Renegade Tik Tok Tutorial (K Camp – Lottery) | Step By Step Dance Tutorial

Probably the most popular Tik Tok dance this month 😉 BIG THANKS to Jalaiah Harmon (@_.xoxlaii) for creating this awesome dance!

I go super slow step by step so you will need some patience (or just change your YouTube speed settings) 😜

Feel free to check out my other TikTok dance tutorials:

Please let me know if you have any requests for future dance tutorials or if there’s anything I could improve for future dance tutorials. Also, please like and subscribe if you liked it 😊

I hope you enjoy the video! Let’s dance dance dance!

– Bao Tran

TAGS: #Renegade #Lottery #Tutorial

Title: Renegade Tik Tok Tutorial (K Camp – Lottery) | Step By Step Dance Tutorial

image Renegade Tik Tok Tutorial (K Camp - Lottery) | Step By Step Dance Tutorial

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  1. therealalphachicken says

    I love it thanks

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    First like

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  5. Cringed gaming says

    Who else loves learn how to dance

    I’m gifting my next 50 subscribers!!!

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      Nah bruh

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      You guys you never know they can be a billionaire… dont reply to me

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      @JonathanPlays hes telling us.

    5. Bag of cHips says

      No body caressssss

  6. Octo Evan 11 says

    Wenagade waider

  7. Atlantis_Riftz says

    Ay yo Thats amazing 😎

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  9. Gacha Makes Life says

    Can you do lose control dance please

  10. kacper kacala says

    Hey I was watching your video’s and you are the best so I have a request for you I love your video’s keep it up ❤😎👍👏

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  12. Chante' says

    Thank you so much for doing this dance🙏🏽💛🌻

  13. Anna xx says

    I was legit on another tutorial trying to learn this like an hour ago😭

    1. BFFS says

      Anna Lee I can help you

    2. marina paz says

      I can help too

    3. Beautiful Lettuce says

      It really easy just learn it part by part

  14. Darwish YTs says

    dude keep going, even if the views are not alot but those who watched it loves your work. dont let numbers distract you from what you are doing, i will be really sad if you quit. so dont do it, and keep going!

    1. Kacy Cony World says

      Darwish YTs

    2. ItzWolfii says

      He has 3 million veiws

    3. Nihalee Joshi says

      Wdym it has 3 million

    4. Jordan Lehr says

      @Lily Mix nah

    5. Jasmine Nguyen says

      @Tfwysafsp Atsol Samee

  15. Naturix says

    Song name?

  16. x F a z e T o k y o says

    Do groove jam fortnite

  17. Danika Baker says

    I’m so excited my comments in the video

    1. Luke Mitchell says


  18. Sergio Salcedo says

    Can you double up emote from fortnite

  19. Finn Obp says


  20. Mia Newman says

    Please show another!!!

  21. milkiipaws aj says

    1:03 and maybe do a little wiggle, woahh

    1. Scribble Animations says

      milkiipaws aj 😂

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      😂😂😂 I’m dead

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  22. 416.myesha says

    omg thank you so much now i know how to do it!

  23. Jordan Brown says

    Where is the rest!!!!

    1. KW33N QU33N says

      He made a part 2

    2. L31L4N1 says

      *part 2*

  24. Yacine Mohamed says

    please do dance drip walking from tik tok 😀

  25. Firus 556 says

    Hey, next time can u do pump it up from fortnite it’s super cool

  26. Makayla Bolton says

    could u pls do the orange justice dance I’m ur new subsciber

    1. spookyjuice says

      just search that up there’s no need for a whole video for orange justice

  27. Xxsimon340xX says

    Do the foot shake

  28. Rolando says

    Who else wait on part 2!!

  29. Melissa Brock says

    Oh man! I love this tutorial! But where’s the rest? You make it so easy.

