1:57 what song?

    1. xXLunox_ PlayzXx says

      DaBaby- VIBEZ

    2. Peachy Viibes says

      Surfaces by Sunday best

    3. Feven Tesfaldet says

      Peachy Viibes lol

    4. AllyBerry says

      Peachy Viibes lol no it’s not

    5. Maxi Akri says

      Vibez~ Dababy

  9. Faqih Ardiansyah says

    nyari lagu susah amat woyy

  10. Brawl Sally says

    1:41 song ? please

    1. •нхneyвee• says

      Sunday surfaces

    2. c r y says

      Brawl Sally Sunday Best by Surfaces

    3. dibyy r says

      Sunday best

    4. Maxi Akri says

      Sunday Best ~Surfaces

  11. ju que ama o Nobru ff says

    0:50 what I most wanted to do, I ended up managing to do it through this video

    1. armyzinhaa:3 says

      Eiii tu é br né kkkkk man ó o seu nome beeem cousa de brasileiro msm kkkkk

    2. ju que ama o Nobru ff says

      armyzinhaa:3 sim kkk

    3. Lele Bts says

      @armyzinhaa:3 eai armyguinhas kk

  12. Hillary Dayana Angarita says

    What song the videos?

  13. 10.00 Subs Without Any content ? says

    Song name please 0:15

    1. Smiling _ pineapple says

      10.00 Subs Without Any content ? I have no clue but I’m commenting on here because if someone responds to this knowing the song it’ll notify me so yeah 😂

    2. Itz Leilani says

      Make His Pockets Hurt by Lil Kayla

    3. 10.00 Subs Without Any content ? says

      It’s make his pockets hurt

    4. 10.00 Subs Without Any content ? says


    5. Itz Leilani says

      10.00 Subs Without Any content ? Youre welcome

  14. Nasywa Nisrina says

    3.40 what song?

    1. Jason Yuschak says

      Get up

  15. Naura says


    1. natasa _ says

      k camp lottery

    2. joe mama says

      u don’t know how to do the renegade? wow

    3. Μαρίνα Χαριλάου says

      Lottery k camp

    4. Μαρίνα Χαριλάου says

      I love this dance

  16. Zara Putri Nashira says

    Ini lagu2nya yg di video :
    ~Suling sakti spongebob – dj haning & albrew
    ~Make his pockets hurt – lil kayla
    ~My oh my – camila cabelo ft DaBaby
    ~Round of applause – k’ron
    ~Lottery – k camp
    ~Relationship – young thug ft future
    ~Sunday best – surfaces
    ~Vibez – DaBaby
    ~Say so – doja cat
    ~Live a lil – good gas & FKi 1 st ft madein TYO & UNO
    ~roscoes – Zae HD & CEO
    ~Six 4 – zae HD & CEO
    ~Booty me down – kstylis
    ~Falling – trevor daniel
    ~Mine – bazzi
    ~Get up (main version) – ciara /clara feat chamillionaire
    ~The box – roddy ricch
    ~Partition – beyonce
    ~Toes – DaBaby feat lil baby & moneybagg
    ~Walked in – ultradiox
    ~Clap you hands now (get busy remix) – sean paul feat fatman scoop & crooklyn clan
    ~Dangerously in love – YNW Melly

    ps : ada 5 lagu yg gue ga tau, susah nyarinya (there are 5 songs that are difficult to find)

    1. Meutya Ramadhani says

      Tqq kaaak😍

    2. Zara Putri Nashira says

      @Meutya Ramadhani sama2 🙂

    3. Nicole Autrie says

      You skipped one

  17. Nur Qalesya Amani Asrul Iswadi says


    1. alpha ghost says

      Most of them that i know renegade

  18. joselyn rojas ortiz says

    What song?? 2:40

    1. Natalia Modzelewski says

      joselyn rojas ortiz Six’ Fo

  19. Masayu Adila says

    0:17 song?

    1. Miuu osh says

      Make his pockets hurt

  20. Masayu Adila says

    Tolong sekalian isiin lagunya kak. Perlu banget🙏
    Btw kalo ada yg tau salah satu judul lagu dari semua vid nya, minta tolong kasih tau ya. Sekalian isi menitnya kalo bisa😅

  21. Rubi Robles says

    0:16 what song pls?

