[Tik Tok Korea] Korea Tik Tok Videos #1

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[Tik Tok Korea] Korea Tik Tok Videos #1
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image [Tik Tok Korea] Korea Tik Tok Videos #1

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  1. zaf entertainment says

    my neme is joya good

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      <3 thank you so much ♥

  2. Tinh Linh says


  3. Dang thi thu Thao says

    Very good 😊

  4. Beatriz Harumi says

    Nhaw Nhaw Nhaw s2

  5. Live Games says

    <3 amazing videos ♥♥♥

    1. Tik Tok Global Admins says

      Interesting videos like AD: 3

  6. Iman Firdaus says

    Wow 👍 👏 💖

  7. Google Dev says

    Happy new year!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      Happy new year

    2. Google Dev says

      Thank you 😊

  8. sangut Gurung says


  9. BoatKup says

    Good 😗😗

    1. Tik Tok Global Admins says

      Hí hí :3

  10. 롤예단 says

    그거면 됐다~ 널 사랑했다

    1. Raita Islam says

      Hey,i want to ask you something!! I am learning korean and i have a problem! “Baap anmogo”- is it formal form or casual??

    2. Martin Oh says

      @Raita Islam which means ‘I don’t eat meal’ right? It is casual form and the formal form about eating is “Baap an deusida” 🙂

    3. Raita Islam says

      Ahhhh kumasmida!!!😍😍

    4. Kim Taehyung says

      너무 슬프다 …

  11. LilFuima6 says


  12. kenshin検査 says

    All Koreas is so cute💙

    1. LS Lexus says

      LOL 😂

    2. Hyunchae Lee says

      Lol u won’t be saying that when you meet me

    3. John Maur says

      @iamthenA _ hahah

    4. John Maur says

      @Hyunchae Lee heheh

    5. Sol :3 says

      Not me LoL some people called me k pop idol

  13. alexis natali says

    song of min 0:52 ? please

    1. Nere7w7r says

      Bruno Mars – count on me

    2. alexis natali says

      +Nere7w7r thank and happy new year

    3. Nere7w7r says

      @alexis natali Igualmente señorita uwu

  14. Player 666 says


  15. -Ryaize- #02 says

    Sugoii. 🤣Happy new year! 🎌

  16. Jelis Jap says

    I wanna know what is the song of your ending?

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      Song name china rain

    2. Jelis Jap says

      @Tik Tok Global Videos thank you (*^ワ^*)



  18. samuel haynes says

    Happy New Year 2019

  19. alp sol says


  20. Jaime Hernandez says

    3:01 song?

    1. 4 you says

      i cant handle change

  21. Dillybobber says

    So many cute girls! Damn! Korean girls are so cute!

    1. Lizzy Lix says

      I know right

    2. Luk De Mg says


    3. John Maur says

      +good heart ❤️

    4. Sol :3 says

      @Chris Choi
      I’m American Korean I know that USA has lot’s of people who has gone through plastic surgery. If you visit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many other places of USA there are many people who done plastic surgery .
      At USA breasts surgery, nose job and eyelids is common. But in South Korea eyelids is common
      But as per calculation
      47 million Korean hasn’t get plastic surgery yet according to the population of South Korea
      At USA 280 million people hasn’t get plastic surgery yet according to the whole population of USA so no fighting USA has stunning looks like Megan Fox, Emma Stone , Selena Gomez and Linda Park and Korean girl’s has great looks like bae Suzy, Irene, Jennie, Yeji, IU and many more

    5. Joselene Lu says

      @Nehir _ uh no. 95% of koreans never had plastic surgery. Most of the procedures are done on foreigners.

  22. قناة الحمام says


  23. Vitor Filgueiras says

    4:58 for a moment Hani from EXID popped in my mind hehe

    1. Tik Tok Global Admins says

      I know :v She’s my idol :3

    2. Kenny Wong says

      Name of the song?

    3. Just 4 Me says

      Lol y bc of many hair change 😂 Hani b trippin she my bias 2!

  24. Melodie Ziel says

    Me fascinó, excelente como 100pre😁❤

  25. Melodie Ziel says

    I came back😸, I’m sorry, I could not see your videos because I was busy, but now if I can see them, Happy New Year, I wish you much happiness and success (^▽^)/ 🎉🎇🎆🍻💛❤

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      Yes, no nothing and happy new year <3 😗😙😙

    2. Melodie Ziel says

      @Tik Tok Global Videos
      Thank so much (○^ω^○) ♡

  26. peachy sugaskull says

    3:36 she ain’t even Asian but okay 👌

    1. iamthenA _ says

      She is korean now lol 🙂

    2. S L says

      peachy sugaskull she is from russie so she is Asian.