    1. lain s says

      I know I learned the dance so easily from this now I really need a part two👀

    2. Maisha Begum says

      @lain s theres part 2 up

    3. lain s says

      @Maisha Begum I already learned it from my friends but thanks anyways😁

  30. Miki Hit says

    Do a fright funk totorial !
    ( FORTNUT ) 🙂👍

  31. D G says

    Wow…. Lol

  32. ur mom farted says

    Im sorry but your really stiff

    1. L31L4N1 says

      youre 100% stiffer than him then 🙂

  33. 4444Aria says

    I’m the most unco dancer ever and this is the best tutorial! Lol part 2 please!

  34. LoosDaMoose says

    With these fortnite dance tutorials my dreams have come to life thank you and also keep on dancing all night long

  35. Alvaro López Sánchez says

    Fright funk please bro

  36. Lynx says

    Why do u need to flip the video?

  37. Riad Ftouh says

    Omg the rest??? Pls

  38. Chante' says

    Can please use how to do candy 🙏🏽🌈🌻🔥

  39. Kolby Galloway says

    Part 2!?!?!?!?!

  40. Vandalyn Hudson says

    you should do the TikTok dance to candy by dojo cat!!

    1. Potato KittyVlogs says

      @hell ok *boomer* I was just saying my opinion its not like im saying “oh its so easy how do u not know” like fr dude?

    2. hdspoon says

      @fuckyou LMAO

    3. RIDA MOMIN says

      that’s pretty easy rather than this but candy took me time

    4. Alexandra Marie Perez says


    5. Kolli Hill says

      do u no that 1?!

  41. Ethan Hunter says

    overdrive form fortnite please

  42. Muhammed Sacid Selçuk says

    “Beggin you” dance please!!!

    1. L31L4N1 says

      he was…

  43. Beyraiderz 2007 says

    Can you do the nevada finger dance tutorial
    Like if agree

  44. Press2GetTheCookie says

    Who makes these dances up?

  45. Zodacxx says

    Can you do the walk man challenge plz how to dance

  46. Learn How To Dance says

    Part 2 is out 😉

    1. mckayla arjoona says

      Hi I have a video of a dance that I really Wana learn do u think u can help me out

    2. Scott Aldous says


    3. Chelsea Messi says

      Why that emoji 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

    4. Halfman Halfamazing says

      You need to tag Jalaiah Harmon and give her credit for this dance.

    5. Kaylah Covington says

      That’s not how u do it

  47. Lil bot says

    What does mirrored mean

    1. Tijana Talevski says

      it means that the way he is doing it it is the opposite way for us (for example he is doing the woah on the left, we do it on the right- idk if thats a right ex but yeah)

  48. NOT_Ang3l0 5508 says

    I just want to say keep up the good work when I can’t find a dance I come to your channel and I find the dance on there you are a really good instructor and keep up the good work I hope to see more videos on their channel

  49. wEiRdO_gUrL says

    are you kidding me did the same parts like 10 times as slow as you could

    1. L31L4N1 says

      well ms. weird gurl, its called helping jog people’s memories who need it, thats why he does it so many times and slowly

  50. Sam Duer says

    Pump It Up next plz

  51. Patricia Pearson says

    Please please can u do a begging you tutorial!!!

  52. kamikazemind327 says

    Don’t mind me…just a full grown adult wanting to learn this dance lmao

    1. LifeasFaria xD says

      kamikazemind327 lol

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      kamikazemind327 lol

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      Me too folk my niece tryna get me into this

  53. Levi Malete says

    I like all your vids

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    Thank you💕

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    Can u please do the Walkman challenge tutorial😊thank u

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    Thx this helped a lot

    1. Leah St-Joie says

      Now I can finally do a good TikTok

  59. Samira Solano says

    Can you do the i been tik toking while I’m walking dance?

