Stair Shuffle Dance Challenge Musically Compilation #stairchallenge

Stair Shuffle Dance Challenge on Salsa Sauce. This dancers are awesome! If you want see more musically dance challenges please leave like and subscribe –

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image Stair Shuffle Dance Challenge Musically Compilation #stairchallenge

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  1. rayson Yonan says

    I’m first

    1. Cadie Rose says

      rayson Yonan you look like lucus and marcus

    2. cheese doodles says

      Cadie Rose that’s a fan picture omgggg lmfao they set that as their pic cuz their a fan. They got it from google. I got my pic from google too. I’m a fan of the dude in my pic. Park Jinyoung

    3. rayson Yonan says

      Jonathan Perluss nah that was my sister comment this down so I’m a boy

    4. rayson Yonan says

      Rihanna Stoute I subscribed you

    5. rayson Yonan says

      Cadie Rose that was my sister did this lol so I’m a boy

  2. Šølär. • .Kärmä says


    1. Salsa Sauce says

      You are second!😊 XOXO❤️ Have a great weekend!!!

    2. Šølär. • .Kärmä says

      I’ve been noticed…….

  3. Joshua Clark says


  4. smail smail says


  5. Mia Powa,Ubista,Cresserista, says

    Perfect 💙 👌🏻

    1. Leticia Almeida says

      Mia Powa,Ubista,Cresserista, se escreva-se no meu canal por favor eu retribuo já se escrevi no seu

    2. isadora nunes says


    3. Daina Klapere says

      Das war cool

    4. Mari Garicia says

      Mia Powa,Ubista,Cresserista, koygohghigog

    5. brankica brsec says


  6. saba machalova says

    i like it. I love shuffle dance

  7. Fit Wika says

    I Love You ❤

    1. Fit Wika says

      Arelyn De los santos 😊

    2. anabel he la says

      Fit Wika. I love you too💖💖💖

    3. albena Ahmed says


    4. Mix Sisters says

      I love panda 🐼

    5. Samantha Vo says

      I love food.

  8. smail smail says

    Yo no lo sé hacer

    1. Luna 20 says

      smail smail
      La mayoría del vídeo no lo hace bien, bueno, como yo creo que es así que pues no te preocupes

    2. Rejemils Flores says

      smail smail x2

    3. Luis Valenciaj jje says

      does Eskimos red espanyol

    4. Luis Valenciaj jje says

      tu saves Como ablar español

    5. `•* M a g D a y *• ́ says

      smail smail algún día lo podrás hacer yo antes no sabia pero haora si 👍👍👍

  9. Adélka Adélka says


  10. rayson Yonan says

    Who is Muslim I’m not

  11. Afriana * says

    This is cool

    1. It's Me Lindzz says

      Blackberry cupcake Is Sweet :3 can we sub to sub I subbed! ^_^♥♥

  12. smail smail says


  13. smail smail says

    1 coment

    1. Khuma Pautu says

      smail smail hi

    2. Brissa Contreras says

      smail smail

    3. smail smail says

      Brissa Contreras que pasa?

    4. Khuma Pautu says

      Say in english

    5. Roxanna and romina forever Grande says

      smail smail ummmm idk

  14. Czejs Rotan says


  15. Kamyah Darries says


  16. Lauren Karen says


  17. open kids fan says


  18. mileydi jordan says


  19. Sandy Slays says


  20. Susana Franco says

    Hi 5th

  21. Jared Moore says

    22nd comment!!

  22. Janka says

    Very good video wow 👍

    1. camilla_ love_omg says

      Janka Stovičková jd

  23. ASAP ediso says

    U keep this stuff up u doing great😀😘

  24. даша Даша says

    Напиши это к 3 видео
    Хлопни 5 раз
    Закрой глаза на 10 секунд
    И там будет айфон

  25. hakuna.matata says

    Hammer😍 sieht aus wie ein Robotergang🤖

  26. B_Ë_ M_Ň_4_Ť_'m says


  27. Leonie Frömken says

    Cool Video

  28. Genesis SaNTOS CONCEPCIOM says

    Hola me encanta este canal me darían un corazón

  29. camilla_ love_omg says


  30. Itzel Hernandez says

    35 comment yay

  31. some other spinel says

    first one to say first probably

  32. ASAP ediso says

    If u dont bother what’s this song

    1. XxSavage QuinnxX says

      Pretty girl

    2. Malak Queen says

      ASAP ediso pretty girl

    3. Party says

      But what mix?

