The Best TikTok Tutorials 2019

TikTok Tutorials 2019
More Compilations :
Anna Zak Old VS New Musical.lys :
Try Not To Sing Challenge :
Lucas and Marcus vs Marcus and Martinus Battle Musers :

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image The Best TikTok Tutorials 2019

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  1. Valerie France says


  2. Montana Daniel says

    Yay first

    1. Barby Pasion says

      You suck👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    2. Barby Pasion says


    3. Barby Pasion says

      You suck

  3. Mert Yilmaz says


  4. Renata Panclová says

    Super video

  5. Miriam Reinke says


  6. Oi Sydney says


  7. Lena Bogdanovic says


  8. Paulina Łucyk says


  9. оду ванчик says

    Я первая

  10. Arra_izzrequired says

    1 like

  11. Luz Ramirez says


    1. Barby Pasion says

      I hate you👎

  12. Minire Gashi says


  13. Junior Goumard says

    First 1

  14. Elena Rat says

    Just a beatifull…

  15. Harry_potter_fanpaxe says

    Bitte folgt Mir ʼ’chiaragitschthaler Danke heiss ich auf tik tok

    1. Hayrunnisa Akcay says

      Ok mach ich folg mir auch @õnly._.hãyrõ

  16. bsbhs .hdhdhd says


    1. Elena Rat says

      Like at my comeent

  17. Melanie yevenes says


  18. lidar._. irmoum says


  19. Lajaya Jay says


  20. fabiola Sanchez vlog says

    I love it

    1. Barby Pasion says

      i hate you

  21. yacine- tube says

    Yamaha z 1000 vs Tmax 530💥💥💥❤️💓💓💥😜😘😍👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  22. Mia sexy dance says

    3:43 is sweet ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Eva Deacon says

      Mia sexy dance beautiful smile

    2. Kaily Perez says

      Wengie I know I was like is my volume thing broken

    3. iS sAnA gAy says

      A I R P O D S

    4. Megan Chan says

      5:42 okay?!

    5. Lilli C says

      Wengie I coukr

  23. Cesar Sancxffgff gchez says

    3 x2

  24. Destiny Rose says

    This is cool. Stuf I codent do this. On tic tok .plea like if you urge.

  25. vem brimca comigo no mundo da mari says


  26. Madelyn Perez says

    5 hours late

    1. Celeste Peña says

      1 year late

    2. Celeste Peña says

      @Princess of Roblox hahahahahahahahahahaahaaaahahahahahahahahaha 1000 years late

  27. Ca3chou Mira says

    6:55 what’s the Name of the song ?

    1. Mini Malist says

      High hopes 😊❤️

    2. Guillermina Dominguez says

      High hopes

    3. dulce unicornio says

      High hopes

    4. #Team Eile99 says

      @cute little things gibt hopes

    5. #Team Eile99 says

      @cute little things high hieß lol,

  28. Zoza Zoza says

    I love this videos 😍😘

  29. Iza and elle fanpage HGH says

    1;01 song please

    1. Julcia says

      Iza and elle fanpage HGH believer from imagin dragons

  30. RIKA - CHAN says

    Warum gibt es bei mir keine Geschwindigkeits Einstellung mehr?-

    1. Mattis Dannecker says

      Du musst Rechts oben irgendwo drücken dann ist es wieder da

    2. RIKA - CHAN says

      Mattis Dannecker danke

  31. просто обычный комментатор says

    1:47я тоже так делала, ппц! Мы одинаково думаем!(не рофл)

    1. Momi Troll says


    2. Христина Олійник says

      Что за музыка?

  32. këngëmepërkthimshqip says

    cika cika is albanian song..

  33. Julcia says

    3:55 who else skipped too see the ending lol.

