TikTok Tutorials Part 1 – Step by Step – must Watch!

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image TikTok Tutorials Part 1 - Step by Step - must Watch!

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  1. Tayla Ware says

    2nd comment

  2. Savage Soly says

    3rd comment

  3. david rios says


  4. Sally Paola Leandro Veliz says

    Alguien me puede decir la cancion de la 0.37

  5. Citlali Sánchez says

    Minuto 0:45 como se llama la cancion

  6. Habib Hadji Said says

    6:22 something’s wrog

    1. Itz LALABOO says

      @Ayumi Fergie You are using the wrong one…. Your is your as in your channel.. You’re is an abbreviation of you are… Please learn it..

    2. The real FBI says

      @Shook Squad Stop swearing

    3. Itz LALABOO says

      @Ayumi Fergie I read what I read they deleted their comment so it’s over now. Please don’t reply back. Have a lovely day. (No Sarcasm implied)

    4. Mango「マンゴー」 says

      Kool_Aid101 H *lmao i remember you— you got in an argument on the replies of my comment on a slime video xd*

    5. ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ ᴜᴢᴜᴀᴍᴋɪ says

      Okay tf is dis the grammar swats?

  7. Khkula Jalili says

    8 comment

  8. Megan Callahan says

    i don’t even own tik tok…

    1. Megan Callahan says

      UNBOTHERED. NxBDγ uhhh

    2. Bonnie Girl 27 says

      Megan Callahan ok

    3. Who Cares? says

      @Megan Callahan me too

    4. Wali Ullah says

      me too

    5. Demi Nicole Vallejos says


  9. Eleni Vathi says

    1:26 τα καλύτερα ματια EVER❤❤

    1. g papa says

      Alexandria it means the best eyes ever its Greek

    2. g papa says

      παναγιωτα κουφογιαννη everybody has been discovered

    3. g papa says

      Eleni Vathi greek

    4. Panagiotaa Koufogianni says

      @g papa thanks you so much

    5. Panagiotaa Koufogianni says

      @Effie Zonoudaki lol

  10. tyler gambino says

    So we’re not gonna talk about the fact that everyone in these tik tons are… FUCKING UGLY?

  11. Joy Nieto says

    First one best

    1. I'm a goddess with a blade says

      Counting stars-One Republic

    2. ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ ᴜᴢᴜᴀᴍᴋɪ says

      NO its scary

  12. Kisha Vids says

    The third one is creepy

    1. Lenny Rose Tenorio says


    2. Fouad Annaba says

      She used the song “dreams” and the song is creepy

    3. Graceful Kitkat says

      Pls no hate just because her eyes and smile is weird. You cant just hate. So I recommend stop.

    4. •LovleyGacha• says

      In a good way…😏😏

    5. selina Rudel says

      No one onne

  13. Miku Diamond says

    4:19 song?

    1. The real FBI says

      I thought it was Romanian

    2. Ayşegül Yılmaz says

      @V. M. sağol bende arıyordum

    3. Ayşegül Yılmaz says

      @Просто Аида peki bunun türk cesine

    4. HENZO 1002 says

      @MARIA R.L no this is not itallia Song >:(

    5. HENZO 1002 says

      @Vanesa Saric 😐

  14. peachy Izzy says

    ese tercero da tanto miedo

    1. Kim seok Jin army says

      Oye el sexto no sabes cómo se llama esa canción

    2. peachy Izzy says

      no Lo siento

  15. Aadi G. says

    What’s the sound for the first one and second one and the third and fifth one and the sixth one, seventh one, and eighth one? Also the one after that

    1. Nora Farrell says

      Fun with Aadi ur mom

  16. Kim seok Jin army says

    10:11 que Canción se llama

    1. Kim seok Jin army says

      @RoVitt así se llama

    2. Kim seok Jin army says

      @Fionna :3 Attianese no es sierto jaja

    3. Kim Taelove says

      Jin oppaaaa😂

    4. Kim seok Jin army says

      @Kim Taelove holaaa

    5. Gerson Duarte Franco says

      Creo que quieres decir como se llama la canción no?

  17. lee ghan says

    The first girl is beautifully

  18. lee ghan says

    I meant the therd

  19. lee ghan says


  20. jovo Simpson says

    Yeah the third one was creepy

    1. jovo Simpson says


  21. LEYLA EYCH says

    Сжечь есть на русском.Уууурррааа.Россияяяяя!♡☆

    1. Masha Reva says

      Ай м рашан

    2. Katya Uzhakova says


    3. ленивый пирожоЧек says

      абиснити1!1!1!11!1! КАК??!!!!
      ДА КАК????!!!