    3. Karen Gabriella says

      peachy sugaskull

    4. Zahra Hamad says

      @HelloTravelHolic 안녕 메이플 who is she? ❤

    5. 0218 L says

      Wait till one day you see Persian Chinese or Russian Chinese have lived in China for centruries. 😂😂

  27. Sana Sy says


  28. Tabasuum Tanjil says

    Happy new year and pls uplode Japan tiktok

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      yes, thank you so much <3

  29. Safaa Kadur says


    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says


  30. Nichino No 1 says

    0:32 song? Pls.

    1. Diego Acosta says

      TropKillaz – MAMBO 😄😄😄

  31. Fun TV says

    Tik Tok wow wow good video😍

  32. Cia Army Nayla Elsye says

    I love KOREA

    1. Bora Siman says

      Why do you love?

    2. Hyunchae Lee says

      Bora Siman I love it cause it’s where I was born 🙂

    3. Sol :3 says

      @Bora Siman
      Because I’m American Korean LoL

    4. Bora Siman says

      @Sol :3 ok… I think you’re beautiful

    5. Sol :3 says

      @Bora Siman

  33. Cia Army Nayla Elsye says

    I love IKON

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      me too <3

  34. Tik Tok Global Admins says

    Late one video of you -_- So sorry _-_

    [Tik Tok Korea] Korea Tik Tok Videos #1


    1. Fabiya Yasir says

      @Aeisha Phoebe Kate’s M. SAC fan made thanks

    2. Anna S says

      Wow big thanks!

    3. ale martinez says

      La 4:39 como se llama ?

    4. ale martinez says

      4:29 x favor decime cuál es..no está en el listado

    5. Houida Boudjellal says


  35. Alex Manzanares says

    Si mas mas 🙋

  36. Nugetus says

    Noice video 😀

    Btw do you listen to TWICE and who’s your bias?

    Happy new year!

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      thank and happy new year <3

  37. Vitor Filgueiras says

    4:08 issho ni wao wao wao wao

  38. weng waacy says

    1:00 song pls?

  39. Duc Nguyen says

    Nhạc đầu tên j e xin vs

    1. Văn Hưởng says


  40. M a v i s says

    Please upload more korean tik tok

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      link tok tok korea channel: <3

  41. Lyka Dustainne Mallon says

    What’s song is in the first video

  42. Văn Hưởng says

    *I Love Korea* ❤

  43. Jimin Park says

    5:32 Red Velvet

  44. Kim Jason says

    5:31 red velvet 😍😍

    1. Ayase Sama says

      @ZedPlayz girl like you.

  45. Sarinnix says

    1:32 what song is that?

    1. Hannah Stellinga says

      I need your love by Calvin Harris

  46. Sapuk3s3 Bwan3mon says

    4:08 title pls ?

  47. Brian says

    2:12 ruined the whole video.

    1. Hannah Stellinga says

      How so?

  48. 3D Print Solutions says

    Beautiful Girls and Beautiful Culture

    1. Sol :3 says

      Beautiful Life 😉


    0:30 to 0:42 songs name?? Plz

  50. im wilary says

    Whe Empieza el video y Inician con Ikon..:V

    *I love so much ikon*

  51. K-POP_ My_Life says

    *I m From Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan❤Korean*
    *I LOVE KOREAN*🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿🇰🇷🇦🇿

    1. bunny girl says

      Mende Azerbaycanliyamm😍😍

  52. Gülay Kavasoğlu says

    0.3 song please

    1. Prathima Kamath says

      Love scenario by ikon

  53. •Crazy Girl• says

    0:29y favorite

  54. Sam Chauhan says

    What the song at 5:00?

    1. Prathima Kamath says

      Run free

  55. 이윤재 says

    I’m supposed to share the same korean genes, i guess something went wrong 😂😂

    1. 나무나의라임오지는 says

      K-pop is my Bias Why are people being so jealous of Koreans that they are keep spreading rumors like they all had plastic surgery. Most of Koreans are not pro to surgery and all the statics are including foreign consumers. People on tiktok are mostly teenagers and you think their parents would allow to they surgery? You should stop spreading rumors about normal people they are not even idols.