    1. Munkhjargal Jagaa says

      I me

    2. Agnieszka Kręć says


    3. {Štōrÿ Błòçk} says

      I did :3

    4. GachaKittyGamer 2 says

      On the results her hair was down instead of being in a pony tail lol

    5. naomi; says

      i made it 666 yw

  34. Lilja 101 says

    4:04 who else thought that their phone broke

    1. hollie armstrong says


    2. August Blog says


    3. Mini Malist says

      Me… I turned the volume to the max and I now im deaf… 😞😭

    4. Bum Crumb says

      I did lol

    5. David Tay says


  35. Михаела Михова says


  36. Elysian says

    I’m glad you showed the results!
    (Ending of video) lysm

  37. Elysian says

    3:43 amazing, but long,

    1. Dani Dkitty says

      And she changes 😂

  38. Isabella Hamilton says

    They got rid of v7 and v6 on tik tok

    1. Tiahna Tavita says

      No they didn’t

    2. Isabella Hamilton says

      @Tiahna Tavita yes they did on my phone they did you can’t see my phone

    3. Emoreoz says

      Isabella Hamilton they didn’t for me

    4. Sisi P says

      Isabella Hamilton yeah same for me and it sucks because I liked them ahaha

  39. Captain Gacha says


  40. Anna Maria Montagna says

    Bitte folgt mir auf tik tok heiße: chanellauria1

  41. mundo da raiany says

    Amei este vídeo 😍

  42. safirah Aisyah says


  43. Bts Ve Blackpink Hayranı says

    1:15 türk

    1. aesthetic songs says


    2. Büşra Gül says


    3. Ela Enis says

      @feyza Yılmazer bende

    4. Betul Aydin says


    5. Zuza Dorosz says

      @Zeynep AYDIN this song is Adam Levine- stereo

  44. Emily Kröter says

    Who is the 2nd ??

    1. Liliána Csécsi says

      Marco celluci

    2. Emily Kröter says

      @Liliána Csécsi thanks

  45. i will yeet uwu says

    4:26 i cant hear the audio

    1. Sadbh Marie says

      Kawaii Kitten me neither

    2. UnicornPlayz_ YT says


    3. Vanessaf007 says

      FreakyEmi Gacha 😣😣😣

    4. Haschak Sisters says


    5. ZophishaCampbell says

      Either copyright, your volume is down, or she doesn’t have one

  46. i will yeet uwu says

    5:45 i saw this in tiktok i even followed her

    1. Nevaeh Mitchell says

      Kawaii Kitten you also like panic

    2. i will yeet uwu says

      @Nevaeh Mitchell?

  47. Nie nazywam się says


  48. Мария Миронова says


  49. Asooma 29 says

    I hate it when they show the tutorial but not the real tok tok vid

  50. Carl Erjas says

    2:06 music name on tiktok?

    1. sxphie ii says

      My hear is sterio

    2. sxphie ii says

      I ment stereo

  51. umair khan says

    That was a nice video i really apriciate it

  52. Jimeliz Guemer says

    El primero yo ya lo sabia

  53. Eva Driessen says

    2:19 how do u do that?? Is that even tik tok tho

    1. Animations Studio says

      Eva Driessen its boomerang

  54. Gab_nxghtskiies says

    2019….. a lot of these are 2018

  55. addison palmer says

    Did anyone else notice that the girl that don’t the TikTok to this is America when she done it her hair was in a ponytail but when it showed her TikTok it was down

  56. Itz Anna says

    I really like the 2d or third I can’t remember

  57. walitot says

    what is the application?❤️

    1. walitot says

      Maria Trinchete gabarre And edits?

  58. Abdulov Aydın says

    0:37 music name on TikTok?