    4. Leen Mohamed says


    5. Leen Mohamed says

      Pretty girl remix

  33. c c says

    Can’t wait to start doing musicallys!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Extra Rebekah says

      Me too

  34. Lysann Freund says


  35. William Sherwood says


  36. Marta Atram says


  37. Akilah Gordan says


  38. David Mizzell says

    Good but why the same music?????????,??

    1. cheese doodles says

      David Mizzell it’s the only song with the beat to match the footwork

  39. Manuel Galvan says

    Veri god

  40. Esther Castillo says


  41. Lindsay Fradier says

    I Love ❤❤

    1. ♍cha-chui-chico♍ says

      Lindsay Fradier and me

  42. Luana Diniz says

    Muito legal!!!

  43. Angelica Altamirano says

    Esta re chido el video

  44. Aimee Kan says

    1:14 is not doing it right 🖓🖓🖓

    1. DonutRun says

      She have a german youtube channel, she only tried it. It was hard for her

  45. army.alysha says

    Are you a girl or boy salsa

  46. Anabelly Castelo Branco says

    Amo esses vídeos nota 100000

    Como chama esaa musica? ?

  47. Thomas Kibir says


  48. Αγγελική καβ says

    Ι love

  49. Jennifer 205 says

    Did anyone notice that there aren’t any kids at all doing this challenge

  50. Søfïâåä_Wølf🐺❤ says

    Parabens com o video👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  51. It's Just Linniah says

    Me: This looks easy
    Me trying:

    Dang this is hard

  52. Hawa Aboo says


  53. Hannah Harrison says

    So cool

  54. Hannah Provan says

    Cool 💖 edit:when you don’t know what to say

  55. Its me Kc! says

    Me:trys to do this
    Also me:-falls down stairs-

  56. Anna D'antonio says

    Siete bravissimi

  57. Jamila Masuud says

    Rebecah Wing😍😘😍

  58. Hamburger Burger King says

    Rebecca war dabei cool👍🏻👍👍😙🤗❤

  59. Leonie-Playmobil Familien says

    Becky habe ich schon lange gesehen auf

  60. craft corner says

    Everyone doing same thing i don’t like it😛😛😛😛😛

  61. Fazli Maksuti says


  62. Sofia Varini says


  63. Sofia Varini says

    2:38 sono cordinatissime😍

    1. popov stefan says


    2. _ooshisay_ says


    3. poddy grety says

      Finalmente una italiana nei video cmq è verissimo

    4. Radude33 says

      mhm, sembrava di vedere in doppio xD

  64. Nailah la belle says

    Je kiff de ouff ♥♥

  65. Cami the gølf• says


  66. selena ortis says


  67. wajiha Imran says

    Song name please

    1. S.R.D. Squad says

      Rabia Anwar pretty girl code x cheat

    2. July says

      Pretty girl Maggie Lindlemann House Nation remix

  68. Martina Belviolandi says

    I can’t walk without falling… this is no real😂 they are inhuman

  69. Martina Belviolandi says

    Me at 3:33

  70. PARKOUR Y BMX says

    cómo es el nombre de la canción?????

  71. andrea valentina martinez says

    me encanta

  72. Diane The Hedgehog says

    What is music the 0:05

    1. S.R.D. Squad says

      Susan The Wolf it is “pretty girl code x cheat”

  73. Princess Pari says

    Thx I learned from this video!Also I memorized the song!

    1. Szabina Barkóczi says



    Musically i like half of the whole thing

  75. SAVAGE 242 says

    I love this song

  76. SAVAGE 242 says

    It so awesome


    We never found out what’s she holding her middle finger up to.

    1. S.R.D. Squad says

      Peridot Facit 2f5l cut 5xg it is “to the world”



      Alaa Chamma Ok thanks

  78. Olivia Solis says

    I liked the video 👍

    1. Maite Rodriguez Osorio says

      Olivia Solis como tejer. Un. Gorro. En. Dodos agufas

  79. JUAN RiVAS says

    4:21 no le salio

  80. agustina girl power says

    Nada mas bacan que el shuffle vivaaaa por si acaso la canción se llama pretty girl 😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😘😘✌✌✌✌✌👍👍👍👍👍👊👊👊💖💗💞💞💘💕💕🎧🎶🎶🎧🎶🎧 like si te gustó