    2. iam adrianecita says

      You have yet to go through the surgery phase of your life😊

    3. 박주걱 says

      Wtf 😅 Why you guys are keep saying surgery? And where is the reference? Don’t generalize us by giving no logic data. It’s a little rude. 😉

    4. 박주걱 says

      @iam adrianecita hey who made that phase? Don’t say like beauty would made by the medical method. There are lots of natural beauties 🙂

    5. iam adrianecita says

      @박주걱 yeah but if you can’t get it naturally the only other way is through the knife

  56. stilinski fan says

    01:00 song?

    1. BTS - Kings says

      UGH I wanna find out to

    2. stilinski fan says

      Ea ea ea song

  57. Вячеслав Горлов says

    what song pls 3:57?

  58. Fatma Abdulkader says


    1. Fatma Abdulkader says


  59. akagami Tiger says

    name song 01:00 ?

  60. RAI shakil says

    0:33 looks like tzuyu

  61. Just someone who always passing by says

    Tell me the song at 5:14 please 🙂

  62. ADYZY says

    3:57 song or what the film?

    1. Kim Taehyung says

      Toward the sun by Rihanna. It is from a animated movie called home

  63. abelleraelmar says

    What song is on 1st clip?

    1. 지비 says

      Ikon – love scenario


    I love Korea 😍

    1. Uma kpopre Qualquer says


    2. Hayati my life says

      Me too .anyoug haseyo

    3. унтерменш says

      казахи ван лав✌️

    4. Rerika Moon says

      hayati my life 안녕하세요👋

    5. Eᘔᖇᗩ V7 says


  65. GT TSI says

    0:40 what is the song some one help…….

    1. Nehir _ says

      Tik tok- kesha

  66. Karen Marin says

    2:52 music??

    1. Hannah Stellinga says

      It’s called Trndsttr

  67. Wolf says

    0:00 song?

    1. a little korean girl. says

      Love Scenario – IKON.❤️

  68. Oli.ました says

    They showed my sister 1:09

  69. Jareth aylin Bonilla vazquez says

    Asi no se escritbe korea “Corea”

  70. My wife tai says

    0:6 love scinreio ikon

  71. Veronica says

    Song @ 1:09

  72. - Toroko - says

    00:01 song?

    1. Αղցíҽ Ѵ. says

      Love scenario by Ikon

  73. Aprilpeachbeauty 12 says

    They all is so beautiful…I’m so jealous

    1. 박주걱 says

      @LS Lexus So where is the exact reference of your basis? I think your life would be pretty poor that your doing such a follish things. Don’t waste your time insulting others just use your time developing yourself ^^ ㅗ

    2. LS Lexus says

      @Sol :3 BUT Drama is from JAPAN not korea !

    3. Sol :3 says

      @LS Lexus
      Drama is not Japanese though actual it’s British

    4. LS Lexus says

      @Sol :3 no, u should check that in Google. ☺

    5. Sol :3 says

      @LS Lexus
      You’re wrong !!!The first plays were performed in the Theatre of Dionysus, built in the shadow of the Acropolis in Athens at the beginning of the 5th century, but theatres proved to be so popular they soon spread all over Greece. Drama wasclassified according to three different types or genres: comedy, tragedy and satyr plays.
      So Japanese, Korean, American and my favorite British is not actual drama but drama is based on story’s… 🙂

  74. Nike Girl says

    0:01 LOVE SCENERIO 💗💗💗

  75. Army ECESU Blink says


  76. Romina Mancini says

    I love korea!!💕💕

  77. S L says

    00:00 what is the song’s name???

    1. Αղցíҽ Ѵ. says

      S L love scenario by Ikon

    2. S L says

      Αղցíҽ Ѵ. Omg thanks!!!!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. dcdx89 says

    I thought Facebook was bad for narcissistic behavior, then I saw this shit

  79. Fabiya Yasir says

    First and third song name 🤗🤔😸

    1. Angelita Beltran says

      First: love scenario by Ikon

  80. Kokoana Sandy says

    The name of thé first song please

    1. Angelita Beltran says

      Love scenario

  81. Farhan Khan says

    I love Korea city

  82. Poppy Taylor says

    Red velvet 레드벨펫 !!!!

  83. 笙声不息 smile says


  84. Infinity 11 says

    lots of LOVE, RESPECT & Loads of PRAYERS :)))

  85. wish song says


  86. niall James horan zhue says

    All Korean are so pretty

  87. Plastic Pixi. says

    임 한국 – 다른 한국인? 😂

    1. Yui Momonobe says


  88. jimin is an absolute mood says

    2:03 who is this what song?