  59. gizemli birisi says

    THİS İS A TURKEY BEBEĞİM TÜRKIYE NO 🦃 İT İS 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    1. Eylül'ün Nazlı Dünyası says

      Oo türkler buradaymışız

    2. Nothing Man*-* says


    3. burç baZ says


    4. Gacha Yağmur says

      @Zeynep AYDIN stereo hearts

  60. Lolo Lolo says

    Whatsh 0:33

  61. Giovanna Sibilia says

    Luciano sempre il top

  62. Thanasia Justiniani says

    Thumbnail 4:19

  63. XxMelina_LxX says

    Who knows what button she used to do reverse? First one

  64. Gwen Chappell says

    They are so good

  65. Al's Dance says

    3:29 look at the background 😂

  66. Angeles Dave says

    What s the title of he first video??

  67. Aleyna Dinler says

    2:00 she is Turkish

  68. Thalletjuhh x says

    5:04 watch her clothes and hair
    5:11 watch her clothes and hair

    1. bingo lingo says

      the hair is a filter….😳

    2. UwU Moonlight Gacha says

      Thalletjuhh x I know right!!!!

    3. Louise Millington says


    4. Jaddith Alduhisa says

      Wait wattttty

    5. Francisco Baraza Martínez says

      Dance monkey plis??

  69. lulu lala says


  70. Kutya Vlog says

    5:41 music?

    1. Smøl Cøøkie says

      High hopes by panic at the disco

  71. Kenyér says


  72. Χριστινα Βολελικα says

    τοκ τοκ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  73. natalia lami says

    My tikotok :

  74. Ayxlina says

    The first one was cool!

  75. Христина Олійник says

    What music 2:07 ???

    1. Erol James says

      Stereo heart

    2. Erol James says

      By gym class heroes

    3. Valkerie K says

      Stereo heart

  76. Odette Thisiswaka says

    Why does the girl in the thumbnail look like Hannah Stocking?!

    1. Gacha Keira says

      Odette Thisiswaka omg she does

    2. The crazy 2 says

      Odette Thisiswaka don’t ask me lol

  77. strangerxthingslover says


  78. sanspapinwn says

    5:08 got em

  79. jesus lopez says

    11:52 am

  80. Connie says


  81. Zoe Play roblox! says


  82. perrito caliente says

    9:15 ¿Cuál es la canción?

    1. Pamela Martínez says

      La canción se llama “stereo hearts”

  83. isah Santos says

    Qual é o nome da música 3:20??

  84. isah Santos says

    What music 3:20?

    1. Dj Sushant says

      have fun😉

  85. septya key says


  86. Alison Esquivel says

    1:01 como se llama la canción?

    1. Alison Esquivel says

      @Mirko Carlotto Triveño Hola xD

    2. Nurdana Almasova says


    3. melania maldonado says


    4. cintia morel says


    5. cintia morel says


  87. CrzyTime says

    I don’t understand because 2019 just started 😂

  88. alize anderson says

    Everyone saying that you cant hear 4:04 is because she has airpods/earphones

  89. •EDANUR GACHA• says

    2•02 turkey

  90. Evi_ Lemon says

    8:59 тресла так телефон не получалось

    1. Haruko chan says

      Это только на Айфоне так красиво получается а на Андроиде не красиво

  91. Hieronim Brudziewski says


  92. ღHey Anjosღ says

    Like se tu é br como eu

  93. lazi naka says

    Love tik too

  94. love you xxxtentacion says


    1. alyson lopez says

      Ask him

  95. Julie Santiago Garcia says

  96. Bridney Henderson says

    The boy in the blue shirt im tored of seeing him

  97. Sol lz v says

    No sale el resultado de varios :v

  98. xXAndreaGachaYT Xx says

    Wait… The Title Is English But When It Come To Comments….. Scroll Down

    1. Sarah Hyland says

      I know I am so confusedddd

  99. Mohamad Sani bin pardi says


  100. wilmaws says

    Fack you

  101. Kardelen Hanilce TR says

    3:13 5:30 7:03 8:12

    No result ……Im waiting for the result 😭😭

    1. Panzuh says

      Just Kardelen:3 hahahaa sorry result on my tik tok 😉 (im the toothbrush 😉)

    2. Kardelen Hanilce TR says

      Allan Mercadier ok what is your tiktok ?