  81. um toqui de ginástica e diversão grazielly says


  82. Extra Rebekah says

    This is good

  83. Emereeses says

    Perfect 👌🏻

  84. Catalina Jabre says

    Ierfec 1:47

  85. Sara Resendiz says

    4:18 lo que se ve es tus tenis de mierda

  86. Valeria Jimenez says


  87. Yeny Sierra says

    wow great job i wish i did that

  88. jocelyn hernandez says

    Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion

    1. YosoyAlexa 28 says

      jocelin cncowner pretty girl

    2. jocelyn hernandez says

      Ok gracias

  89. Tyler Beard says

    smooth i can also do that. easy but when it comes to going up my carpet stairs nawww🤔 but i think that i can master and rock non carpet stairs

  90. insia shah says

    I know how to do it

  91. Simrat Reet says

    People like 1:41 and 2:08 are not really enjoying that dance if you agree hit a like on this comment

    1. Simrat Reet says

      What is h and z

    2. Javier Nery says

      Simrat Reet

    3. Pluto ASMR says

      Simrat Reet herpz

    4. Kiyaras rainbow says

      natalie davis You seem a little young to be saying all this… (No hate, just sayin’) 😐

    5. ItsSophieBOI says

      Cassandra Jackson and WHO THE FUCK CARES

  92. sofia castro says

    😮😮oooh lo hacen super chevere

  93. sofia castro says


  94. Marissa Sharrott says

    5:08-5:22 thats not the stair shuffle!!

  95. x_ Scayler _x says

    Sorry, Salsa Sauce… but can I at you, please? I’m hungry.

  96. viviana Peredo says

    I love

  97. x_ Scayler _x says

    2:1 I like it

  98. i need sleep says

    Damn this people have talent ԅ( Ơ∀ Ơԅ✿)❤

  99. elxni_m 10 says

    At 04:08 -04:23 she just jumped not shuffle

    1. Stephanie Megan Hamman says

      Jip I wanted to say the same

    2. Pekke Nicole says

      Yha i agree

    3. Derpy_pOtatO 101 says

      True..but maybe it’s a practice one

    4. Gacha playz says

      Elenaky 1 true

    5. Hikami Games says


  100. my dog is cool yes says

    Music of that?

    1. S.R.D. Squad says

      xXWolvesXx it is pretty girl code x cheat

  101. Mandy seb says

    4:16 das war kein shuffle

  102. Kezia Eduarda says


  103. S.R.D. Squad says

    Pretty girl song?

    Really amazing

  104. Abazi Kokolli says


  105. XxxKitten_RulesxxX says

    Its so easy to do and fun!!! I do it all the time and plus I learned it in one day

    1. Cøurtney says

      Lillian Castaneda WHAT YOU LEARNED IN ONE DAY HOW? 😞 I need help

  106. Dervish Pirku says


  107. XxxAya_ PlayzGachaXxx says

    Easy love it

  108. Star_ Light says

    Omg dat wouse Rebecca wing 1:07😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂

  109. Jayda Foster says

    I like the song☺❤

  110. Gacha Girl says

    4:14 that’s not how you do it 4:43 neither is that 4:52 or that! 5:13 WTF!! IS THAT MEANT TO BE SHUFFLE!?

    1. Hadise Chalil Oglou says


  111. zein aben Syria kaddour says

    what name this song

    1. Shekinah Ryan says

      zein aben Syria kaddour “pretty girl”

  112. Angelina Junior Fridel Jesus du bist Gut says

    Im firsr

  113. patrycja teodorowska says


  114. Marche Pretorius says

    Lot of poeple of them cant shuffle

  115. LeNA Istogu says

    DA war sogar rebekah wing da❤🦄😘

  116. Swagtashgamer says

    Some can’t dance

  117. Dawid Miskowiec says

    Half the people didn’t know how to do it.

  118. Aamaira Jadhav says


  119. Hanna Asm says

    1:11 rebekah Wing ❤️❤️😍😘❤️

    1. Hadise Chalil Oglou says


    2. Bobby johe and Bts are the best says

      Jona Asm what did you even say?

    3. Who are you? says

      thats me bobby johe lmao same XD

  120. Loren a says


    1. Shekinah Ryan says

      L. Lorena pretty girl

  121. Kiara Mahissa Zapata Montes says

    music ?

  122. Raffaella Criscuolo says

    Siete perfette

  123. Marzena W says

    Rebekha wing

  124. Anonymous Synonymous says

    Kinda looks like a moonwalk

  125. Jade says

    1:09 becki ❤❤❤

    1. lina und leonie says

      Ein deutsche

    2. Aida Aljukic says

      Ich liebe beckii die einzigste Deutsche😂💞💝💗💖💕💓💟💜💛💚💙❤😍💘🙈✌😀😁😃😊🙂☺😄😆😉😛😜😝😋😗😙😘😚😎😏🙋🙌🙆🤗🤓🙃😹😻😸😺😽🙈🙊🙉👯👸👰💃💋👌👍👊🤘🐱🐹🐶🐸🐵🐆🐯🐨🐷🦁

    3. Maike ciz says

      Hab ne deutsche gefunden

    4. Alina love says

      #teambaki who is baki big fan .