    4. Алла Курбанова says

      @ленивый пирожоЧек Они просто скрывают что до этого идиального дубля было 1999 неудачных))0)))00))0)

    5. ленивый пирожоЧек says

      @Алла Курбанова 🤣ПХАХХПХХА

  22. Ines Salčinović says


    1. Hotnk Frtyx says


  23. Samantha xo says

    Does anyone remember ‘Musically’ tutorials 😀

    1. Sweet but psycho says


    2. ساره الشريف says

      ظؤظ ظم زؤزسمسزسززؤمؤيمؤمؤمؤزظؤظؤظؤؤظؤظؤظزؤزءظظؤم🤗🏴🤗🏴😄🏴🏴😵🏴😄

    3. Pompeii says

      Ethereal Vibes tik tok is musically

    4. Adopt Me Star says

      Yep 🙁

    5. Moon Child says

      Samantha xo yes also hello army

  24. M ro says


  25. Kati Mächold says


  26. Maria Jose Herrera says

    En el minuto 1: 24 que hojos VERDES

  27. Csillik Mìra says

    0:5 song name??

  28. Mimi Macaroni says


  29. Dessnita Aisyah says

    Hd with lyrics hd

    1. Jonathan Ojeda says

  30. ⋆usuallyaesthetic?⋆ says

    Tutorial: to be cringey.

    1. Oceaniess says


  31. Alessia Barra says

    Siete bravissimi

  32. simon samual says

    Excuse me 2nd music name please 🙏🙏🙏

  33. ØLadyKawaii Ø says

    Que viejos tiempos :’)

    1. L e a n y e says

      maria gracia pero esos videos son de TikTok no de musica.ly :’v (o como se diga ya se me olvidó decir música no se que cosa :v)

    2. ØLadyKawaii Ø says

      @L e a n y e ya pero Tik Tok ya existía y música.ly no

    3. Ileana Cuevas Castro says

      @ØLadyKawaii Ø claro que si, musical.ly existia porque yo lo tenia hasta que cambiaron a tik tok

  34. lalalisa Manoban says

    2nd music name please.

    1. Shagufta Kauser says

      Hey What’s up Everbody Is the song.

    2. lalalisa Manoban says

      @Shagufta Kauser Thank youu

  35. jovo Simpson says

    Wow if you agree

  36. xXGacha_BbXx says


  37. Alicia Adams says

    I agree the third one is creepy 😂

    1. Faiza Noor says

      Me to i agree

  38. Rindi Baryani says

    the trid my tik tok👌

  39. Valerie-Rose Rangitaiari APANUI says


  40. 5lood خلود says


  41. reguks says

    Some are just cringey like tf

  42. Jorge Alberto says

    Why better dont study something instead of this garbage 🙂

  43. Garota Gamer Ou Quase Uma says


  44. Aidan or Marcel says

    1:20 I think her smile is creepy IN MY OPINION

    Thxs for the likes!

    1. •Fara Avalos :’3 • says


    2. Alina Florentina says


    3. Alina Florentina says


    4. Reb says

      Aidan or Marcel it was supposed to be.

    5. This is Cutie Ringo Joy says

      It’s meant to be creepy lol

  45. vika febiana says


  46. Просто Аня says

    Music pleassss
    Песнии поозязяз

  47. junryl jade says

    I like ds ved.

  48. Marias Gacha place says

    Alle sehen bischich aus und ich Hasse solche Mädchen 😵🤢

  49. G B says


  50. Tommy bennike says


  51. sandro dolidze says

    what how can do it?

  52. Laura nella says

    Bitch is tik tok

  53. Lovely_ Moonlight says

    Any way I’m bored

  54. Muhammad Dani says

    pilsss cerpy like

  55. Diasleconte Best says

    Waht the song 9:52

  56. Morena Santos says

    Like si no entiendes nada😂

  57. Athena Mookas says


  58. Jennifer Gentzke says

    5 :35 oof that lighting

  59. Anne Curtis Smith says

    The second one so awesome😍

  60. Terry Paat says

    All please what’s name song?