    3. Panzuh says

      Just Kardelen:3 « Panzuh »

  102. Gacha Cennet says

    2:05 Türk’müş lenflejr

    1. ?ayşe mina¿ says

      Ayn la

    2. Gacha Cennet says

      Ingiliz a sandım

  103. valentinah sįlvàà says


  104. mell rsrs says

    Alguém do Brasil?

    1. stefani :3 says


  105. Iyana Barnes says

    my tik tok name is iyana Brunson

  106. gamer girl88 says

    3:44 she looks like hannah

    1. moonloverxoxo says

      Hannah stocking!!♡♡

    2. kirumi tojo says

      Stocking !

  107. itz mia says


  108. eugenia olivera says


  109. lpsrusettilyhty says


  110. Dünyanın en Büyük Wonder Woman Hayranı says

    1:10 KIZ TÜRK

    1. Eylül'ün Nazlı Dünyası says

      sende turksun türk yok sandım

    2. LACHICA POP says

      @Eylül’ün Nazlı Dünyası d

    3. Rauf & Faik fan fan says

      ben sandim tek benim tutkdd

  111. Marni Sagala says

    1:08 who is name?

  112. aleksandria 19 says

    6:52 ktoś wie jak to się nazywa

  113. rere shaker says

    الي جاه اعلان تيك توك 😂😂

  114. テレーズパトリシア says


  115. GameMasterplayz playz says

    1:04 is cringy im sorry but it is no hate

  116. nr. syaf says


  117. Meli- Chan :3 7w7 says

    3:43 les falto el resultado

  118. Manon Papi Bey says

    faire des Tik tok à la con ça sert à rien dit je sais pas les faire donc elle est déjà regardé les autres parce que je pense que tant mieux que vous allez sur Shana 33 donc no Shana poirier 33000 tout attaché parce que sinon voilà 3001 33006 CC 33 cha-cha-cha les gros nazes

  119. billie eilish_music says

    9:18 is copying 4:00

  120. subrata debnath says

    I got a tik tok ad lmao!!!!!

  121. ACSGC says

    0:34 Marco😍

  122. Minakshi Kumari says

    It can make me fall asleep again..😪
    Just results r good….. anyway

  123. Black Shadows says

    The freakin first one is so easy

  124. naj baba says

    Date ma tam niekedy volam sa tik toku kazi .jp ❤

  125. Mija Krsmanovic says

    1:00minute song😁

    1. Mesut Doğan says

      magenta riddim

  126. Isidora 23ss silva says

    La app que sale en 2:57 se llama zoomerang y es gratis para Android y iPhone

  127. WINNA LUBIS says


  128. Sunflower Wolfie says

    The first one is easy

  129. samu gamer says

    No se ingles entonces dire amizing xdxd

  130. Millie Rose says

    I got a tik tok advert that came up and I did not realise it was an advert and I still thought I was watching the video untill the advert ended

  131. leticia_ naosei says

    9:36 What is the name of the song?

    1. ลิซ่า ลิซ่า says


    2. DuEs_pAiD x2 says


    3. lolo alziyadi says

      My heart stereo

    4. Holly says

      Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine – Stereo Hearts ♥️

    5. XxXxKittens ForeverxXxX says

      Stereo Hearts? I Think…?

  132. Spade ThePuplic says


  133. Spade ThePuplic says


  134. Anais Pintea says

    Mă trece și pe mine😄😄😄😄😄😘😘😘😘😘😘

  135. Isabella Oliveira says


  136. Rebecca Thompson says

    Who skipped it? Just to see the endings of the TIKTOKs ?