  60. Mgboy 10 says

    Yellow hearts dance from tik tok

  61. JakieVids says

    U made this dance look so stink

    1. L31L4N1 says

      you look so stink

  62. Jocelyn Furnace says

    You can’t do the woah

    1. L31L4N1 says

      then neither can you

  63. Reckless says

    White people got no rhythm 🤮🖕🏾

    1. L31L4N1 says

      well black people have no rhythm, look ugly on top of that, and all they do is criticize white people who know what they are doing

    2. Reckless says

      L31L4N1 white people also stole black people culture by wearing BRAIDS and WEAVES *!* nigga shut yo stupid ass up

    3. Reckless says

      L31L4N1 and den white people wanna call da cops on black people deht ain’t even do nun

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  64. BrokenRainer YT says

    bro this really helps cuz I need to do this for a gym class

    1. lunarmoon2k says

      ok sorry but which gym class do you have to learn a tiktok dance from

    2. BrokenRainer YT says

      @lunarmoon2k it’s part of our dance unit

    3. lunarmoon2k says

      @BrokenRainer YT …Why does your gym class need to dance a considerably innapropriate dance?

    4. BrokenRainer YT says

      @lunarmoon2k ask our teachers that and it’s a choice between tik tok or fortnite dances and you have to make up a dance routine using some of those dances

  65. Gianna Rodriguez says

    Do I miss my cocoa butter kiss dance

    1. ixcrystal roblox says

      That one Is so easy u can learn it just by watching people dance it

  66. Kayla Blomfield says

    Why the legs

  67. Blancc says

    Anyone got a gun?

  68. Gaming With Prayer says

    The beats sounded like a windex bottle…

    1. Dj Marls says

      I actually lol at this

  69. Ahart Real says


  70. Ahart Real says

    Do the Doja cat tutorial

  71. Life of Talise says

    Thank you for the tutorial it helped a lot I’m going to watch the other one right now

  72. Jamay Madison says

    i am so bad at dancing that i only learned the second step’s


    can you do hud baby woha whoa

  74. Solange Barbier says

    Why don’t you play the real music?

    1. Amy Cunningham says

      Solange Barbier probably just copyright

  75. Solange Barbier says

    100th comment yay

  76. Connie’s Life says

    U was going to slow no offence

  77. Makenzie Saintil says

    It was so annoying when he kept going, tss tss tss tss mmmmm tss tss ka tss tss

    1. L31L4N1 says

      to help people who need the beat while practicing

  78. Brooke Carafeno says

    Can you do I’ll be your sugar

  79. All American Podcast Ed McCants says


  80. All American Podcast Ed McCants says

    Too much bad knees.

  81. Solana Coy says

    Why he do the same thing so many times😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦🤦

    1. Jen Spurling says

      Because that’s what a tutorial is.

    2. Zuzu Fitzpatrick says

      Solana Coy to help
      U duh

  82. Ruby Oconnor says

    Haha jokes on u I already know it sorry I had to😂

  83. Girl Glam says

    I literally thought it was “burn the game” instead of renegade 💀

    1. sakkhee phongnoi says

      U guys weirddd

    2. All about Sierra says

      I thought it said burn the gas

    3. Diondra 1738 says

      Girl Glam girl how the hell renegade sound like burn the game 🤦🏿‍♀️

    4. aluriaa says

      thought it was friends again lma

    5. Girl Glam says

      @Diondra 1738 idk lmao

  84. lmao no one says

    This was uploaded when my uncle died..💔

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    2. Queen HANAN says


  85. V.s.l.t Squad says

    I love y’all 🖤

    1. evelyn costigan says

      this is not ariana ….