    1. - carlos Hernandez says

      PrInCeSs JiNdErAlLa love scenario by ikon

  89. only ashu says

    1:00 Phone uthale phone uthale
    Aya Aya Aya
    Sun lo Shreya Shreya
    Aya Aya aya
    Sun lo Shreya shreya

    You’re welcome for lyrics 😊😊

    1. Shreya Jha says

      Oh damn😂

    2. Meet Ranga says

      Lol bro u converted another lang song into Indian lyrical song

    3. astropia : astro world says

      @Shreya Jha shreya is your name lol

    4. thxme says

      this is a brazilian song !!

    5. Falguni Ghansela says

      Damn 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. luvz2skeet says

    I think its about time to diagnose the entire nation of South Korea with asperger’s

  91. Areesha Ikram says

    Korean girls are so beautiful also boys bcz i love lee min ho

    1. MinhOe's Holy Forehead says

      Areesha Ikram you mean like skz Minho??? OMGGGGGGGGG 😍😍😍💞

    2. Areesha Ikram says

      @MinhOe’s Holy Forehead no no no

    3. Areesha Ikram says

      No,i did not even mean that

    4. MinhOe's Holy Forehead says

      @Areesha Ikram lol it’s just the lee minho my brain went to XD

    5. Areesha Ikram says

      @MinhOe’s Holy Forehead oh never mind😁

  92. Chii Saa says

    0:01 what title song?💛

    1. Ravenne Light says

      Ikon love scenario

  93. dontreplyarmyblinkorkpop tomycomments says

    Where are the other kpop groups’s tik tok?? I only seen Red Velvet

  94. 엑소엘 says

    Red velvet ❤

  95. Bernd Staudte says

    full Idiots in action!

  96. Sora김 says

    0:34 барабарабара бери бери бери хахах русский трек?

  97. mr mok says


  98. h.açaí frolic king rester kireikirei piro says

    we ♡ korea 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇰🇷🇯🇵🇰🇷🇯🇵🇰🇷 🧚‍♂️➰✨

  99. kokoro says

    yall wanna bet 80% of these r chinese xd

    1. Sol :3 says

      It goes wrong

  100. 谭杰 says

    너는 너무 아름다워.너는 너무 아름다워.

    1. Tik Tok Global Videos says

      thank you so much <3

  101. Creative Life says

    0:30 Great 😻

  102. Im Okay. says

    4:00 please the name of the remix

    1. Kim Taehyung says

      The song is called towards the sun by Rihanna

  103. banana milk bread says

    3:25 looks like vivi from loona a bit

  104. Connie Diocades says

    5:31 Kyaaaa… 😍😘💕

  105. tiktok zamanı says

    나는 터키어이지만 나는 한국어를 사랑한다.

  106. xx ɴɪᴋᴀ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ xx says

    Tell me the songs please 5:23😣

    1. Larson 404 says

      Лола Ким,Stay with me Chanyeol,Punch

  107. معصومة العراقي says

    صراحه التيك توك العربي أجمل

  108. ARMY LOVE BTS says

    Love u korea 🇰🇷♥️♥️🇰🇷♥️🇰🇷🎙️🇰🇷🎙️🎙️♥️🎙️♥️🇰🇷🇰🇷🎙️🎙️

  109. Elaine says


  110. Cam Tu Nguyen says

    Bài 2:36 là jz

  111. boywhogirl says

    oh my fucking god it fucking cringe

  112. Nhi Phạm says

    Oh >< Hello Korena My from Vietnam

  113. Nhi Phạm says

    VN love Korea

  114. judy says

    5:34 Wait… Why is this face is familiar….

    1. judy says

      Is this Red Velvet or my eye is playing game 😂😂correct me if I’m wrong..

    2. watermoron says

      @judy yepp its rv

    3. judy says

      @watermoron ahh thank you❤

    4. MAMTA GUPTA says

      I think it’s red velvet

  115. fang1r1101 says

    What songs are at 0:30?

  116. jeon- -rina says

    Name of first song plisse

    1. dapdap kpop says

      Ikon – love scenario

  117. unbelievebubble UwU says

    Nooo and IKON in the first video. I still can’t accept that we don’t have our Leader 💔

    1. Iajahna McGee says


    2. Kpop biased says

      Me too it pains me not seeing him with the rest of the group 😭😭😭

    3. Akanksha Bisht says

      Which song is he dancing to? Name of the song

    4. unbelievebubble UwU says

      @Akanksha Bisht sorry for the late answer. The song called Love Scenario :3

  118. Tia Akum says

    2:09 song name

  119. 金炫廷138 says

    앗 쉬바 길티플레져…

  120. Envy says

    What’s song on the start?