    5. Дмитрий Макаров says

      fluffy unicorn

  126. x K says

    I’m the third

  127. Lorena Cortes Contreras says

    I Love these song :3

  128. CrezBud's BFF says

    2:37 was amazing!!

    1. Juliett Sanchez says

      Flame5166 z

    2. CK Clan Fortnite says

      CrezBud’s BFF Is

    3. Daniela Acosta says

      @hayden dingle to be

    4. Daniela Acosta says

      @Veronica Ortiz to 5

    5. Daniela Acosta says

      @т α м α к ι and to be a little bit of the

  129. osiel 2.0 says

    Siganme en mi canal

  130. Higstuff says

    Most of them do it wrong…. Like is one of the only who do it right 1:21

  131. Cupekake 367 says


  132. Melissa Trischack says

    Alle Achtung! Beki ist : Dabei !xD😁

  133. ItzKatelyn says


  134. Michelle Barrera-Villa says

    so cool

  135. Animal Girl says

    Trop facile !

  136. Molie Pany says

    So good I love 😚😚😚❤❤❤

  137. xXIlkaXx Msp says


  138. Sneako Animations says

    1:23 is my fav! Looks like he is walk-in on air

    1. Bobby johe and Bts are the best says

      Sneako Animations ummm what?

  139. Constant_ ine says

    whats thee song?

  140. Dragusiaaa says

    3:24 she is perfect❤❤

  141. Buba Reinhardt says


  142. Alexandra Ilisei says


  143. sophia Fischer says

    1:17 habe das Video dazu gesehen

    1. Super Vanni says

      sophia Fischer Ich och, is geil #beki 😘

    2. Farhana Khandaker says

      sophia Fischer d

    3. Alessia sebastianov says

      sophia Fischer ich auch😂😂

  144. Jessica Spellman says

    What do they all have the same song??? Plus it’s rlly good I can shuffle

  145. Moobag21 Barbs says

    2:43 amazing and perfect 👌🏻

  146. Crafty girl says

    I tried it,and its so hard. By the way 2:40 was so good

    1. Guava Girl xox says

      Mimi Ella I did it

    2. Samantha Vo says

      Ikr, the synchronization is unreal.

    3. Somone Inspired says

      I just tried first learn that shuffle on floor just slide ur feet back and fourth then if the stairs on right put right foot up first then pick other up

    4. Crafty girl says

      Somone Inspired thanks for sharing how to do it

    5. Either Apolo Quezada says

      Coma se llama la cancion🤔🤔🤔🤔

  147. Karol Coca says

    Me encantaron los pasos que daban like si también les gusto

  148. Bruninha Pinheiro says


  149. Brissa Contreras says


  150. lion _be says


  151. Guadalupe Chavez says

    Iove song ok yes

  152. Ximena López says

    Lo ise pero me cai jijiji

  153. Manuelita V says

    como se llama la cancion de fondo

  154. Beep Beep says

    If I tried that I would of broken my ankle

  155. Joan Lee says


  156. Gladis Salcido says

    How do you guys do that

  157. Uyên Lê says

    What song

  158. Pamela Fitzner says

    Rebekah ❤️

  159. alxses 21 says

    Some of them dont know how to shuffle at all 😒

  160. IgnOre mE- says


  161. ELZA Iseni says

    rebekah wing wie cool🐴🐎🦄

  162. Jana-Sophie Stroß says

    Wie heißt das Lied?

  163. Jana-Sophie Stroß says

    What’s the Name of the Song?

  164. AkeelaH Clark says

    What song is that called

  165. Alina C says

    Omg bekiiii ❤️😘😍

    1. Alina love says

      Alina Cas hii my name is also alina . and i am a big fan of baki love her

  166. Chloe Boyce says

    I love it and it is satisfying

  167. Mdxx Leonardo says

    cum ar putea un copil sa faca asa

  168. kätchen HD cat says

    Gut sehr gut😘😘😭

  169. Hadise Chalil Oglou says

    1:06 #TeamBekii🙈💕

  170. Ana Petrović says

    Whats the name of the song?

    1. AmazinPug says

      Ana Petrović. PRETTY GIRL by Maggie Lindemann

    2. Alina love says

      Ana Petrović thanks u i love it

  171. ktoś nie wiem kto says

    Music ??