    1. a disappointment says

      make his pockets hurt

  22. Julianna Diano says

    most of these conments be like “ specific time, what song” and im just here like nice songs not like i want to know them

  23. We Don’t talk together says

    video first “ muntah” hahaaaahah so lawakkk .. indon 😂 duh

  24. J V says


    1. skrrt says

      ULTRADIOX – Walked in

  25. dibyy r says

    Nga ada tutor dance stoopid:(

  26. gwaynechel says

    2:28 song please

    1. gadismp says


  27. Mixolydian Ruminov Priambodo says

    Ya’ll actually didnt realise most of the guys in this video is indonesian ? (maybe all)

    1. x says


    2. Hannah.H says

      @Caleb Gabriel Sevilla Yes. And i , as a Indonesian i cringed ;-;

    3. Florencia Carissa says

      @Chloe Cookie but most are actually Indo, I follow them on tiktok

    4. Saishaa Vaidhyanathan says

      Not all

    5. S.o.f.t B.e.a.r says

      Starlight_ƈơơƙııɛ I am

  28. Jenneth Garx says


    1. gadismp says

      The box

    2. Aliana says

      The Box – Roddy Ricch

  29. Ais Sultan says

    0:50 judul lagu nya apa

    1. Anianammar says

      lottery k-camp

    2. Faith Lucarelli says

      Renegade/Lottery k-camp

    3. Ais Sultan says

      @Anianammar tq

    4. Ais Sultan says

      @Faith Lucarelli tq

  30. becca miller says

    2:54 x 5:30

    1. skrrt says

      Trevord Daniel – Falling & Shake That Thing by Sean Paul (Tik Tok Remix)

    2. Mrs. FWolf says

      Omg i wanna learn how to do those too!!1

  31. nurul izzah says

    2:05 this ones really help

    Edit: 26 likes?! Thanks guys this is so much like I’ve got
    Sorry for bad grammar

    Edit 2: 32 likes?! Thank you so much 😄

    1. Føxy girl Rose_o0o single_ says

      I was just watching that one

    2. nurul izzah says

      @Føxy girl Rose_o0o single_ really? 😂

    3. Føxy girl Rose_o0o single_ says

      itz_ olive yep😂

    4. Kylie Kat says

      It looks like James charles

  32. Mom Mom says

    1:29 UwU is good

    1. •Ptite Pastèque• says

      Yes is good ,why ?

  33. Yui Therese Ybañez says

    3:30 what song?

    1. stxrz.editxs says

      Search in TikTok “domaani” and you will see what song is that

    2. Yui Therese Ybañez says

      @stxrz.editxs thank you so much ❤

  34. Nandhini Hariharan says

    What’s the first song??

    1. peachyrii says

      Suling Sakti Spongebob it’s a tik tok indonesia song

    2. Nandhini Hariharan says

      Owhh..okay thank you

  35. Laetitia TaeTae says

    4:10 what song?

    1. kpop mochi says

      Beyonce patrition

    2. cuero says

      Beyoncé– Yoncé

    3. Laetitia TaeTae says

      kpop mochi thank you😸

    4. Laetitia TaeTae says

      cuero thank you😊

    5. Flor de Guadalupe Tzeek Cohuo says

      Gime some
      Yonce remix

  36. rxsiethorn says

    5:30 don’t mind me

  37. Mrs. FWolf says

    2:54 5:30 ignore this ;-;

    1. KimPastel says

      I tried doing 5:30 and I actually broke my arm yesterday ;-;

    2. Mrs. FWolf says

      KimPastel omg are you ok tho??

    3. KimPastel says

      Mrs. FWolf yes 🙂 i think ;-;

  38. Paula Isabelle says


    1. Anahi Aguilar vera says

      Cual es la cuanta de la chica del tutorial?

  39. Leyan Wang says

    the falling-trevor daniel one was awesomeeee

  40. Dorota Klimek says

    0:15 song plzzz

    1. Janjua Waseem says

      Make his pocket hurt – lil kaya

  41. Xtynakk K says

    3.45 3.50 5.05

  42. Ro boss thinking says

    3:18 what’s this song

    1. كــيــم لـآلــيــســوو. says

      this song

  43. Laetitia TaeTae says

    5:31 what song?

    1. Ash roblox_gamer xx says

      Shake that thing

    2. emily. n.e.a.l says

      Get busy/shake that thing by Sean paul

    3. Μαρίνα Χαριλάου says

      Get busy

  44. Gianna Meraz says

    To the people who want to know what song it is , go to the App Store search “Shazam” download it press the button while playing the music then it will tell you the name of the song.

    1. Adelina Diaz says

      Bruhh people actually didn’t know this? Loll

    2. Destiny Moore says

      @Adelina Diaz Fr Who doesntt know dat? maybe people who dont use tik tok?

    3. Ra!ndrops says

      Destiny Moore
      Excuse me ? I don’t know the song and I use tik tok.

    4. SlowrollYTBFF 1 says

      @Adelina Diaz ?

    5. Jazz Price says

      Fun fact Snapchat does it to

  45. 꽃특별한 says


  46. - K O K O - says


  47. La wini Ochoa says


  48. luana says

    1:07 name?