  61. Kája_14 Stehlíková says

    Je tady někdo z Česka? 🙂 Xdd 😂😂 (I from the Czech Republic ) xdd🤣

    1. Silvie Hričinová says

    2. Baxworld Hjul says

      Jj sk😅😂

  62. Yoghurt mit Himbeere says

    Tik Tok: Itsjulife

  63. mirella Fernanda says

    Nossa quem é Br Curt

  64. Kailany Dalfovo says

    Coloca meus vídeos por favor

  65. Kailany Dalfovo says

    Coloca meus vídeos por favor meu nome é kailanydalfovo

  66. Jaimy Braspenning says

    07:10 song???

  67. كاتم الاحزان says

    ممكن اطلب من وين انزل البرنامج ابليز ابليز😍😍

  68. Sugeng Widodo says

    wow thank you for the info

  69. MeOw Im A cAt 1 says

    Anyone else copied the end one but it’s still bad and crappy?😂😂

  70. Nicole Rius says

    Tik tok is great but I really miss musically

    1. BTS ARMY4LIFE says

      it’s the freaking same thing, all they did was change the damn name and add some more things to make it more fun. ._.

    2. Gacha Angel says

      Same 🙁

    3. I just can’t change my profile pic Help me says

      •Dreaminq Bee• actually TikTok replaced vine

    4. Precy Tarzo says

      Mackenzie. !!!! INDEED! I miss musically daysss

    5. Anona off says

      @Layla Keenan no, when you save a video from another person it’s Shows the user name on Tik tok, but on Musica.ly no

  71. Gaming Zone 2.0 says

    bro 9:55 song name

    1. Ray PlaysRoblox says

      Gaming Zone 2.0 marshmallow music idk what one it is though sry

    2. Ray PlaysRoblox says

      Marshmello that’s what I meant

    3. Gaming Zone 2.0 says

      tell me in detal plz

  72. Joe Mama says

    But where are the sounds for it..

  73. mila hauliyanti says

    bagus tiktok nya

  74. little big surprises says

    Quien vio a la mona atras de la mona en el primer tiktok its scaryyy

  75. Lissandro Rosales says

    Me dio

  76. Tama Endut says


  77. Kaesya Fatiha says


  78. Deni Suryana111 says

    Kk bagus transisi nya

    1. Muhammad Arsad says


  79. marie tvarohova says

    Super 😘😍😶

  80. Adell says


  81. Portia Aldridge says

    grate vid
    love tiktok so dose my cusine

  82. Billieeilish_ Edits says

    I thought bloody Mary was watching her from the mirror on 0:06


    1. LPSmxxnsxmii Lixht says


    2. Soro Chu says


    3. Coral _ray10 says

      When you feel scared of a picture :

    4. Im Destiny says

      It was scary doe

    5. Anggoro Wahyu says


  83. maricar peña says

    The 5tth one is my fav

  84. Wali Ullah says

    OMG tik tok needs that much hardwork i was thinking that making tik tok videos are very easy

    1. Taemaec says

      Wali Ullah they’re easy unless you want them to look SUPER professional lmao

  85. Khezia says

    Whats the music traack for the first one

  86. Manuela Avakin *-* says

    4:42 Song???

    4:42 alguém sabe a música???

    1. Loralei Cowley says

      Run free

    2. kookie jungkook says


    3. valeria san:v says

      Demo lovato

    4. Neko Studio says

      Run free deep chills ft. EVIE

  87. danosan11 Stories قصص للجميع says

    Come see my channel you’ll

  88. Pierre Gobeaut says

    J aime t’es tik tok 💋😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎

  89. Fatima Alejandra Reyna Bolaños says

    Es en serio todos los con dentarios están en ingles ??? Comenta de que país eres 🇦🇩🇦🇪🇦🇫🇦🇬🇦🇮🇦🇱🇦🇲🇦🇴🇦🇷🇦🇸🇧🇫🇧🇪🇧🇩🇧🇧🇧🇦🇦🇿🇦🇽🇦🇼🇦🇺🇦🇹🇧🇬🇧🇭🇧🇮🇧🇯🇧🇲🇧🇳🇧🇴🇧🇷🇧🇸🇧🇹🇧🇼🇨🇮🇨🇽🇪🇪🇪🇨🇨🇼🇨🇭🇨🇬🇨🇻🇩🇿🇩🇴🇨🇺🇨🇫🇨🇩🇨🇷🇩🇲🇩🇰🇨🇴🇨🇨🇨🇦🇨🇳🇩🇯🇩🇪🇨🇲🇧🇿🇧🇾🇨🇱🇨🇿🇨🇾🇨🇰🇫🇷🇬🇳🇭🇹🇭🇷🇬🇲🇫🇴🇫🇲🇬🇱🇭🇳🇭🇰🇬🇮🇫🇯🇬🇾🇬🇭🇫🇮🇬🇼🇬🇬🇪🇺🇬🇺🇬🇪🇪🇹🇬🇹🇬🇩🇪🇸🇬🇷🇬🇧🇪🇷🇬🇶🇬🇦🇪🇬🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  90. syifa maharani says


  91. Mayara Serrão says

    na primeira ela podia ter mudado a cor na hr do sllow

  92. Moonlightz says

    How do you do two color’s:/??