  172. Heksie ACDC says


  173. Elsan Hasanli says


  174. Taylor Crichton says

    If u watch it and put thumbs down then dont watch it gosh dont fuckn hate it if your going to watch it here to all the people that put ther thumbs down whats the point and sorry for swering I just had to

  175. Fatiha Belkasmi says


  176. Joy Smile Walek says

    Bei 01:08 war RebekaWing Beki

  177. Mixsi Evertsz says

    Ik kan het 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘

  178. Josephine Jentzsch says

    Guys just can not shuffle😒

  179. Alexandra Olaru says

    2:39 names music?

    1. Zahra Abdi Osman says

      Alexandra Olaru Jon Salem Rithma

  180. Georgia Stefanou says

    3:55 awful

  181. Ane says

    really sympathetic personality ❤

  182. Nein ja says

    1:07 #BECKIGANG

  183. Edith Häme says


  184. sisidelosa Simin says

    what music name???

  185. KAIRA'S Dance says

    Xoxo ❤👆

  186. Merita _sy says


  187. Isabelle e as Historias e dix Walker says


  188. Despicable Donut says

    They make it look easy!!! Its hard to me

  189. golden world says

    Wow amazing

  190. Frank Neiß says

    1:8 rebekah Wing #teambeki

  191. Brianna 1234 says

    You can see who knows how to shuffle and who doesn’t

  192. Frank Neiß says


  193. Myriem Ben Hlima says

    I love this music and I love guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  194. Berfin Teymuroglu says

    1:06 BEKI 😀 <3

  195. Yocasta Encarnación says

    My fav!!!! 2:38!!!!!!!!

  196. Elisabeth Dejonckheere says

    O mad igod

  197. Kenny Godoy says

    The song is so beautiful. 😢💐💌

  198. Reem Sharf says

    Look att 4 .50

  199. Cai Rox says

    This is also on like Same Song to

  200. maya kaspi says


  201. Chili Emilia Søgaard-Hansen says


  202. Chili Emilia Søgaard-Hansen says


  203. Cher S says

    2:39 the litterly the same steps..this got me blowing

  204. Iloveicecream says

    3:08 looks like little tay😅

  205. Mary Cruz says


  206. ・inononosuke ・ says

    And then they fall XD

  207. chispita lovers says

    Yo ya e hecho ese truco con una amiga…. 😉

  208. Dayana Rodriguez says

    Yo me diera en la madre jojojo

  209. Larissa Rabaye says


  210. chrissy Karijodikromo says

    Perfect 2

  211. Jule Schueuer says

    Beki ist am start😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Super Vanni says

      bibis Fan jaa risch geeiilll

    2. Super Vanni says


  212. Jule Schueuer says

  213. Aslam Ahmad says

    When i tried to do this really i lost my front teeths

  214. fant _asma says


  215. Celine Hein says

    #teambecki 1:17

  216. Roxanna and romina forever Grande says

    I love this song but it says the f word in it after stick my middle finger to the world

  217. Eli Queen says

    1:09 omg 😮beki❤

  218. Miranda.B says

    Hanna ❤️❤️❤️
    The next was best

  219. ŞEKER TV says


  220. Raluca Ciucescu says


  221. Sharlyse Te Whata says

    4:01 she did not do it right can you guys plz cheap my channel thankyou😀

  222. Niobhe says

    4:10 la típica persona que se piensa que sabe bailar shufle

  223. rosa_ coss says

    Como se llama las canciones ❤ estan chidas

  224. Liianchen says


  225. Grace McDonald says

    I love the first girl I personally think she danced it better 😉😘

  226. Chinonso David says


  227. Esther Garcia says

    I love this song

  228. Kids DIY & Toys says

    Lol how do you do that

  229. Daniel Vicente says


  230. maria agapito says

    I love it❤

  231. Siobhan Fialho says

    2:39 is lit 🔥 love it 😊

    They r doing it at the exact same time

  232. Siobhan Fialho says

    2:39 is definitely shuffling in my opinion

  233. Marnie Ruiz says


  234. ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ᴛɪɴᴀ says

    Love the song for each one of them and it can sometimes scrape the bottom of their shoes but its theirs so yea

  235. toria says

    Queria aprender

  236. Liza Jimenez says

    Me gusta mucho😘

  237. its_izzy T says

    The people who disliked the vid are the people who are jealous that they can’t do it

  238. Dulce Tablas says


  239. messabih amira says

    4:40-5:07 that’s not shuffling even i can do that

  240. Pexrl Blxck says


  241. Anderson lan says

    Qual o nome dessa música?

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