    1. kwwristenn says

      American boy/ Chanel

    2. armyzinhaa:3 says

      American boy sou Brasil taaaah

  49. Lillly Woohooo says


    1. adelia aminah says


  50. MackyG says

    5:42 just passing through

  51. Alexa Aguilar UwU says

    0:25 😀

  52. DubLines says

    Practicing Dont mind me:

  53. Fadia Nada says

    4:24 what song?

    1. amelia says

      That song is called “TOES”

    2. Ashlee 032 says


  54. Clxnt says

    Practicing Dont mind me:

  55. Charis Vaipulu says


  56. _Peachy_ Milky says

    What is the second song ?

  57. Tina silalahi says

    3:30 what song???

  58. juje j says

    Does anyone know the title of the song in 00:39??

    1. amelia says

      Round of applause

    2. juje j says

      @amelia thanks

    3. amelia says

      @juje j np

    4. emily. n.e.a.l says


  59. Unicorn Bakes says

    The first one is making me feel sick and the 3rd and 4th he can’t dance

  60. Unicorn Bakes says

    All of them are stiff they’re making me sick

  61. OuraToxic says

    3:30 judul apa

  62. Sea Blower says

    Who else try’s to do the dances but don’t get it?


    1. Hannah.H says

      Me ;~;

    2. Chloe Matthews says

      Sea Blower me…half aren’t English

    3. Cockatiel Adventures says

      IKR it’s soooo annoying

  63. Linda S says


    1. emily. n.e.a.l says

      Linda S relationship by young thug

  64. SkylarCookie Playz says

    The boys can’t dance…..
    So idk what to do ;-;

  65. SkylarCookie Playz says

    What song?

    1. Ashlee 032 says


  66. Daniela Landeo Caldas says

    Yo hice un tutorial de cannibal lo puede n ver en mi perfil estoy como dani1312uwu

  67. Peppa Jeff • 13 years ago says


    (Note to myself)

  68. gabrielle says


  69. Mercedes Maria says

    What song 1:04

    1. peachyrii says

      just search up my guy pretty guy like a girl and you’ll find the remix

    2. Μαρίνα Χαριλάου says

      American boy

  70. Desie Deer says


    1. peachyrii says

      Renegade a.k.a Lottery – K Camp if your wondering

  71. Reina Prince says

    3:10. CORONA VIRUS

    1. — Dior says

      racist, she is really good tho

  72. Nicole Autrie says

    WHATS 1:05

    1. peachyrii says

      my guy pretty like a girl

  73. jimin park says

    Lo intentas y terminas en el hospital…
    Yo:pero si se veia facil…

    1. lorena balseca says

      Oye sabes como se llama el baile del minuti 4:13

  74. mafe orsal says


  75. Savannah Vazquez says

    1:55 name??

  76. HannahRose says

    Follow me on tiktok iamhannah03

  77. Qanita Syakira says


  78. u nIcE keEp gOinG says


  79. Phow Aung says

    I don’t even want to try to do these cause I feel like its not worth it xd-

  80. Gilbert Mercado says


  81. Mandie Sulhan says

    note to self 1:29

  82. Min Saejun says

    1:42 what song

    1. Vanilla Avakin says

      Sunday Best

    2. Min Saejun says

      Vanilla Avakin thanks

    3. Faith Lucarelli says

      Sunday Best

  83. Наиля Магдиева says


  84. Наиля Магдиева says


    1. Faith Lucarelli says

      Are u asking what song?

    2. Faith Lucarelli says

      If so it’s Sunday Best

    3. Наиля Магдиева says

      @Faith Lucarelli thanks

  85. Julita Gromada says

    0:10 SIKU XXDDDDDD pozdro Polska

  86. Kayla Sicard says

    just practising :/

  87. Masayu Adila says

    0:30 song??

    1. nurul izzah says

      My oh my

    2. Μαρίνα Χαριλάου says

      My oh my with a twist

  88. coco-pop says


  89. cooki says

    1:03 song?

    1. Μαρίνα Χαριλάου says

      Don’t have name

  90. nunna wi says


    1. armyzinhaa:3 says

      Name? Relationship

    2. armyzinhaa:3 says

      Vkook? I shipp sou brasileira

    3. nunna wi says

      no,I’m kookV ship,, Kook Top,tae bottom

  91. katalina says

    3:28 ♡

  92. yama kemuri kiaco says

    0:01 what’s the title of the song

    1. nurul izzah says

      It’s like spoghebob or something like that
      Sorry if I spell it wrong

  93. Nanna _ says

    1:10, 3:40, 4:23, 5:30

  94. Chxrryシ says


  95. Klaudia Cookie_gacha says

    13.5 👑🦠

  96. Tom Holland says

    00:15 I don’t know why, but this girl scares me lol



    2. e t h e r e a l says

      I think I’m scared ‘cause her brows. Someone teach her how to make em look softer rn

    3. xXGacha PotatoXx says

      Tom Holland

    4. Rebekah The Rebel says

      now i see it but i like the song

    5. Flyingcat 655 says

      The leggings have no pockets for optimum booty

  97. S T R X B R R Y says

    Nothing big here just book marking it for later :^

  98. Braven Savredy says

    Their from Indonesia

  99. Madhu Gangavarpu says

    3:18 0:14

  100. Alday Hendriks says

    just so i can remember

  101. Sad Rat says

    Absolutely nobody
    Me: not doing the dances but eating grilled cheese

  102. sopp sonic says

    Timestamp(s) for me:

  103. Trade Fortnite Accounts says


  104. lian lian says

    1:29 what songs?