  93. Jose Alfredo Grajeda Lopez says

    No le entiendo a la ultima

  94. PhoenixGatcha Emmy says

    My dumb self thought this was actually tik tok so I tried to scroll 😂

    1. Melanie Robinson says

      Me to

    2. Ana Beltran says

      Lmao 😂

    3. Pürplëçhïï says


    4. Pürplëçhïï says

      @Ranaaahh 96th for me

    5. Love elise And megan XXX says


  95. mundo da internet mundo da internet says

    Esas coisas servem para pessoas que não tem nada para fazer

  96. BIG SongWriter says

    One was too bright

  97. Safira Azzahra says

    Keren kali tik tok nya

  98. gandang SHALA says

    . .lots of idea. .my brain is over flowing. .hahaha

  99. saoka- chan says

    ok ……i will dis creepy smile….. ooooookkkkkkkkkkk


  100. Jazmin Fraire says

    La del 1:31 me da miedo

  101. Noelia Oropeza says

    Yo pensé que lo hiba a decir solo una persona

  102. Maoes mohoab says

    انتوو شفتو المكان الي يصورون بي😒😏

  103. Mely Gómez says

    0:05 song?

    1. julia olstad says

      Counting stars

    2. Mely Gómez says


    3. Navarro Family says

      Mely Gómez Just A Sassy Sound

  104. Bertha Pecero says

    Yo sí sé hacer el último

  105. • Hidoiku • says

    2:00 song?

    1. shimin shi says

      • Hidoiku • hey body has been discoverd

    2. Małgorzata Sagan says

      ZHU & Nero – Dreams

  106. andi dewangi rajeng puja says


  107. Nuray Karapıçak says

    İşsizler tik tok çekermiş

  108. Morena lover says


  109. Ajana Walid says

    Super vidéo 💙💪❤

  110. Maia says

    Finally some new ideas for my new TikTok vid

  111. Sasha😌 says

    It’s says part 1 in the title but in the thumbnail it’s says part 9

  112. M m says

    1:20 Song?

    1. Jabba the slut says

      ZHU & Nero – Dreams

    2. •fersha- chan• says

      The purge

  113. MYST1CM630 says


    1. jjxrden says


  114. Jungkook Jem says

    Alguien Me Dice, Como S Llama La CANCIÓN DEL SEGUNDO TUTORIAL?

    1. • Sky 7v7 • says

      @• vxnus • te la diré con una condición

    2. • vxnus • says

      @• Sky 7v7 • q te siga :v vdd?

    3. • Sky 7v7 • says

      @• vxnus • No grax que si se la vas a decir a alguien a esta canción decirle que yo te la dije antes de que vos supieras como se llama

    4. • vxnus • says

      @• Sky 7v7 • oks

    5. • Sky 7v7 • says

      @• vxnus • kotkit ed atneuc im errob euqse odreuca em on

  115. twinkle villarde says


  116. Mariano Padilla Galan says

    1:43me encantan los ojos

    1. ᴘᴇɴɴʏᴡɪsᴇ ༄ says

      Son lentes de contacto.

    2. morena rocio!! says

      Si alguien me habla en español

    3. Kena Torre says

      Yo tengo ese color de ojos

  117. lý linh says

    0:47 song?

  118. Patrycja Stępka says


  119. Matilda Nagy says

    WOW TIK TOK 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  120. Ketchi Diva says

    Good she look so good

  121. Nyx Youtube says


  122. Gülər Sadıqova says

    03:00 song?

  123. Glauciane Ambrosio says


  124. BUFONICO says

    hoy si aprendi bastante… gracias

    1. • Sky 7v7 • says

      Yo también desde hace tiempo gracias a estos tutoriales mis tiktoks salieron muy lindos

  125. Juana Archuby says

    hola hablo españollll

  126. JOY PATATA CHAN says

    Like si a las español y like si no escuchas ninmadres

  127. Zenon The Demon says


  128. Ruth Lacar says

    0:44 song?