  86. Layla Shandy says

    Love this but the song is called Lottery by k camp not renagade but this really helped me

    1. soohrehnay says

      Layla Shandy well people know the song by lyric renegade so

    2. L31L4N1 says

      its *both* mr. know-it-all

  87. Breanna Tays says


  88. Phil Swift says

    This is very detailed and helpful 🙂 thanks

  89. Mona Talebi says

    Boom sksksk ka 😂

  90. Lily Mix says

    This is, BY FAR, *THE BEST* tutorial on this dance that I’ve found! Thank you SOOO MUCH for breaking it down, step by step, the way you did. Oh, and for going over the steps a few times before moving on! I have *zero* coordination, so teaching it the way you do in this video is super helpful for someone like me! I’m only @ 3:17 but I’m doing great so far lol

    Oh and triple thanks for teaching the “woah” 😂😂 it may be super easy for most people to do, but like I said – *zero coordination* ! So yea 😂😂 thank you for that as well!

    Def got a subscriber outta me! 😘😍💜🙏🏼🙏🏼💜

  91. Gabrielle Nguyen says

    This is good but damn u did things way too slow

    1. Zombuyer says


    2. Peridot Pew pew • 3 • says


    3. juicy_comics ! says

      if it’s too slow for you, then click that little settings button on the bottom of the video click playback speed and speed it up! youre welcome 🙂

    4. Mobile User says

      Stfu kid he could do it faster then u could LMA0

    5. Ben PH says

      No its not that slow hes just repeating it so damn lot

  92. Gabrielle Nguyen says

    And bruh u repeated the same things so many times so slowwwww, like I understand you’re going slow so people can’t understand but fuck we aren’t 2 years old and if they really need to see a step again they can just rewind some of the video

    1. L31L4N1 says

      and bruh its to help slow learners. just cause you might be a fast learner doesnt mean the whole world is…

  93. Windex says


    1. L31L4N1 says

      finally someone with a positive compliment 🙂

  94. LaurynTamia says

    9:50 *looks at right arm* “Throw your left arm out”

    1. Amogh Paruvelli says

      The video is mirrored

    2. evelyn costigan says

      did you not see ” this video is mirrored ” at the bottom of the screen??! so stupid

    3. LaurynTamia says

      evelyn costigan lol settle down

  95. G White says

    Thanks for making this video

  96. oncexwizone says

    can you do a tutorial for the song candy on tiktok?

  97. Blake Glasser says

    Can you do all I want for Christmas is you plot twist

    1. Craig Dymock says

      Yes ive been wanting to learn that

    2. sakkhee phongnoi says

      Guys thats super easy and also it’s called soldier boy not all I want for Christmas plot twist

  98. slum9god says

    i already know this dance, why am I watching this

  99. Antoniaaa Ssss says


  100. Playlist Makerxx says

    He doesn’t know how to do the woah, and he pronounces it “wo”

    1. Zuzu Fitzpatrick says

      Shut up he’s trying to help

    2. Carmelskinnedteetee Tee says

      People pronounce in different ways

  101. Anika Angi says

    why is there a slower version of this

  102. Tope Oyekan says

    thx so much got it time to watch pt2:)

  103. Jessica Romero says

    thats so me

  104. Jen Spurling says

    This is so helpful! Thanks

  105. Samira Solano Garcia says

    Can you show us the I been tik toking while i’m walking dance?

  106. PotatoPlayz_08 says

    he said the huaaa

  107. Jd Bryant says

    Imagine needing a tutorial

  108. Bianca Soquena says

    I am subscribing to u
    Thank you ur my hero

  109. Bad Peopleoof says

    Can you please do Roxanne

  110. June summer says

    Too slow my dude

  111. B a d B i t c h C l u b says

    How tf you milk this video

  112. Kaitlyn Simon says

    It’s too slow

    1. L31L4N1 says

      he made it slow to help people who are slow learners

  113. Brooke Boyd says

    U do it too slow and repeat everything like 100 times

    1. L31L4N1 says

      to help slow learners…

  114. Amanda Hough says

    0:00 he does the woah like a Fortnite player might do it XD

  115. Andrew Murasso says

    What’s your Instagram?