  137. MIA CASTILLO says

    Como se llama la canción del minuto 2:16 plis

  138. XKawaiUnicornPlayzX says


  139. Zeynep AYDIN says

    1:28 song pleaseee

  140. Melis Meriç says

    Benim hesabında melis_pelin1

  141. Lilja 101 says

    5:04 Look at her clothes and hair! *They change*

    1. None seNse says


    2. jaika Rodriguez says


    3. jaika Rodriguez says

      Yehhh why?

    4. It’s Ari says

      Lilja 101 because when your done doing tik tok it says next at bottom and you can had filters 😒🙄

    5. Maisie Hart says

      Lilja 101 it’s filters for hair.. and clothes it’s transitioning

  142. Evelin Kohl says

    Amugy ugy utalom hogy utana nem lehet meg nezni azt a rihatt videot hogy milyen lett!

  143. Life as Skye says

    The hand thingy wasn’t even a toutrial lmao

    1. Cosmic Sparkles says


  144. c. violetta says

    07:33 what’s the Instagram name?

    1. Crişan Patry says

      Marco Cellucci

    2. c. violetta says

      Which is true?

    3. Elizabeth Carbajal Rojas says

      ,hoy camtA sjsan ochoa

    4. Elizabeth Carbajal Rojas says


  145. Zabawczaki says

    3:55 ,5:18😕😕😕

  146. emma schaub says

    comment your username if you have tik tok

  147. Kpoper World says

    10:04 canción?

  148. GØTïCå 01 says

    5:39 is canción?

  149. UNTORO RUSA says

    0:34 kmpungan

  150. Nadine Tatiana says


  151. M. Rian 08 says


  152. Muffin Muffin says

    3:19 I watch the other vid she had and right now i think she gain weight

  153. Just Lorcia says

    666K Vievs….

  154. Sofia Horvathova says

    😮WoW good👍👍👍👍beatiful

  155. sheenana says

    1:02 song please???😭

    1. dareen Ahmed dareen Ahmed says

      Magenta Riddim , D y snake

  156. FaTima FaTima says

    Omg ❤WoW 😮Cool 😎

  157. Judin Ainun says


  158. شذا العتيبي says

    مره حلو

  159. Euribiades Baez says

    Quisiera que subieran más vídeos para aprender como usar tik tok no se como usarlo bien enseñenme plis 😪😪😫😫

  160. Rashai' Marbury says


  161. Rashai' Marbury says

    I didn’t any body els

    1. Rashai' Marbury says

      I cill you

    2. Rashai' Marbury says

      sorry i mest up when i was tiping

  162. Rashai' Marbury says

    But it was awsome

  163. sharlynia young says


  164. SavagePotato says

    5:05 and 5:10 spot the difference…

    1. シkadence says

      her hair

    2. Jeongin Can step on me says

      AdriannaGamer 2 and clothes

    3. Thea Lundgren says

      @シkadence and clothes

  165. Sameh Chelbi says

    5:39… what’s the name of the song?

    1. Fatima Ennajari says


  166. Humaira Zinat says

    How to make slow motion???

  167. javi 7 says

    Como se llama la canción del segundo tik Tok?

  168. That Green Crystal says


  169. BigJohns Tv says


  170. Yessy Bilqis says

    5:10 omg😍😍

  171. irem aksoylu says

    1:12 TURKISH

  172. cake Júnior says

    My tik tok luisaaa2332

  173. Yasmin Mohamed says

    1:42 name of this song

  174. Wiktoria Książek says

    High Hopes❤

  175. Avakin girl says

    Visys Amermka! VOC America? Visys Rasha Baby!

  176. spoopy edits says

    I kinda wanted to see the toothbrush one…

  177. Shania Soekhoe says

    *i saw the airpods in the thumbnail and i came running*

  178. Uma Barri Vega says

    2:40 eso es zoomerang

  179. Zzz zzz Zzz says

    Ребят,всем привет,подпишитесь на канал моего друга,он начинающий блоггер и снимает прикольные видео,помогите до завтра набрать 200 подписчиков❤❤заранее спасибо❤


    Tik Tok 😍😂😘



  181. Josefin Pingvin says

    She is not the same person

  182. Cassidy Faith says

    Ughhhhh who else gets really annoyed when they don’t show the final result??