    1. Almina Karakaya says


    2. lian lian says

      @Almina Karakaya ty

  105. coco-pop says


  106. coco-pop says


  107. Tina 03 says


  108. 종호쥐 says

    yg komen org bule bukan nya org indo,dikit bet dah org indo komen,sedih gua :/

  109. D E P R E S S I O N says

    1:54 is so great dance

  110. Blankedluz says

    Gracias ahora ya se que hacer mientras me aburro en clases, dibujo.

  111. Sekao Galekhutle says

    Do Africa next

  112. Emma James says

    sorry but hidden.dancers1 can’t dance😂😂

  113. LoverqueenXO says


  114. vivian kikeri says

    What’s the second one called? Song?

  115. spicy shrek says

    dont mind me:

  116. spicy shrek says


  117. Blinkerstar Gamer says


    1. Blinkerstar Gamer says


  118. Ahmirah’s Gacha World says

    *someone tell me why my 4 year old brother knows all these songs* 😭😂💀

  119. Hương Giang says


  120. Tsomo Tenzin says

    Hey just leaving this here for future me 😉 4:22

  121. navtalia febriani says

    0.25-0.45 kwn my sister 😆

  122. •Halo Cloud• says


  123. h x n e y b e a r says


  124. Jazz Price says

    The renagade was not done right

  125. Vani Bhatt says

    2:04 that’s actually good helped me

  126. Faith Butler says

    I dont understand why people put on hoodies on backwards

    1. •Toluwaplayz• says

      Faith Butler to not show their face.

    2. Pastel Love says

      To cover their face

  127. Gacha L.K. says

    1:13 What’s the name of this song?

    1. ‧ ̊ ʚ Liz-Luv ɞ ̊ ‧ says

      my guy pretty like a girl

  128. Pandapacha :v says

    Cual es el nombre de la canción 1:41?

  129. Chyntia Metta says

    Videonya bagus,random banget sumpah,sampe ada TikTok dari negara +62 yang berflowery ini :v 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  130. Lizeth _UwU says

    1:44 song??

    1. Bella Owen says

      Sunday’s best

  131. Diara Lewis says

    I have a test tmr ☺

  132. priyanka Deshmukh says

    Anybody first tutorial name please

  133. Binibining Heartily says

    What is the song on the 2:26?

  134. Salta Nurpazyl says


  135. iiGloomy_sky says

    Imagine your friend secretly does this

  136. Glimmer Shimmer says


  137. Glimmer Shimmer says


  138. Bernice Ubochi says

    Idk why I don’t even play tik tok but i know most of these dances

  139. Jane Ellen says

    ❤ 1:29, 1:41, 2:05, 4:09,4:38, 5:16, 5:30 ❤

  140. Carinne Morais says


  141. lxvinqxbeige says

    i learned 3 dances xd

  142. Nahiii busquet says

    0:29 que hace

  143. Вероника Дектярева says

    Как называется песня на 1:42

  144. Paige Pedersen says

    This is perfect for noobs like me :p

  145. e t h e r e a l says

    I can dance: 0:47 1:42 1:55 2:04 3:18 4:36. How bout ya’ll?

  146. Glimmer Shimmer says


  147. Glimmer Shimmer says


  148. Glimmer Shimmer says


  149. nunna wi says


  150. f.nabila 258036 says

    1:42 ni lagu npe

  151. •Toluwaplayz• says

    I actually thought it weasel tik tok so I swiped

  152. Rebekah The Rebel says

    who is here still doing the ChARli ReNeGAdGE
    (finally learned the orginal)

  153. l o s e r t u n e s says

    3:55 don’t mind me just tryna learn this dance-

  154. Sramrt tv LG Yt says

    0:26 alguém sabe o nome dessa música?

    1. Flor de Guadalupe Tzeek Cohuo says

      My oh my

  155. Cbahena Alviter says

    1:02 song please

  156. Kiwi Kiwi says


  157. Roséllá Chán says

    Hellü gençlerrrr

  158. Christina The Idiot Alien says

    I only know easy ones like: Say so, cannibal, and Sunday best. Others, I suck at.

  159. Jenica Mitra says


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