  116. R and Ls Extreme days says

    OMg! Stop doing it over and over again you did one part like 10 times

    1. L31L4N1 says

      he does it over and over again because it helps jog people’s memories who need it

  117. look at all those chickens says

    I can’t believe I’m watching this

  118. TypicalBrownie says

    Honestly it’s easier to learn by just watching a compilation of these tiktoks because you made this too slow and so when you make it faster it’s hard to keep up. Good job though!

  119. Dj Marls says

    I don’t even have tik tok I just want to do something entertaining during class or show the fact that I can do something better than my cousin can LOL

  120. JC_ 07 says

    You are good but you keep on saying “lets try that again” many times. Pls just repeat the steps twice pls

    1. Heather Morris says

      He’s saying it so many time to get it stuck in your head.

    2. Jasmine says

      Other people might want that many times just skip it.

    3. KatAM says

      It’s actually how a lot of dancers learn. For example, your not going to get a pirouette on the second try, with every detail perfect. I know it’s not as hard as ballet, but I’m just letting you know it’s a teaching technique.

    4. Senpai Cat says

      Katy Gordon
      I agree

    5. Abigail Radford says

      JC_ 07 if you’re not happy, exit the videooooo

  121. Hanniah Samone says

    Well that was disturbing🙅🏾‍♀️

    1. L31L4N1 says

      then so is ur comment 🙂

    2. L31L4N1 says

      then so are you

  122. Jocelyn Martinez says

    What kind of woe is that😂

    1. •Pretty Editz• says


    2. L31L4N1 says

      **better than yours**

  123. Tuli says

    Thanks so much!!

  124. Erica Tormanen says

    You should do the c-walk dance tutorial next time!

  125. Kitty Oats says

    subscribe to me kitty Oates

  126. Kitty Oats says

    Without the e

  127. kt squad says

    This did not help at all you kept going you should start from the beginning the go from there just quit youtube🙄

    1. L31L4N1 says

      then you should quit life

    2. L31L4N1 says


  128. Rose Gold says

    I like that ur teaching it and all but like can u speed it up a bit and not repeat so much

    1. L31L4N1 says

      he’s trying to go slow to help people who are slow learners

    2. Rose Gold says

      @L31L4N1 ik but he could atleast not keep repeating it over and over 50 times each step he teaches

  129. L31L4N1 says

    i know you’ve been getting a lot of negative comments 😒 but i simply understand you do the tutorial slowly simply to help others who want and need it. im so thankful someone like you teaches very detailed and slowly. i went from literally not know any part of the dance to knowing the whole thing 🙂

    Also, can you do a tutorial on VIBEZ by DaBaby please?

    1. Jillian Callahan says

      Bubblegum is pretty simple. Good luck learning☺

    2. Yeetus Deletus says

      just so you know the comments arent really negative..

    3. L31L4N1 says

      @Jillian Callahan I decided to change it to something else now lol

    4. Jillian Callahan says

      @L31L4N1 Oh
      Well have fun☺

  130. mckenzie blyth says

    Why r U wearing a women’s shirt

    1. L31L4N1 says

      why are you being so picky

    2. mckenzie blyth says

      @L31L4N1 being picky? Sorry for asking a question

  131. Baby Yoda says

    I is new. Can u teach meh grades been low.i need the help on the long division. Please

  132. Kayden Franco says

    Your to old for tik tok

    1. L31L4N1 says

      youre too old for life then 🙂

    2. Kayden Franco says

      Your too old for god stupid L31L4N1

  133. Carson O’Connell says

    When he said this is the end of part 1 I cried

    1. Katie Zoumboulis says

      I just sat through 13 minutes of this guy to be told there was a part two :/

    2. Brittni Ayers says

      me too girl my sis complaned it is not even the holl dance

    3. gauri rao says

      There is part 2

    4. Stephanie says

      There a part two duhh

    5. gilena baba says

      Me to I’m like u said step by step of the dance not part one

  134. Soraya’s Life says

    So slow tho.