    1. Becky Alber says


    2. jade19s says


    3. king Don says


    4. _* Fatima *_ says


    5. Starluh Oxner says

      Cassidy Faith meeeee

  183. Kendyl Wassenhove says

    9:39 : ) keep it paused

  184. Vale P. says

    I don’t have that red filter how do I get it?

  185. CHINGチェン says

    2.08, What is the music name ?

  186. nanielodie 123 says


  187. Yeny Carolina Avila Espinoza says


  188. Cassidy’s Journey says

    Ik that the second one isn’t 2019 because we don’t have those filters right now

  189. Jeff The Killer says

    *I 100% did not get a Tik too add before this*

  190. Dani McClard says

    what 4:12 and 5:10 whatch her hair how

  191. Mollee Galoia says

    Dang it I really wanted to see the end of the toothbrush one!

  192. estelita catacutan says

    What’s the music in the second TikTok?

  193. Alper İlkis says

    1:52 türk

  194. Alper İlkis says

    1:52 oha türk

  195. Jessie’s origami tutorials says

    So cool

  196. miu 29 says

    No es justo eso no es tik tok es zoomerang

  197. GACHA WITH LEAN Lacerona says

    Peke bos ara na

  198. Eachigo 3.0 says

    hey tiktok pleawe add a new feture that you can add your own audio pliss!!!!

  199. Jungkook Kiki kiki says

    2:56 is not tik tok it’s Zoomerang

    1. bertete charlemagne says

      and it’s not a tutorial

    2. Gacha Fam says


    3. *insert name* says

      The zoomerang thing must be a editing app or something, but if you look at the bottom, there’s a tik tok logo there too. Which means it is in fact in TikTok, not Zoomerang. Your welcome.

    4. Hyun To My Jin says

      Please shut up about army

    5. احبجنو 𖤐. says

      Love you😔🖤Jungkook 😭🖤.

  200. Dzama says

    0:03 music name

  201. eco can says

    Burası turkey bebeğim

  202. Giada Ayleen says

    Marco cellucciiii

  203. ぉゔぇBTS LOVE says

    2:24 чо за приложенние?
    2:24 what’s app?

    1. you & me says

      Это zoomerang

  204. Paula Miclăuș says

    Marco Celluci FOREVER😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  205. slime vibeołøvę says


  206. Doaa et nourane Bouzidi says


  207. SAMANTHA LIFE Heredia says

    Porque no dejan ver como término el video

  208. Oriana Fernadez says


  209. Carmen Grisel says

    0:40 como se llama la canción?

    1. Pia Elizabeth Guajardo Olivares says

      Se llama “magenta riddim”

    2. Carmen Grisel says

      Pía Elizabeth Guarjardo Olivares muchas gracias 💪😊😄

    3. Carmen Grisel says


    4. Evelyn Mikaela says

      Yola tengo se llama hay no me acuerdo mi hijo

  210. cebulaczek 208 says

    1:01 music? Pls

  211. Andrea Avakin life says

    Me caga que no enseñen resultados>:v

  212. A cup of bangtan says

    People still use tik tok like this?
    I like trollers better tbh

  213. Latifa Alkhazraji says

    0.34اويد اسم الاغنية I want the name of the song

  214. Latifa Alkhazraji says

    اريد **

    1. Latifa Alkhazraji says

      اريد اسم الاغنية

    2. Latifa Alkhazraji says


    3. Latifa Alkhazraji says


  215. Ximena Guzman says

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción de 10:28? ?

  216. Chica Vampiro says

    11:01 i LOVE

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      Do You think I am Going
      Do You Think I am Going T
      Do You Think I am Going To
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