    1. weeb lord says

      It’s called

      Hey what’s up everybody by Ezra Addynazrul

  129. Itz RosesLoverz says

    2:36 like why do u need to do a tutorial everyone knows how to do it?!?!?!

    1. Shrek says

      Gacha The Life ikr

    2. Ganna Wael says

      Itz RosesLoverz but mAybe some dont know -.-

    3. Ayano Aishi says

      Please song?!

    4. iiGorgeousii says

      Ayano Aishi search up the lyrics and go to “videos” and use that sound

  130. Лиза Сергеева says

    Подпишитесь на Влада а4, давайте добьем 9 миллионов

  131. Larrybe says

    I love tik tok sooooooo much

  132. Clube do BiLu! says


  133. badette maramba says

    So handsome and so beautiful

  134. AXO-1 AXO-1 says


  135. DAMNITSLEIGH says

    I hate the description they didn’t show the music that they used…??

    1. • vxnus • says

      Omg SAMEEE!!! WHY?! :c

  136. Muazzez Sancak says

    Jador c’est yeux

  137. Sartono Mbrang mbrong says


  138. Cathy lol says

    1:03 what it sounds like the voice is saying:
    *punch sounds*
    *eyo wassup everybodey. Isliyoso tututump hahaha*
    *Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal*

    1. Max says

      Cathy lol underrated comment

    2. honeiixjackie says


    3. Da Skeleton Clique says


    4. Марго Сироткина says


    5. Gamer girls Arabic says

      Hilarious 😂

  139. nepotřebuješ me zlato says

    Ta ari cute

  140. Arley Pelaez says


  141. Danielle Ayers says

    I used the first sound before
    Oh and the 3rd sound

  142. Shadow G-L says

    Musical.y 😭💔

  143. Adriana Nava says

    Como le hacen para manos libres?

  144. Alisson Marquant says

    je ss la seule française ?

  145. Rezzahmae Peloquero says


  146. Marina Brșv The Fox :3 says

    01:00 music???

    1. 難金 { Ocean } says

      Hey what’s up everybody

  147. Fantastic Vlogs says

    Wow. This app is so amazing. I also do this in my youtube channel. Would you mind to subscribe????

  148. Camille Cababat vlogs and pranks says

    The third one is really creepy

  149. • Kendra • says

    Millie boby brown !!!!!!!!

  150. Annie Annie says

    What is the second song?

  151. Muhammad Fauzan says

    cringy cringy

  152. yna luang says

    Game just comment below..

  153. muchi_soft says

    1:24 like si creen que la chica era linda pero tenía los dientes chuecos

  154. Mette Van der poorten says

    The 3 have beautiful eyes


    i can do the nose thing

  156. Mariana Perez says

    Me gustaría con caritas

  157. Aurell Playz says

    I like the color changing eye one cause the music is floppy ears meme

  158. Please subscribe says

    When X2 speed was a thing

    1. Minty_ Gacha says

      It’s stiil a thing…..

    2. iiSimplyNona says

      @Please subscribe um…yeah no, i dont think your comment made sense

    3. Grayson B says

      Uhhhh it still does

    4. Caramel Senpai UwU says


    5. From the Mind of Bella says

      iibxbyblue lol

  159. Alex Xd says

    Can someone tell me the name of the song of the girl who is changing her hair color

  160. KiraAndRoblox BloxburgAdventures says

    6:56 why did she do the same hand motions over and over again

    1. Gacha Girl says

      Think about your book

    2. Jamyia’s World says

      Fiona Stewart what you getting smart for if somebody just asking a question

    3. Juls says

      Ye i got irritated a lil bit lol

  161. Anisa_ Nisa says

    I’m from indonesia

  162. ปัง ปอนด์ says

    0.04 What song??

  163. Devena Ambrym says

    Do you know that I have til tok and I like tik tok because It is my favourite

  164. Isabela Costa says

    Alguém Português ????

  165. きむなむ/김남 says


    1. Fionna :3 Attianese says

      K-Army??!! 😱😱😱😱💖💖💖😆😆😆😆 OMG!!!

  166. own. owll says

    02:15 what song??

  167. Amr Elshamy says


  168. Xenia Basdeki says

    Am I the only one who thinks that all these people are quite stupid?

  169. luki chan says

    La tercera me da………..
    Dale like si es verdad

    1. valentina guerrieri says

      luki chan el problema es que no sabe el anime!>:Vo si?:v

  170. luki chan says

    Desde 1: 20 hasta1: 30

  171. luki chan says

    Mirar la de 1: 40 es guapa
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