    1. Erika Carlson says

      love scenario by ikon

  121. Reexy Chan says

    1:01 name song please😊

  122. Animedian says


  123. Shaik Mushtaq says

    Masha allah they looks like doll…vey beautiful and gorgeous

  124. Overlord XD says

    The name of the song from 5:12 please

  125. Lee Younghee says

    South Korea❤

    1. Sol :3 says

      Korean technology: Am I joke at You

  126. with nehaネハ。 says

    Last was my fav..
    But ae ra ga rocked it

  127. Liva says

    *𝗞𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗯𝗼𝗼𝘀 𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝘁*

  128. Zümra Rümeysa says

    sisteryell <3

  129. nguyễn thu uyên says

    I’m from vietnam but i love korea

  130. ex oil says

    4:02 sing ?

  131. Min Min says

    La primera es de ikon ;0

  132. Tuanna Bük says

    2.32 I love this great beyond…

  133. Tessa Sennett says

    I have a question does anyone know the tiktok where you have two people holding out there hands back wards and facing away a from 1 other person and that person has to choose who’s hand to hold and then they run off?

  134. cazanove clairina says

    4:42 the song please

  135. K POP and Q POP says

    Red Velvet ❤️❤️

  136. Aini Mudhoo says

    Ikon: love scenario

  137. 대 행김 says

    5:25 дорамшики поймут)

  138. sevimli kiz says

    I LOVE KORE ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  139. ᴀʟɪɴᴀ says

    3:57 song???

  140. Sugas Tongue technology says


    What song is it I forgot the name of it 😭💜

    1. Lei Yan says

      That’s a goblin ost

    2. ᄋᄅ says

      It’s Stay with me

    3. Bianca playzz says


    4. Kim Taehyung says

      @Nazareen Karimunnisa love scenario by iKON

    5. alex Makhloufi says

      Pumped up kicks, i think so 🤷🏻‍♂️

  141. [L]yapysel Chan says

    0:01 4:09 name the song?

    1. Bebesitaaa Uooo says

      1.-Love Scenario – Ikon
      2.-Learn to Meow – Xiao Feng Feng

  142. Xtrme_Kev S says

    There are some of japanese tik toks 👌👌👌

  143. TROLL GAMER says

    I love you Korea☺

  144. exo-L bts blcakpink says

    5:52 red Velvet

    1. Bebesitaaa Uooo says

      They’re not Red Velvet lol

  145. directioner for life says

    I wish to be from Korea 🙁

  146. Shiina says

    they all got a v line and i opp-

  147. kim ` says

    0:30 hwang yeji it’s you?😂😂😂😂

  148. carl secreto says

    what’s the title of the first song?

  149. 酒肉禅师 says


  150. Асем Каллибекова says


  151. exactly why L says

    Off to a great start with that song :`)

  152. Duda ;-; says


  153. Mr. Online says

    4:30 full sound name or link

    1. ale martinez says

      Yo también lo kiero

    2. Mr. Online says

      i need that duck version link😩

    3. ale martinez says

      Así se llama ??

    4. Mr. Online says

      i didn’t understand

    5. ale martinez says

      @Mr. Online
      Lo busque pero nose llamaba así 🙁

  154. Shemelia Nyandemoh says

    Song at 5:05?

  155. 寄它 says


  156. ale martinez says

    La 4:29 x favor ..no soy el único que lo busca

  157. Nina Joull says

    i really like them 😍they all look so cute and beautiful ❤

  158. Nina Joull says

    0:32 name of the song please 💗

  159. ibtihal timo says

    I’m from algeria i like it💖😍

  160. Jafrih Taip says

    I love you😘

  161. Ankur Rastogi says

    Any Army’s here 💜

    1. Kim Taehyung says


    2. Ankur Rastogi says

      @Kim Taehyung YAAAAAS

    3. Kim Taehyung says

      @Ankur Rastogi haha

  162. Abi Rii says

    wtf, you are animals …?

  163. HM Tong says

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    1. Forever EXO-L says

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    2. Kim Taehyung says

      Towards the sun by rihanna

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      She is a Uzbekistan of Korean nationality.🖕

    2. LS Lexus says

      @주은 so why it’s written in Japanese ?

    3. ᄏᄏᄏᄏ says

      @LS Lexus because she was in japan😕

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    1. Kpop biased says

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    2. — xuxi says

      mata a barata pega a borboleta tiktok remix


    3. Chim Chim says

      there is link in top comment

    4. irene says


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    1. Kim Taehyung says

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    What ID of the 4th girl?

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  229. Iradzifa Tahir says


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    2. mariana benz says

      @sxzana ! Thanks

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