  135. yummy says

    Maybe try being a little slower next time

  136. Timote Tuiono Tulua says

    U did this to slow man

  137. theyadorenina says

    he is really pissing me off bruh… wont be watching him again

  138. Princess Samiyah says


  139. m.elondy says

    You’re here for the same reason

  140. Lena Chinn says

    I hope you know that the TikTok dance and music is WAYYY faster then he did it


    He does it slow so you can remember it better don’t get mad at him 🤦🏽‍♀️

  142. y says

    This is called a cringe move

  143. The 3 Sissies says

    omg i never realised how complicated this is!

  144. jroc1919 says

    This video is much appreciated. However, if you are teaching an instructional video, keep in mind that you are having people counting slow for these moves while there is background music with a sped up tempo. Its throwing us off. Lol. Please edit background music out. Thanks.

  145. Vanessa Yanez says

    There’s a fast forward button ok in the meantime ima enjoy this slow tutorial cause I need to LEARN IT 😂❤️👍🏼

  146. Ralkun says

    Minecrafter2011 made the real renegade dance

  147. Tejveer Keshav says

    Bro ur awsm

  148. Marilynn Taylor says

    THERES MORE dude I have to do something tomorrow and me and my team doing this 🙁

    1. Learn How To Dance says

      Here’s the link for part 2 😊

    2. evelyn costigan says

      sucks to be you

  149. Elmo LONG says

    You did it so slow that I had to put the speed faster

  150. Mikayla Taylor says

    i hate it when he makes that stupid sound

  151. シLuluシ says

    this is how many tik tok wannabes are learning this


    thx for 3k likes to dont forget to cheak out my channel btw love this on though great job

    1. Best of Tiktoks says

      シLuluシ well why are u watching this then..

    2. evelyn costigan says

      fr tho

    3. evelyn costigan says

      @Grace Mai lamo

    4. Rut Gonzales says

      シLuluシmany * you can’t even spell

    5. Alexandra Narcisse says

      Lol sameeeee

  152. dat chicken nugget girl says

    Thus dude reminds me of my math teacher which is a good thing

  153. Erin Garcia says

    Wtf was that woah HAHA

  154. Zacarno King says

    can you do dip and learn tiktok please

  155. น่ารักMina says


  156. Aly Lash says

    This is easy af moves u dont need to teach this damn slow

  157. music lover cat says


  158. HAMADA FAROUSI says

    When does part 2 come

  159. Lincoln Luavasa says

    we wanted a slower tutorial, but geez im not an idiot lol. Thx

  160. Estela Calderon says


  161. Anthony Is Here says

    We’re not in kindergarten u don’t have explain the way we move our arms just show us the moves

  162. Annika Larson says

    Omg we played ur Tik tok dance tutorial for spooky scary skeletons at my school dancs

  163. Lex Z says

    Helped me sm! Thank you!

  164. Bob Smith says

    0:55 this shit is so cringy
    This niqqa said “hit the waaah”

  165. Alex Georgefski says

    this is shit it taught me nothing

  166. bryana ethyr says


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  172. Jenny The Bunny YT says

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  173. Athina Siedman says

    allot my classmates were doing this dance so i just needed too learn this dance thx

  174. Misae Tate says

    bro this was way to slow wtf

    1. Angel Coronel says

      Just speed it up

  175. Ross Phillip says

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  176. Ross Phillip says

    U suck

  177. Ross Phillip says

    U cringe !!

  178. hi-im-omar says

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  181. Ava HowellPERIOD says

    speed it up bruh

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    it’s not “ renegade “ , it’s run the gas .

    1. Alexia Cernadas says

      No,it’s renegade

  183. ceylin ama grande says

    thats looks hard but im gonna do this

    1. Learn How To Dance says

      #YouGoGirl ✊

    2. ceylin ama grande says

      Learn How To Dance I LEARNED IT 🤪

  184. Mercy attack says

    Godddd he is good and all by dang you slow

  185. Jakenzie Pickenpack says

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